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May 1 2018, 08:52 AM
'Very well, we've beaten this dimension... What next?' A monotone voice echoed in Chanlye's head. "Yaaaaap! I must admit it was hard as mushrooms though." He responded pulling out a giant bloodied fang.

"I think we should go for something more chill this time, really. This thing really made me burn my muscles!" The boy smiled while burrowing underground, searching for another world... Another universe...

'What you talking about? You don't even have muscles.' The voice said. 'But yes, let's do something more chill this time.'

"Eeep! You are too mean~" Chanlye chuckled, while flexing his left arm showing non-existent muscles. "Look at this, I'm totally a beefcake!" He blinked a bit. "Beefcake... You know, that sounds tasty, I want a cake made of beef."

'What the hell are you-' "AAAH, THIS. LOOK AT THIS LOOK AT THIS!" He excitedly pointed at a dimension that looked very promising. 'Hm? The City?' "Sounds cool, right? The Ciiiiity~" He said, pretending a frightnening voice, before flinching a bit when staring at the unknown dimension. "Uh, for some reason I felt a biiiig chill on my spine now. I think this place is a little more disturbing than it looks..."

'How so? Also, it's that what you meant by chill? Something that gives a chill on your spine? ' The boy tilted his head. "Yap, kind of. So... there's only one way to find out!" Chanlye aimed at the dimension and rushed at it with full speed.




In the middle of Midas Town, suddenly a spot of the ground began shaking, slowly cracking the stone floor. The passersby avoided and stared at it with a confused expression, just what the hell was going on?

The shaking intensified, and soon enough the cracking area of the ground opened into a hole. And the boy emerged out of it with a fearless jump! "HELLO WOOOOORLD!" He yelled, opening his arms like he was trying to embrace the whole city.


The boy turned to a random startled person, getting very close to them. "Heeeello my fellow background character! How are you?"

The person jerked back with a very troubled look on their faces, before ignoring the boy completely and walking away as fast as they could. "Nooo! Come back!" Chanlye stretched his arm trying to reach them, but they were already too far.

Crossing his arms he pouted. "Fuwa, why does this always happend?" He asked to himself with a legitimate confused tone. 'Because you act like a creepy?' The voice flatly answered back. "Te hee~! True!" Chanlye hitted himself softly on his head, making a silly face.
Apr 30 2018, 08:02 PM
Name/Aliases: Chanlye Alexina

Age: Check original poster's age and multiply for ??

Gender/Pronouns: Male (He swear)


Chanlye's default appearance consist in being a five feet and 6 inches tall androgynous looking boy, with light skin, ice blue straight short hair whose length reaches his shoulder level. His golden eyes are very roundy and glint whenever he get too excited, and sparkle when reflecting any type of light.

Aside from his human appearence, he also have a few animals features. Such as his furry and long ears that are naturally droppy, and his long tail that resemble a raccoon. His dental arch also have a pair of fangs on the top arch, though they aren't too sharp. Though he have those animals features, he doesn't have fur anywhere else on his body (But details about the rest of his body aren't important.)

For clothing, he normally wear a type of warm blue tunic that cover his arms and it's length reaches the middle of his forearms, it also have a hood attatched to it. Under the tunic he wear a long sleeve ice blue shirt, along with pants that have the same color as the tunic. On his head he wear a blue cap, and on his feet he wear long very dark brown boots.

"Am I cute yet~?"

Mental: Chanlye is a kindhearted, naive and emotional person and normally he can be very insecure about many things. But if there's something he loves to do is laughing and making people laugh, doing the most silly and stupid things, striking explosive and non-sense jokes completely out of nothing. And constantly break and joke about the 4th wall, even though he doesn't actually know or believe it exist.

He's very caricature and expressive, making harsh and exaggerated moves with his arms and his face's muscles to express his feelings. Scowling, making funny faces and sometimes yelling to the top of his lungs, he sometimes act like everything is pretty big deal. Even the smallest attempt to show how he feels look like a show coming out of the most melodramatic theater you can find.

The boy is also very altruistic and will always try to help someone that needs, getting even very worried like a mother would be worried about her child. Even if he fails horribly at helping someone out, at least he will have the feeling he tried his best... And talking about his best, he will always try to do his best, no matter how tiny is the "challenge".

But, behind all that show of laughs and jokes that are grandmaster jester-tier, his emotions can bring a very grim and dark nature behind that mask. He can get completely heartbroken if someone use the right words in the right moment, though he will probably recover eventually.

He's also not completely sane, as he have a voice in his head that is basically an interpretation of his old-self. That voice sounds monotone, cynical and constantly make negative comments about everything. But Chanlye knows that is pretty much himself, so he mostly laugh it off and joke with the voice. At least it make him company.

Also, he have a small speech impulse of sighing and laughing with a sound similar to a "fuwa". The reason remains completely and secretly UNKNOWN.


Comical Adaptation: Chanlye's features like hair, eyes and skin colors can change voluntarily whenever he wants... Or involuntarily, normally caused by a big burst of emotion, such as embarrassments or anger.

But one part of his body can change in every aspect: His tail. He can change it's composition, shape, size, density, weight... Everything about it. Being able to turn it into weapons, tools and even use it as "vehicle" (Like making it turn into a propeller to simply fly away)

Burrowing Warp Zone: He have the ability to burrow in the ground and emerge out of it to pop up literally anywhere else. Even if it's something that twist completely the logic and laws of physics.

He can even jump to other dimensions with it. (Though for some reason, since he came to the City he lost the ability to jump into other dimensions)

Divide and Conquer/Together We Stand: Once upon time someone very wise said that a person can't be in two places at the same time... Turned out they were wrong. Chanlye have the ability of dividing himself into a maximum of five Chanlyes, while having full control of all of them at the same time. This make several tasks become much easier to be done, since he can basically teamwork with himself.

Controlling it can be very messy and tricky, depending on what kind of tasks all of them are doing.

̷ ̷̶̷B̷̶̷a̷̶̷t̷̶̷m̷̶̷a̷̶̷n̷̶̷ BatChan Utility Belt: Chanlye is always prepared with several gadgets that he have collected from several dimensions he has been going in adventures! From something mundane such as his trademark Grapple Hook, to fantasy sci-fi stuff like a Light Saber.

4th Wall Insight: Even though Chanlye doesn't know or believe on the fourth wall, he sometimes get an insight of references or what probably the thing or person that they are interacting could have been outside of the fourth wall. This ability doesn't have a true use, outside of comic relief.

Background: Chanlye has always been a very introverted kid, mostly because of his difficulties in talking to anyone in person. But it never bothered him too much, since he never thought he was missing anything. After all, there were so many games to play in his computer that there was no need to make friends. It was for the best after all, he lived in a dangerous place, so playing with other kids outside not only weren't as fun as playing video games, but it was also much dangerous.

Not caring much about friendships, the boy just kept playing his single player games in his computer for years, until he finally had access to internet. That was a huge change for him, he didn't need to wait his parents to buy games to him, he could just go and download everything in that miracle that was called internet.

And it didn't take too long before he finally got his hands on his first online games, such as Gunbound and Grand Chase... But even playing those games, he kept his habit of playing alone, completely ignoring the social aspects of those online games. He didn't need to befriend anyone, he didn't need to talk to anyone, he just needed them to help him to kick the stage boss's ass or to defeat the enemy team.

This bad habit of thinking he didn't need to befriend anyone finally ended when he finally got his hands on the MMORPG called MapleStory. He would never think he would want to talk to someone in that game until he met a player, that was the leader of a guild. He claimed that Chanlye had exactly what was needed to become a powerful guild member, which made the boy frown in confusion.


His curiosity made him decide to accept to join the guild... At first, he was quiet and passive, just answering when someone talked directly to him. But there was this girl, the sister of the guild leader, that always greeted him in a way that was completely alien to him: "Selamat pagi!", he got read this phrase every single day. They didn't actually had a proper conversation everyday, but something was always certain... She would greet him, no matter what.

"Why she always try to talk to me?"

That was a very good question, why someone would want to try to talk every day to someone that couldn't care less? Well... Now he cared about it, if that's what the girl wanted, she got it. Soon, the boy began to log on expecting to see her messages, and he started to actually engage in the conversation. He even actually developed a his character, giving him an air of cutesy and kindness, that mixed with Chanlye's inherently naiveness, created a personality that was soon loved by the whole guild.

The girl looked very pleased with the changes of the boy, and it didn't take too long to Chanlye get very attatched to the girl, she was probably the first person that he actually could call a friend. And eventually, he was able to call everyone in the guild a friend, and it was all thanks to her... That was probably when his heart pounded harder than the usual...

"I love you!"

He told to the girl... It has been a long time since he knew her, and of course considering everything she did for him, it couldn't have been different. At the start he was too embarrassed to confess, but the girl's brother gave him a push... And he was able to do it. The girl didn't waste a second, and accepted his feelings immediately.

Both engaged in a very strong relationship, that looked almost unbreakable, to the point it was even disgusting of so much sweetness that was involved. And everything seemed that was going to be alright, everything was going great for Chanlye... But...

One day, he found out that the girl probably liked someone else. At first he didn't give it too much credit and even shrugged it off, but his curiosity made him try to figure it out. And the more he tried to figure it out, the more it seemed that it was true. Getting closer to what he considered it was truth, he couldn't handle to get in a confrontation with her. So instead of trying to do it, he just broke up with her. After all, this way she would be able to be with who she actually liked, right?

After that, a lot of things happened. He had a mental breakdown, he was kicked out of the guild, he stopped playing MapleStory and he went back to his old state... But even worse than before. Because before he was alone, but at least he never missed having someone by their side... But now he had tasted how it was to have someone, so he missed it, missed it a lot.

It took a long time before he could even touch another MMORPG. So when he tried, he decided to go for something different and even more social: Eden Eternal. That game was supposed to be super social, a lot of people constantly talking and the chances of him finding someone to get close and who knows! Becoming the biggest buddies ever! It looked pretty promising!

Peharps he would find a lovely and cute girl, that he would fall in love with and she would probably get annoyed everytime he tried to approach her~ He would get rejected every single time he tried to confess to her! She would eventually at least let him be her friend and she would introduce him to her other friends!

Aaah! They would have so much fun together! He would go around all happy and fool with everyone, making jokes! Laughing! Doing all stupid things that he wanted. He would brag to everyone about how she knew her for so long and he would have the best time of his-






A monotone clicking noise filled a dark room... How long he has been doing that? That boring grinding game, he couldn't even level up on it properly. Everyone was so annoying, did it even matter anymore? He didn't know, he couldn't know.

So he just kept clicking, typing, casting skill, drink potion, attack, attack, attack, dodge aoe attack, drink potion, cast buff, attack, attack, attack... That was getting tiring.

"You know what need to be done."

A deep and long sigh. A few clicks, a long time typing... Log out.





When he finally woke up, something was different. He couldn't feel that overwhelming sadness he was feeling before. For some reason he felt much more soft and relaxed... He was in a completely different place too, some kind of fantasy forest? Now that was interesting.

He stood up and... Smiled? Looked up at that beautiful and pretty day, that made his... Tail wag? Chanlye didn't frown in confusion for some reason, and instead just looked at his own tail and decided to run to a closeby lake, getting to see his reflection on water.

"Fuwah! I look so cuuute!"

Fuwa? Cute? Those were things he couldn't believe he would ever say to himself, he wasn't a human anymore... That wasn't normal! But for some reason all that felt completely natural and normal. He sprinted toward a cave, and when he got in it, he found an oldman. And oldman that looked at him and gave him the ultimate quest:

"You must win and beat all dimensions that you go through!"

He looked at the oldman, with sparkle eyes. For some reason he knew exactly what he needed to do as soon as the oldman told him that. He needed to go in an ultimate adventure! An adventure no one ever was going to have! So he instantly stood up.

"Wait. It's too dangerous to go alone! Take this!"

The oldman raised his hand toward the boy, and filled him with the power to be able to defeat all the challenges (Not really) he would go through. After doing this, Chanlye briefly thanked the oldman, and charged to his adventure. Where he went through many worlds, dimensions, multiverses, fighting all types of enemies and going through all kinds of challenges. Even though, for some reason he naturally accepted all that non sense, and naturally forgot about his previous life.

After many years... Peharps decades... He got to beat thousands and thousands of dimensions and universes. Until he finally was able to reach an dimension, that looked much more different than any other he saw before.

"Fuee? What's this~!"

He looked at it with a glint of curiosity popping out of his head as he slowly got in it.

"The City? Fun! ... Chanlye Alexina incoming~!"

Notes: "Pleaase, whoever that approve or disapprove this application. Can you give me a very neat approval message? Pluh-eeeaaase~?!"
Apr 7 2018, 04:31 PM
“...Time to step out of your comfort zone!” Cosmo said while walking into a magic circle, slowly entering in a vortex that was so bright that nothing could be seen. She gave roughly four steps before she began floating in a blank space, searching for an exit.

When she finally found an exit spot and began floating toward it until she finally hopped out of it, landing on a cement ground. The witch blinked and stomped the strange ground a few times. "So sturdy." Then she analyzed it, noticing it was perfectly orthogonal, way too perfect to it be natural. Her head raised, and her sapphire eyes reflected the light of the tall buildings that decorated the City's background. "Pretty..." Cosmo said at the stunning view.

She then looked around her, realizing she was surrounded by apartment buildings. Such things made her frown a little, what kind of giant sculptures were that? "Those things aren't normal." The witch frowned and suddenly felt a bump along with a brief apologise.

"Huh?" Cosmo blinked and stared, slowly noticing she wasn't the only person there. In fact, there were many people hanging out, chit-chatting or simply passing by. Her eyes widened and in a blink of an eye her body polymorphed into a bat swarm that flew to an isolated alley where she transformed back to her original body.

She then hastly pressed her back against a brick wall to hide as much as possible and peeked her head out for a bit, only to hide again after seeing the amount of people that existed on that place. "I-I know I said 'step out of my comfort zone', but that's too abrupt! How it's even possible to exist so many people in the same place? It's almost like they are a swarm of phantoms!" She whispered a cry to herself.

Cosmo rested her hand on her chest. "What will you do now? You dumb witch." She sighed.
Mar 27 2018, 12:58 PM
Name/Aliases: Cosmo Sapphire

Age: 19

Gender/Pronouns: Female


Cosmo is 5’7 ft tall, weighing about 130 pounds. Her wavy hair is peach colored and very long, that match perfectly with her pinkish white skin while covering part of her shoulders, with the longest hair strings almost reaching her hips. Her sapphire blue eyes hold a very watchful expression, and sparkle brightly when reflecting the light.

She never wear makeup, specially because she never had to worry about it. But she does wear accessories, like a pendant with a small sapphire on it that she keeps under her shirt.

Her default outfit is composed by a peach shirt, black skirt that almost reach her knees, black long gloves, black boots with a star as ornament, a black see-through shawl that is tied with a peach colored ribbon and a black witch hat with a small star symbol on the top of it.

She rarely wears any other outfit, even when sleeping all she does is untying her shawl and hugging her hat. If she ever need to wear something else, she will just magically make another one to wear temporarily.


Cosmo is a short-tempered person, but doesn’t like to get into arguments or keep them going for too long, regretting and feeling guilty easily at after any fight.

Being very recluse, she’s not used to talk to people at her free-will, normally only doing it when someone talk to her or if it’s necessary. Though she’s recluse, she doesn’t dislike to have someone to talk to and even really appreciate the idea of having someone to call her friend (Though she will try to hide it at first). She also like to feel helpful when someone needs her knowledge or abilities, though she isn’t the type of person that would look around to find problems to solve.

Because she stayed most of her time alone and recluse, she have the habit of talking to herself and saying her thoughts out loud almost every time she is thinking on something. When being completely lost in thoughts she can even start to talk to herself almost like she was talking to someone else, which can be extremely weird for someone that is seeing it.

Her hobbies are mostly magic-related and very witchcrafty, making her declare herself a witch. Those hobbies include: Brewing potions, crafting magical devices, researching about magical artifacts, making new magic. Some of her mundane hobbies are cooking (Normally using the weirdest ingredients), sewing and bug hunting.

Because of a few past problems with fairies, she feel insecure about them. Being slightly scared or shaken, even though she is powerful enough to destroy one if it was necessary.


The witch’s magic spells are vast, going from throwing fireballs to teleporting. But Cosmo’s specialization are Polymorphing, Illusions and the ability to materialize them.

Polymorphing allows her to transform herself or someone that is willing to be transformed into some other creature. After being transformed, the polymorphed person will only go back to their original form if they want to or if they are knocked down.

Her illusions work like any other illusion, but she can also turn this illusion into something real. The more abstract the illusion is, the harder it is to turn it into reality. For example turning the illusions of hammers and needles is extremely easy, but turning an amalgamated creature or something else completely made up into reality not only is harder to create and much harder to keep under control.

She also have a deep knowledge on crafting magic items and brewing potions of all types. By default she normally carry two very important magic devices: Her flying broom (Even though she can fly by herself) and a witch hat that she always wear, that work as a dimensional inventory.


“It’s cold…” These were the first words of the little girl that just woke up in the middle of a winter forest, without any memory of what happened and what was going on. At that time, she was just a lost child that couldn’t defend herself, so she just ran in fear, trying to find anything or anyone that could help her.

After hours looking for help, she found a group of fairies, that surrounded her with giggles and smiles. The girl didn’t feel fear at first, being extremely naive about the presence of the cute fairies that looked so playful and friendly.

“Who are you?” One of the fairies asked. But the small girl only shaked her head, because she didn’t have the answer for that question. This answer made a grin fade in the fairies mouth, and suddenly they stated: “Then you are ours now!”

The girl flinched and tried to run, but they easily captured and shrunk her. And they kept her inside a bottle for a long time, using her as their little ‘pet’.

Many days have passed, and the winter was gone, so the fairies finally decided to bring their ‘pet’ outside for a walk. It wasn’t exactly a big pleasure for the girl to be carried inside a bottle, but at least she could finally see the outside, but that gave her an agony feeling, because no matter how hard she pressed herself against the glass of the bottle, she couldn’t just leave it.

“How this happened?” The girl thought to herself, pressing her hand against her chest, while tears scrolled down her cheeks. Then suddenly a squeak could be heard, and the girl fell on the ground along with the bottle. The fairies were suddenly running away and screaming in fear, as magic bolts striked them one by one.

The girl tried to look what was happening, but she couldn’t see what was going on until the bottle was picked up again and an unfamiliar face stared at her. It was another fairy, one that somehow looked more mature than the others.

The fairy opened the bottle and placed the girl on the ground, snapping her fingers to break the shrink spell, giving the girl her normal size again. Still scared, the girl stepped away from the fairy, hitting her back against a tree, once again she had nowhere to escape.

“Who are you?” The fairy asked. And the girl hesitantly shaked her head and curled against the tree, vainly trying to protect herself while waiting the fairy to attack her. But instead of an attack, a hand gently rested on her head, giving a small pat. “Don’t be afraid, come with me.” The fairy said, walking away. The girl stood still for a few seconds, looking at the fairy, before standing up and running toward her.

After finding a cave where they girl could live in, the fairy taught the girl about everything she knew about nature, magic and how to survive in that hostile world.

Years have passed since then. The fairy visited the girl almost every single week until the girl turned 18, to make sure she would be able to live by herself when the fairy would finally be gone to somewhere else.

The girl, that was no more a child, looked at the pendant with a small sapphire on it. Something the fairy gave to her, saying it had the same color as her eyes. She smiled weakly at it, and placed it under her shirt before crouching down and finishing the magic circle for a powerful spell.

While the magic circle began to glowing, she stood up and made a determined expression. “Alright Cosmo…” She sighed “... Time to step out of your comfort zone!” She said to herself and walked into the circle, that became brighter and brighter, until nothing could be seen.

Notes: Because she stayed recluse after her memories were gone, she actually never met humans that weren’t herself. She also never met a boy or went to high populated areas like villages.
Mar 18 2018, 02:19 PM
Hopping with a happy humming, a little girl finally reached Downtown. One of the most important areas of the City, and she didn’t choose to go there by chance, she was there to finally get into action.

I already wasted too much time adapting to this place and to my new abilities, I need to put them in practice now! Kyanna thought to herself. Since she came to this world, she had a big mission: Figuring out why she’s in this world and what’s her purpose, but the lack of time and money made her way too busy to do any proper research.

But today was different, nothing would get in her way to finally- “Is that a magical shop?!” Kyanna almost yelled to herself while running toward a costume shop, squeezing her face and her hands into the shop’s window trying to see everything. Making her eyes sparkle after seeing a collection of staves and robes that were very well organized. “All those items, all those battle robes, these equipments-” The girl said to herself, before stepping away from the window and shaking her head. “No, I can’t! I have other priorities right now.”

She stepped away and began walking again. That was close. I remember Melissa saying it’s easy to get distracted in Downtown, because there are a lot of things here. The girl thought to herself, and Melissa was right. Considering Kyanna’s curiosity, that place was a big trap, one slip and she would spend all her day looking inside fantasy-themed shops, armory stores and every kind of cool looking building.

And it didn’t take much time to her get distracted again, because as soon as her eyes got an antique store on sight, the girl blasted off toward it. “Oh my Goddess, look at all those old and magical items! They are so-” Kyanna turned her back to the store. “I-I did it again… Is this the power of Downtown?! This place is dangerous…” She said to herself, with a slightly terrified expression on her face.
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