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Dec 3 2017, 04:29 PM
The wind blows strong on the night of the full moon, ripping apart the clouds like cotton wool. The moon leers through the open tears, shedding its pale light on the streets of the city once more. Tonight, it shines larger than ever, and the moonlight runs like water, flowing and pooling in streets and alleys.

The light changes people - this the people of the City know. But tonight, something else changes. In those dark, forgotten spaces between one place and another, in those empty lots and forgotten warehouses where the moonlight pools, the world goes... "soft". Strange things happen on nights like this. Strange creatures stalk the silver-lit streets. People disappear, only to reappear with the rising of the sun. Many speak of seeing worlds beyond the City, of bright paradises and dark kingdoms beyond imagining.

On nights like these, one can almost see the pinpricks of stars shining in the sky.

Urban legends abound on how to find these rifts in reality, but those who seek the rifts know there is only one true way to find them.

Follow the moonlight, Resident. See where it takes you.


The liminal rifts have opened.

Liminal rifts are temporary doorways into other worlds, real or imagined. The places on the other side of a rift may be a fantastic kingdom, a dark battlefield, or a world plucked from the dreams and memories of the Resident who finds the rift.

More information may be found in the thread on Liminal Rifts, located here.

If you have any questions or comments, let us know!
Dec 3 2017, 04:25 PM
Liminal rifts are doorways to other worlds opened by the light of the Moon. These rifts are often located in “liminal" spaces, areas with associations with a boundary or a transition, like a bus station, a waiting room, or a parking lot. In these areas the fabric of reality in the City sometimes weakens, creating a pathway from the City into another world.

The worlds beyond a rift are highly variable in size, appearance, and population, but they will always be familiar to whoever first discovered the rift. This can range from a vague resemblance to a childhood home, populated by unresponsive shadows, to stepping out into the streets of a lively city plucked from a story. Residents can freely enter and leave a rift, and entities within in the rift may pass into the city if they can find the opening.

Liminal rifts are temporary, lasting a night before they fade with the rising sun. Once a rift closes, any outsiders inside the rift are returned to their entry point in the City, while any entities that left the rift will vanish from within the City. However, objects and effects acquired while in a rift will persist.

Mechanically, a liminal rift is a way to explore worlds beyond the City. More or less anything goes on what can be explored, including worlds from other media or original settings.

The temporary nature of rifts means that they only last as long as a thread - however, you may visit the same world multiple times through different rifts. The continuity of these rifts is up to the people visiting them, and does not have to be consistent between visits or players.

As stated above, you may take items or acquire upgrades from a rift - however, please use your best judgement when doing so.
Nov 14 2017, 07:44 AM
If there was anything about this place that had Wol on edge, it was probably the smell of it all. Moreso than the masses of people or towering structures that made Ul'dah look like a backwater village, or the river of wheeled machina crawling in the streets, it was the acrid odor of something that similar to and yet entirely unlike the scent of burning ceruleum. It seemed to permeate everything here, and it'd nearly made him sick when he'd woken up here.

As for that... he was still working on that. Last Wol remembered he'd fallen asleep for his first decent rest in... well, a long time. At least, it had been decent until he'd woken up in what seemed like an Allagan nightmare. None of this felt like a dream, or even a particularly vivid vision, but it didn't seem quite real, either...

...and someone was staring at him again, muttering to their companion as they passed by as if he couldn't hear them. It was like none of the people here had seen an Au Ra before. Then again, he'd yet to see someone that wasn't a Hyur or maybe a Roegadyn since he'd showed up here, so maybe there was some truth in that thought...
Nov 10 2017, 04:48 PM
Name/Aliases: Wolgan Malaguld
Age: 26
Gender/Pronouns: Male, He/Him
Casual | Armor

Wolgan stands at 6’9”, and is in excellent physical shape. He has yellow eyes, dark skin, and dark red hair with lighter red highlights, though it’s unclear if this color is natural or not.

As an Au Ra he looks mostly human, but possesses some distinctly non-human traits in the form of black scales, a long reptilian tail, and large, curved horns in place of ears. These horns serve the same purpose as ears, as well as allowing him to more accurately locate the source of a sound in space.

Mental: Wolgan is patient and stoic, and many find him more than a little imposing on first impressions. He’s man of few words but expressive enough to make up for it, and he tends to let his actions speak for him. He’s also a man of seemingly infinite patience - how else would he have endured the myriad number of tasks and requests that come with being an adventurer, or as the Warrior of Light?

It’s fortunate that he likes people as much as he does. If he were a lesser man, or a smarter man, he would’ve given up on them.

Liking people means he tries to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, though god help you if abuse or betray that faith - while he does not take pleasure in swearing bloody vengeance, he is not above retaliation on those who harm the ones he loves. For all his calm and his position as the Warrior of Light, there is a darkness that simmers within his soul - though fortunately, it is one that is more or less under his control. How he does so may not be the healthiest way, but he hasn’t dropped a ball yet.

Wol finds his joy in small things - helping a person out, only to watch them trip over themselves on finding out who he is, watching people react to some of the bizarre circumstances that have become so normal for him… and of course, adventuring. After all, that’s how he began down the path he walks now, and his eyes still light up at the promise of an ancient ruin in need of exploring, or some monstrous beast waiting for someone to defeat it.

Supernatural: Wolgan’s supernatural capabilities come from three sources - his innate ability to manipulate Aether, the power of his soul crystal, and the blessings of the Echo.

Aether is the energy of magic and life in Wolgan’s world, and most races of the world have the ability to manipulate it. This allows Wolgan to perform minor acts of magic or manipulation of his environment. It also augments his general physical capabilities.

Wolgan’s soul crystal is a multifaceted gem that contains the memories of its previous holders - in his case, the memories of those who claimed the title of Dark Knight. As a Dark Knight, Wolgan is able to harness the powers of his inner darkness to strengthen his attacks, cast spells, and protect himself or others in the fray of combat. It also results in some… mental instabilities, but those are under control. Promise.

The Echo is a power of unknown origins that allows one’s soul to resonate with the souls of others - in Wolgan’s case, allowing him to understand all spoken languages and catch glimpses of the pasts of others. The Echo also grants him immunity to the enthrallment of primals and other such entities, as well as the ability to shield others from enthrallment.

Background: Wolgan Malaguld was young when he first arrived in Eorzea, the son of refugees who had fled Othard in the wake of the Garlean occupation. His parents established themselves as traders, and thus much of Wol’s early life was lived on the move as they travelled from city-state to city-state. It was a childhood that instilled him with a lifelong sense of wanderlust, and an appreciation for the many sights of the continent.

However, as the Garlean Empire began to make inroads into Eorzea, his family began to limit how far they would range… a situation that came to a head as Dalamud began to grow larger in the sky. Wol’s family fled the region, but from the crowded deck of the fleeing ship they watched as Bahamut broke free from his prison, bringing the Calamity with him.

For the next five years, Wolgan lived amongst frontier hands and other Eorzean refugees in the New World. His family survived, but never quite thrived, and Wolgan felt increasingly discontent at his lot. Eorzea had been his home, and even across the sea it called to him. He worked for his family business, did odd jobs for others in the settlement… and when the time came, he used his savings to acquire passage on a trading ship returning to Eorzea.

Once in Eorzea, Wol found himself travelling to Gridania, a place his family had spent quite some time in. It was then he had a strange dream, met some people, joined the Adventurer’s Guild, and things began to move very quickly. What began with small jobs became defending the city, which then became adventuring across the entirety of the nation. His accomplishments as an adventurer, along with the strength of his Echo, drew the attentions of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. It wasn’t long before he had joined their ranks, and began to work with them to fight the primals, godlike entities summoned by the beast tribes.

It was tiring, stressful, occasionally thankless work. With each primal threat felled, another one appeared stronger as the beast tribes were goaded by the Ascians. With each person helped, another person cried out for assistance. Even with the assistance of his companions it was overwhelming… but Eorzea had been Wol’s home once, and now that he was back he wouldn’t stand idly by while its people struggled and suffered.

Wol’s efforts soon brought him into conflict with the Garlean Empire, and when Ultima Weapon rose he stood at the forefront of the operation to fell it forever. The people of Eorzea declared the coming of a Seventh Astral Era, celebrated the rising of a new Warrior of Light, and Wol… well, Wol went back to business as usual. Felling primals when they rose, working with the Scions on a way to kill an Ascian forever.

And then Wol climbed the ruins of the Agrius, met the great wyrm Midgardsormr, lost the Blessing of Light… and things went downhill very quickly. A friend was lost, a betrayal was had, and Wol was forced to flee, finding refuge in the city of Ishgard with the few Scions he was able to save. To have spent his all on protecting the people of Eorzea, only for everything to be turned on him on the whims of one greedy man…

Well, to say he nearly lost faith in the whole mess would be putting it mildly. Wol never told his friends when exactly he put down his lance and picked up a greatsword, or where exactly he disappeared to for so long when sticking together was far more important… but he returned eventually, and if he seemed any different, well, it couldn’t be helped. They’d all changed in the wake of that bloody banquet.

It wasn’t long before Wol and the Scions found themselves embroiled in the politics of Ishgard, and in the Dragonsong War itself. They made new allies, rediscovered old ones, and discovered the truth at the heart of a thousand years of conflict and death. Dragging that truth into the light was a long and brutal journey, and the people they lost along the way were irreplaceable. But fight on they did, and when Wol found himself standing before men who desired the godhood, he allowed himself to take pleasure in striking them down.

The war did not end there - there were new enemies, and old enemies back to haunt them. A thousand years of war would not be wiped away so easily, but inch by inch both sides struggled towards peace.

And then, in the lands of Gyr Abania, the flames of a new war were sparked, and Wol and the Scions couldn’t avoid being drawn into the storm. A revolution began, a battle was fought, a primal was summoned, and a friend was lost. There was no more avoiding the impending conflict between the Eorzean Alliance and the Garlean empire, nor could the Scions avoid getting involved at the behest of one of its members. For a moment, it seemed that it would be a quick offensive. How could it not, with the heroes of the realm behind the operation?

Fate had other things to say. In the crown prince of the Empire, Wol met his match in battle. In the span of a day, the Resistance was crushed, and with it went many of the hopes for victory.

Rather than surrender, the Scions chose to wage their war on another front. They crossed the seas to the far east lands of Doma. There, they hoped to take advantage of a lapse in the Empire’s strength, and thus draw its eyes away from Eorzea. Thus did the Scions join the war to free Doma, rallying the downtrodden country into an attack that washed away the Empire’s control, and earned the Scions new allies. Triumphant, they returned to Eorzea for a final stand - victory or death were the words that hung in the air as they stormed the gates of Ala Mhigo, and Wol-

-in the end, it always seemed to be the same story. A god rose, a god fell, and Wol watched as the crown prince took his own life-

- and then Ala Mhigo was free.

After that, the real work began.

Notes: Wolgan is from the game FFXIV, and is based on the player character. This is because I’m a huge nerd. If you’re reading this and miraculously also planning on apping an FFXIV character, you don’t have to accept Wol as the Warrior of Light for your own characters.
Sep 24 2017, 07:03 PM
Not many went to the City junkyard. It was a last resort sort of place, a place to sell off cars too totaled to repair, or electronics too old to bother upgrading. Old machinery and metal towered in piles, shifted around by robots as it was processed into something that could be sold. There was always a chance, though, of finding useful. You just needed to know how to look.

Light flickered from a pile of old televisions, most of them broken and dead. An intact television screen flashed off and on, off and on, before holding steady on a test pattern.

The pile shuddered. The television began to rise, along with the rest of the body that was attached to it. A figure that suggested something human rendered in metal and plastic, with an old CRT television instead of a head.

The robot turned its head left, and then right. The test pattern was replaced with a large question mark as it took in the surroundings.

Then, it made a show of brushing itself off, and started to explore.
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