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 Posted: Jun 12 2017, 07:28 PM
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The City

If the city has a name, none of its people remember it. For them, it is simply the City, a dream of a future that never came. It is a place where towers of glass and steel scrape the heavens, vehicles buzz through the sky like insects, and robots patrol the neon-lit streets and alleys. The City is an island in a very vast ocean. Because of this, a large amount of the city’s power and food source come from hydroelectric dynamos and seafood. Otherwise, it is very independent and much of the media and culture of the city is rooted in itself, with very little if any outside influence besides what the Residents bring.


“Resident” is a term used by the people of the City for the displaced outsiders that find themselves on the City’s streets. Residents possess memories of worlds beyond the City, and often very different from it. Many have shared memories of the modern Earth that we know, but there are those that have memories of more fantastic worlds: worlds that, sometimes, Earth-born Residents are quite familiar with.

Residents often possess supernatural powers, even if they didn’t have any previously. The source of these abilities is unknown.


The City is a diverse community, with all the highs and lows of any other city. There are the rich, the poor, and everyone squeezed in between. The city itself is in a strange mix of the past and future, with some fashions and slang being throwbacks to the 80’s and others being an oddly supermodern take with buzzwords and technological slang being common. There is an emphasis on acting within their given roles among the city goers, with even rebels and punks being almost openly so.

All of the people of the city speak and write the same tongue, known only as "Language". This includes Residents, who acquire knowledge of Language alongside any languages they already know. By default, everyone speaks this tongue, but if they are already multilingual or are made aware of the language they speak, they can intentionally speak in their own known languages.

The money of the city is known as Currency (¤), though it can also be called Credits.


The technology of the City is a mix of anachronisms. Stylistically, most of it resembles the technology of the 80s - big, blocky, and bulky. However, it is functionally equivalent to or better than modern day technology. Flying cars, cybernetic implants, and virtual worlds are all common technology in the City, and many modern standbys such as the internet and smartphones are readily available - though they may look very different from what most Residents are used to.

Death in the City

Death exists in the city, at least for its people, and the city has all the services needed to handle that. For residents, however, it is a very different story.

Residents who die in the city will awaken after some time in the city morgue, located in Capitol Hill. This can happen quickly, or after some period of time - it seems to vary on the person and circumstances.

Night in the City

During the day, the City is strange, and a little dangerous, but the night is more so.

There are no stars in the skies above the city. There is only the moon. Unlike conventional moons, the City's moon casts it's own, strange light, which seems to affect the minds of those it touches. The people of the City become more aggressive and violent, especially towards Residents, while Residents can be afflicted by severe melancholy. Staying indoors or in brighter parts of the City reduces the effect of the moonlight.
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