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Mar 16 2018, 06:48 PM
After a somewhat tense morning of eating breakfast and getting her clothes dry, Odette had left Bubbles' apartment and once again began to wander. Just looking for one person now that she remembered them. Kantia. That name rang around in her head repeatedly. She had to find them.

No one she passed seemed to notice her. Hell, she ran into a man at one point and the only acknowledgement that the guy noticed it was a small grunt. Not even a glance at Odette. But she didn't care.

She was invisible to these people for the most part and she didn't mind. Either that or she didn't catch onto it. Odette's feet moved quickly across the sidewalk. Someone next to her vanished into thin air, but no one noticed. Not even Odette.

Her mind was only on one thing. The one thing that kept her going. That name and who it belonged to. Yes, she must find them.
Feb 17 2018, 02:16 PM
Odette slowly woke up the morning after having washed up on the beach and had somehow managed to get refuge from one of the people that wandered by her. Her hands above her head as she began to sit up, stretching. Her hair was a complete mess. Odette's eyes slowly scanned over the house... It was relatively simple. Much better than what she had grown accustomed too but... Still fairly 'normal' you could say.

Her hands went to her shirt, it was still vaguely wet, but mostly dry now. And where was the host of the house? In another room? Or had he gone out for the day? She knew not.
Feb 17 2018, 12:38 PM
Name/Aliases: Odette Liegan

Age: 18

Gender/Pronouns: Female.


Odette stands at 5 foot 8 inches, weighing around 165 pounds. She’s rather thin and fit looking. She has blonde hair and fair skin. Her eyes are a vividly bright blue in color. Her face is rather small in shape and rather soft. Her cheek has a small vertical scar on the left side. Her bust size is smaller than average.

Odette’s hair is kept short so that it doesn’t fall into her eyes or get too tangled.

Odette wears bright colors, generally blues and reds. Generally wearing sport shorts and a tight fitting t-shirt. If its cold she wears tight jeans and a long sleeved shirt and over the shirt a hoodie.

Condition: Odette is a fit woman and quite athletic.


Personality: A nice girl who was raised to be in show business since she was young. She likes to help ease the pain of any person she sees or has taken a liking to. Odette clings to those that she has become friends with and will protect them with her life. If someone messes with her friends she gets incredibly determined to hunt them down and get them to atone for their transgression.

She's carefree and gentle. When there is a problem she thinks quickly and methodically to find the best solution and end the problem quickly.

Condition: She may drift in and out of focus randomly. Sometimes not even paying attention.


Faded: Odette’s presence is not fully there. Barely noticeable in any sort of crowd. She’s forgettable in pretty much every way, it’s like she might disappear at any moment.

Liar's Mask: Odette can trick any lie detection when she wears a mask, any mind reading spells or devices malfunction when focused on her, causing them to become inert.

The mask can be summoned with a simple movement, waving her hand in front of her face.

Her parents were members of a roaming carnival, a child born in this place would no doubt be trained in the ways of the carnival. She learned sleight of hand from her mother, a skilled stage magician. From her father she learned how to use the knives, from juggling to cooking, she could do it by age nine, or at least partially do it by age nine.

When she was ten she would become part of the show for the first time, doing routines with her father. It was always short easy routines that wouldn't get her injured unless something went horribly wrong.

Come along to age thirteen. Her life was ruined. A major fire broke out in one of the cars they used for travel and due to the proximity to their showing that day, it caught the tent on fire and nearly everything was up in flames. Odette was only saved because her father had covered her with his body. It wasn't a fire caused by natural events. When everyone was able to move again Odette found one of her father's knives embedded in his back.

They held a funeral for him and packed up, moving to the next town. Odette was grieving pretty hard, and was left behind to wander the town. Her mother had essentially abandoned her.

Come age fourteen. She was performing little shows for whoever would stop to watch. Juggling knives and performing sleight of hand tricks that were truly impressive for one at her age. She would get more money from people if she told them a sad sob story, and had learned to change it a little. Cops didn't seem all to frequent in the area she was left. All things considered she could easily evade them cause the area would be crowded enough. There were other street urchins so finding one particular one would be hard.

Her skills with lying only increased the longer she stayed on the streets until... Her evasion of the cops could only go so far for a kid her age; very few kids make it to a place where they can live comfortably after abandonment, she was just one of the lucky ones. Odette was brought to an orphanage. Here she met friends. Plenty of friends, including a particularly quiet one, named Kantia.

Odette and Kantia became fast friends, her and Kantia going on hikes through the woods and things like that. Odette would show Kantia her small sleight of hand tricks and knife juggling.

She liked Kantia... But she wasn't sure how Kantia would feel if she admitted that and held it in. Odette would tell Kantia when she could.

While shopping with two other friends in a store near the orphanage, the store was robbed. The assailant was a man with a crazed look in his eyes and seemed to be willing to do anything to get what he wanted.

And then everything went blank… she had no memory of what had happened but… She found herself washed up on the beach in some odd place.

Feb 11 2018, 01:36 PM
A Crimson Denizen has entered the City, with a Flame Haze hot on its trail. The Denizen has escaped the clutches of the Flame Haze and has set up shop somewhere in the City.

Where it has set up shop, no one knows, and of course, has begun creating Rinne to help with gathering the Power of Existence from the civilians of the City amass power. Rinne can take on any form and generally (as to not be caught) create Torches when they are finished feeding.

They will also generally put up a Seal to keep people or other things out while they feed. Try not to get caught.
Feb 10 2018, 11:40 AM
Raelyn walked quietly down the streets of Toytown, having left Jules' house at the urging of her drawing, Tara, who, at the moment was walking a few feet in front of her. It would be best to find her own place to love after all and not rely on others. Especially after what had happened at Jules' house. Raelyn shivered. That... That situation wasn't ideal. If it hadn't been for Tara, she would have been far too afraid to leave.

Besides... She's survived this long. Granted, that was also from taking other's good will, but at the same time, some of that 'good will' was manipulative. Who could she trust?

She blinked... Raelyn shouldn't have left that Faunus behind in the station now that she thought about it. She gulped. She hoped he didn't hate her.
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