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Apr 14 2018, 04:10 PM
It'd been quite a while since Ryoto had last seen the one he had confided in earlier...his friend. So, from there on, he decided to find a way for himself in the City. And as always, the City Provided. He never knew that he would enjoy a church again, but the people of the shrines in the City took him in and in turn he began to work to spread good works...Aware that there was some greater entity out there that was watching him. Father Domovoi in particular seemed proud of Ryoto's progress. The young man was out in the street, a small cadre of floating Navi-like fairies helping pass out invitations to a function for the Shrine of Truth.
Feb 17 2018, 01:35 PM
After a successful battle in the Ad Astra Arena, Edd managed to catch them a ride back. It helped that he seemed to tired to try the "Fun" way again, or even the safe way. AS they got back, Edd turned over to Raelyn. "So...If you got no ideas what to do later - Let's go say Hi to George. It'd be fun and a good way to spend an evening - maybe we can try and let on that we don't know who he is and see how long we can keep it up." A grin at the idea. Meanwhile, George probably had already prepared a bunk for Kantia to sleep in so she didn't have to spend her entire life in the City sleeping in the streets. "It's better to have a home base, right? Just don't mind the noise...this place can get a bit loud." It looked like a mad scientist's lab inside his apartment. He had to fight off people saying he was cooking meth in there, multiple times.
Jan 24 2018, 04:59 PM
Edd had been plying his minor hobby as a punch out artist for a bit, for all intents and purpose he had managed to get pretty far in it. Enough to live without much worry...though he eventually noticed that the pickings were slim. His name was getting out there, after all. However, one man approached him one day...Someone his height, but schlubbier...rounder, with a red tracksuit. "How much, kid." The man said...Edd thought. "Eh, for you...triple or nothing, 20 dollars. Let's go." Edd said, putting his hands behind his back. He was ready to get some easy cash before the man immediately started throwing lightning fast jabs. He was able to respond to most of them...gritting his teeth at the barrage. However, the man got a sparkle in his eye...and then flashed yellow before Edd suddenly found himself laid out. Seeing stars.


The man walked over, squatting next to Edd. "Pay up. We can consider it your coachin' fee." Edd blinked. " saw it, huh...Not even a second to respond, but you know I already wanna learn that." A grin. "Not just that, kid. " The coach pulled him up onto his feet. "But I know that what you DO got can get sharpened. And honestly...I've been looking for some raw talent. " Edd walked alongside the coach. "After all.." They were approaching the Ad Astra Arena...a certain Mr. Sonne's own arena. "They're starting it up again. After so long. The City's own search for the strongest out there - The Path to Power Tournament!" Meanwhile...people all around the City were learning of this tournament as well. All those who felt strong would be called to this place.
Jan 9 2018, 06:47 PM
Hey! I'm George. If you're visiting this, you may be curious are not alone! There's a lot of people from outside the city, who remember earth, or something like it.Who know what Japan is, or where America is, or at least know that Stars are. If you are, PLEASE post here. I think a lot of people are confused...we could have meet ups and stuff.
Just...You aren't alone. And who knows, maybe we can figure out what's going on. Even if we're stuck here forever, like those novels about people dropped off on a river world or something, we can work together and make something cool. PM me if you want to talk in private, or share phone numbers, or something!
Jan 7 2018, 09:06 PM
Ryoto let her close the door behind them...noticing her anxiety. "Sorry...I..just. I can understand if you don't really want to be here. It...if it can just...sorry. I'm not really good with words. I'll just let my actions speak." He said. She made him feel like a fool, not because of anything she said or was just, around her? Ryoto didn't know how to not come off as a bother..a creep...a weirdo. He was better off just doing whatever he was told, or trying to help her. "Okay..let's hope." Ryoto put his hands together...praying gently.

Please. We've suffered so much...we've been trying just to get by. I don't know who's listening. I don't know who cares...but...please, anyone. Just tell us...Will we ever go home again..?

He breathes softly...Kitsune can hear a small crackling...the TV and almost all the lights start to fade in and out, dimming and brightening...before the lights go completely out. The TV turns on...a gentle music playing in the background, against a backdrop of the aerial shot of it, zooming through and even past the beach...into the starless sky, as well, looking down on it.

Hello. This is the City General Assistance Hotline. How may I help you?

The voice seemed something like an automated one, androgynous...neutral in tone, though clearly sincere with its statements. But it's voice...for some reason, it sent shivers up the spines of both of them. Ryoto was almost at a loss for words..
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