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> RE: Outside the City, Do You Know What a Star is?
 Posted: Jan 9 2018, 06:47 PM
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233 posts 06/16/17
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Hey! I'm George. If you're visiting this, you may be curious are not alone! There's a lot of people from outside the city, who remember earth, or something like it.Who know what Japan is, or where America is, or at least know that Stars are. If you are, PLEASE post here. I think a lot of people are confused...we could have meet ups and stuff.
Just...You aren't alone. And who knows, maybe we can figure out what's going on. Even if we're stuck here forever, like those novels about people dropped off on a river world or something, we can work together and make something cool. PM me if you want to talk in private, or share phone numbers, or something!
 Posted: Jan 9 2018, 07:23 PM
50 posts 09/22/17
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Call me Joe I suppose. Currently just wandering around, met some others, got in a few scuffles but was able to hold my own. Had a while in Worm before coming here, not sure what was up with that, though have powers are from a third cluster of worlds I’ve never truly been to, and annoyingly focused on combat. As for stars, big old balls of nuclear fire extraordinarily distant from the planet. Prone to getting associated into arbitrary shapes, also useful for navigation or the marking of time. Can meet up to discuss more, not much one for leaving more information than necessary out and about.

Rob had considered asking about the one show with the Torches, but honestly couldn’t think of a way to discuss it without giving away what was going on there. Something or other of Shana?
 Posted: Today at 10:01 am
20 posts 08/08/17
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Um... well, since I had a little help from a roommate setting up an account and an email, I best explain a bit.

My name is Ariel, and a couple of weeks ago I woke up on the beach in Toy Town. I have no memory of who I am or where I came from, so, eventually one of my roommates- who I'm not supposed to name according to them, decided to have me check online for help. So, here's what I DO know about me... besides the fact I got my name off of a street sign.

1. I'm 6 feet tall.

2. I have short gray hair.

3. My eyes are... uh... weird. Like, a... target, I guess? Ring of green, ring of blue then the pupil makes the bull's eye? The blue and green are pretty bright too...

4. I look to be about... 21?

5. I have on a blue. gray and white bodysuit with a red gem fused to the chest, that can produce forcefields... that also sends out spikes when poked. Please don't poke the shields when they're active!

6. When I hum, machines tend to get a boost, also, wi-fi signals. I found this out this morning.

7. The Moon is evil, I felt like there was something off about that the first night I spent in the city. I don't know why, but I just do.

8. I have this bulky visor that attaches to my face easily, but there aren't any signs of connectors on my face, or any headbands on the visor itself, so it falls off when I trip... sometimes.

Um... I guess that's it? Sorry if that's not much to go on, but it's really all I have at the moment. If anyone has any ideas on who I might really be, or where I might have come from, erm... let me know? I just want answers, that's all.

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