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Jan 9 2018, 06:47 PM
Hey! I'm George. If you're visiting this, you may be curious are not alone! There's a lot of people from outside the city, who remember earth, or something like it.Who know what Japan is, or where America is, or at least know that Stars are. If you are, PLEASE post here. I think a lot of people are confused...we could have meet ups and stuff.
Just...You aren't alone. And who knows, maybe we can figure out what's going on. Even if we're stuck here forever, like those novels about people dropped off on a river world or something, we can work together and make something cool. PM me if you want to talk in private, or share phone numbers, or something!
Jan 7 2018, 09:06 PM
Ryoto let her close the door behind them...noticing her anxiety. "Sorry...I..just. I can understand if you don't really want to be here. It...if it can just...sorry. I'm not really good with words. I'll just let my actions speak." He said. She made him feel like a fool, not because of anything she said or was just, around her? Ryoto didn't know how to not come off as a bother..a creep...a weirdo. He was better off just doing whatever he was told, or trying to help her. "Okay..let's hope." Ryoto put his hands together...praying gently.

Please. We've suffered so much...we've been trying just to get by. I don't know who's listening. I don't know who cares...but...please, anyone. Just tell us...Will we ever go home again..?

He breathes softly...Kitsune can hear a small crackling...the TV and almost all the lights start to fade in and out, dimming and brightening...before the lights go completely out. The TV turns on...a gentle music playing in the background, against a backdrop of the aerial shot of it, zooming through and even past the beach...into the starless sky, as well, looking down on it.

Hello. This is the City General Assistance Hotline. How may I help you?

The voice seemed something like an automated one, androgynous...neutral in tone, though clearly sincere with its statements. But it's voice...for some reason, it sent shivers up the spines of both of them. Ryoto was almost at a loss for words..
Nov 30 2017, 06:06 PM

Captain: Estrella Delanova
Navigator: Tetsu Gorecki
Cook: Sandalio (no last name)
Doctor: Father Lafcadio Mezcal


Estrella: 20
Tetsu: 23
Sandalio: 19
Lafcadio: 36

Gender/Pronouns: Female for Estrella, Male for all else



Tetsu is a large, tan skinned man who wears a fishing vest and deep blue shorts, both patterned with a vaguely Japanese block art Wave on both, sandals at his feet. He has long, dark wild hair and deep soulful blue eyes hidden by his bangs. He's extremely tall, being almost 7 to 8 feet. He almost always carries around a big burlap backpack filled with his "tricks" that he makes for the Crew.

Sandalio is olive in complexion with grey hair and piercing blue eyes, shirtless with only black shorts that have chains hanging from them as his source of decency. He has a treasure chest-themed jolly roger and the jolly roger of the Stardust Pirates tattooed onto his chest, and a number of minor tattoos emphasizing his great physique otherwise. He's taken recently to wearing a star-shaped collar as well to ensure his loyalty to Estrella. He almost always carries around a telescoping spear he calls the "Funfnir" which he is proficient with.

Lafcadio has leathery sandy skin from years of living in the sunny isle of Danza. He is in a large black and white poncho over a priest's smock, scarcely seen without his trusty guitar at his back. The man has dark brown hair, a thick mustache, and a heavy brown hiding warm green eyes, and carries himself with a surprising spryness. The man wears a heavy wide-brimmed hat that shadows his face.


Estrella: Estrella is the emotional center and driving force of the crew. She has an indomitable will and an honest belief in both herself and her friends, as well as the truth of her justice. Truth be told, Estrella believes that the world revolves around her but that while this does give her dominion over all she sees, that it is by being gracious and noble in heart that she is the rightful queen. While she can be discouraged, her confidence in her own ability is oddly infectious and in general she's generous with her energy and compassion.

Tetsu: Tetsu is the calm ocean waves to Estrella's blazing star. He is quiet, thoughtful, and considerate while also having a strong moral center. While he won't boast of his justice and skill or even claim he has any, when the chips are down he is a man of action who will let his thoughts be known by what he does with his hands instead of his mouth. He is drawn to Estrella due to feeling that, indeed, she is a shining star...and whether her light is something he supports or something he fights to protect is only known to him. He is very mechanically inclined and can easily use a configuration of glass, steel, and wood to perform minor mechanical miracles as the crew's Shipwright and Navigator.

Sandalio: Sandalio seems like a samurai of old, in many senses. He acts very manly and stoic in times of calm, though he can be caught off guard and reduced to a confused and affectionate pup when drunk or when relieved of stress(such as after a great battle.) Underneath the tranquility and calm is a boiling ocean of emotions, chiefly loyalty and passion for his place in the crew and for the dreams of his "blood comrades."

Lafcadio: Lafcadio often gives the same air as that of a kindly but strong hearted grandfather despite his relatively younger age, having acted as a father to the communities of Danza. He's very empathetic and warm to those he sees in need, both emotionally and physically. However a heart of gold is still a solid core: He can be very stern when the situation calls for it and he has no tolerance for people who act rashly for their own benefit. He has a playful side that comes out when he plays the guitar as the crew's musician and doctor.


Estrella: Estrella has power over "Haki", as demonstrated by this image.

She has considerable experience with both forms of haki, being capable of easily defeating multiple neophyte Devil Fruit users.This Haki allows her to 'gird' her body and even her main weapons with a powerful energy, as well as allowing her extrasensory abilities that with enough sharpness allow her to predict the moves of opponents. Her main method of using these is an invention of Tetsu's, known as the "Star Blazers." These rubber balls are the size of a small plum at first, but can expand to dodgeball size with the press of a button. Estrella often uses these bouncing thick rubber balls in her maneuvers, utilizing perception haki to control their trajectories and infusing them with a lot of energy using armament haki.

Tetsu: Tetsu possesses no supernatural abilities, otherwise being a very brilliant engineer and tactician as well as possessing a hulking strength.

Sandalio: Sandalio is a Devil Fruit user, having eaten the "Mutt-Mutt fruit" - husky variant, a Zoan type fruit. The fruit's major strength is that its user gains more physical strength in their hybrid and full wolf forms, equivalent to that of a real wolf and more. Any physical fighting style that the user has is generally made more lethal with the additional strength bestowed upon them. Notably, carnivorous Zoan-types are said to be especially vicious. The user is also granted with the additional weapons of claws and fangs, which can be used effectively in attacks, and can greatly increase the potency of their normal fighting style techniques. Besides this, his sensory abilities are enhanced.

Sandalio's telescoping spear also has a fruit embedded into it, a gift from his former master Tequila Blue. The spear's ability is the "Tweet-tweet fruit: Harrier model" that allows the spear to transform into a winged hybrid of itself, as well as fully become a hawk companion.

Lafcadio: Lafcadio himself possesses no abilities, but he is able to use a series of special and medical plants he carries around him as well as chemicals he can easily synthesize on board the "Lodestar." Lafcadio can use these chemicals to enhance his own body for short periods of time, or conversely to mutate and hinder his foes.


Estrella is the key to this tale, as her shining light is what drew the others together. Found as an abandoned child on Starfruit Island, Estrella was raised by the famous bounty hunter who plyed the very ends of the Grand Line: Santiago Delanova. Growing up underneath Santiago, she was immediately marked out as unique due to having a one of a kind 'soul'...Santiago was a skilled user of haki, and could easily recognize that the girl had the soul of a conqueror and thus the very beginnings of Conqueror's Haki already in her grasp. It took deliberation, but he decided to teach her the art of Haki. She took to it like a fish to water, and even by the age of 10 no one besides Santiago on the island could defeat her in a for one other gifted youth, the fisherman's son that Santiago lived and worked with. Tetsu Gorecki was a simple but mighty boy, who already could swim with the grace of a fishman and wrestle massive yellowtails on his lonesome. Santiago unfortunately knew where Estrella's life was heading - she looked up to her adoptive father's travels, and what's more she wanted to see the world that she supposedly came from. It wasn't going to be something she could easily content with if she spent her entire life on Starfruit. The declaration of the golden age of piracy only cemented her decision, something Santiago knew was inevitable. Youth thirsted for freedom and recognition..and only the life of a pirate could ever fill the appetites of a vivacious prodigy of a girl like Estrella. After years of planning and scheming with Tetsu(who had been her lifelong friend), they took off on a boat Tetsu had supposedly been building for the fishery...but in actuality was their pirate ship.

After taking a starfruit tree and sailing into the unknown(Starfruit was in the West Blue), Tetsu and Estrella spent much of their time learning the seas and preparing to break into the Grand Line. Before they even did so, however, they had two standout adventures that informed how their journey through the Grand Line would go.

The first was a story of paranoia, distrust, and loyalty. A merchant named Tequila Blue who was considered a necessary evil due to being considered miserly with his wealth(and a former pirate at that) is blamed for the disappearances of multiple people's personal cattle in conjunction with his aggressive buyouts of other people's grazing lands beforehand, and what's more it's even hinted that he's a werewolf. However, in actuality the wolf who is devouring the livestock is Sandalio who Tequila had adopted despite his wolfish nature. Sandalio is taken along with the pirates after the Stardust Pirates prove the nobility of Sandalio(who was willing to suffer execution for his crimes) and Tequila Blue(who had been performing the buyouts out of a pure sacrifice to feed Sandalio who was struck with intense hunger due to a disease that only Estrella's starfruit could cure.)

The second adventure was that of the "Dancing Mountain", where an entire island was in a great depression due to their yearly festivals and tributes to Danza(the island's spirit) having been mysteriously outlawed under pain of death by the Marines. After meeting with a turbulent priest by the name of Lafcadio and convening with him, They learned that they were afraid of the spirit oft the mountain throwing out the foreign marine invaders. As their greatest act of rebellion against the World Government to date, the Stardust Pirates battled the Marines and facilitated an island-wide strike back, culminating in a massive festival awakening the mountain at the center of Danza: A giant dancing mountain-tortoise that proceeded to stomp and roar at the Marines. The surviving marines took down the face and names of the Stardust Pirates, including Lafcadio. Knowing that his name would only bring danger to Danza, he joined the bright and passionate star Estrella into their journey to the Grand Line. They had a number of run ins and adventures in the West Blue before they made it into the Grand Line utilizing a few genius tricks on Tetsu's part. However, at one point, a massive storm took them into the sky, and the entire crew's vision went dark.

As they awoke, the Stardust Pirates found their pirate ship pulling in to the port of the City...a strange new island to explore.

Notes: The Stardust pirate's ship, the "Lodestar", also came along. It has many of the accouterments of a pirate ship, including a grove of starfruits exposed to the sunlight and a figurehead resembling a five pointed star. It otherwise has many of the features of the Thousand Sunny(adjusted for Tetsu and Estrella's aesthetics), the specifics of these features will be elaborated on as they're relevant.
Aug 8 2017, 03:13 PM
The young man had made his rounds about town already, stretching with an easygoing breath as he walked along...Some weird gangsters crumpled in a broken heap behind him, including a man with a deck of cards. Edd shuffled them in his hands with a little chuckle as he put them away. "Score." Seems like things were comin' up Z for him, as he looked around. His heart soared a bit to see a Sonic the Hedgehog toy, a UFO Catcher in an arcade. He was already getting lost in the vaguely poppy japanese music playing from around in Toytown and the lights and designs were dizzying him...

So seeing that made him crack and enter inside. The young man looked around, grinning at it. But...a shifty and meaningful look as he walked over to the first game he knew he wanted to try as soon as he saw it. A 'test your might' machine, this one to show how powerful their punch is. With a bit of assured confidence, he raised a hand up and flicked his finger at the punching bag in the arcade machine, putting in the force of a gentle punch but in a single area. The machine reared back from it, and he had exceeded even the highest they could measure in the machine...The crack from the machine audible over even the din of an arcade game.

Jul 28 2017, 12:10 PM
The sky was alit for a moment, as a great ball of fire descended from the heavens. While others had the luxury to wake up in some kind of bed...well, our latest addition wasn't that lucky. Slamming into the ground at a fast pace and being embedded into the dirt wasn't the worst thing to happen to cruiser tetron, but it's not exactly the best either.

Quietly, the systems came online. Damage reports: Mobility severely limited. Legs and flight pack both melted into scrap, and it'll take a good while before he could gather the elements in the soil needed to replenish. It's more important to set up his base than to repair himself personally. For now, he was waist deep with the soil. At least with this much metal in the ground he could produce a reaper drone.

But, his 'heart' as such wasn't in it. He was content to just sit there, in the park...plainly visible to all. All he did was watch the City skyline, the purple lights of the park when it got dark giving him an oddly eerie lighting as he did.
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