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Jun 25 2018, 10:53 AM

They say if you can't find it at Sanjo's, it isn't worth finding. A chain of bodegas and convenience stores of various sizes all across the City, Sanjo Panza has nearly trademarked their "wall to wall" merchandising strategy and being open all hours of the day. They cater to the most necessary of necessities: Snack foods, basic groceries, novelties, electronics and electronic accessories, and even cheap clothing as well as tools and jewelries. They also have a song specifically made for their store!

A Sanjo Panza is a miracle of a sight for those who are cheap, drunk, broke or in need of something fast and quick. They even say that if you know how to ask, you can get some very basic weapons and armor...though don't expect them to stand up to anything you'd get from a store where you can pick up a pistol, some ramen, and funny-looking socks in the same basket.

Plus, if you're in need of a quick job and don't mind the dark, they're always hiring for evening, late night, and early morning shifts. Just be careful. There's rumors it's not called the graveyard shift for nothing.
Jun 17 2018, 03:21 PM
Noah hadn't just been sitting on his hands the entire time. He wanted to be a star, and luckily his new nature as well as his old experience as a DJ was great for his. He even managed to wrangle the City government into setting up a massive event in a block party in the Sprawl! There was free food and drinks, Lights, music and dancing. What they didn't know was that there was a little something special in the drinks.

See, Noah had learned in the interim some nature of his vampire abilities, including the ability to create Zombies. He already had a number of zombies in the background, in masks and bandannas to hide their nature...All he needed some saliva and maybe his blood to make sure that anyone became his zombie servant. And what he would love right now, is the ability to kick some ass if he needs to. Plus, he said he'd get the Thelemites some muscle if they invite him to a Sabbath...

"CREATURES OF THE NIGHT!" He says into a Microphone, as the crowd waits - a couple of hundred at least, with free drinks and food all around...the event's been advertised through flyers all across the Sprawl.

"Are you ready to go WILD? The Sun's not watching, The Moon's away...the world's asleep...Tonight, you be the MONSTER inside! Lose yourself in the dark! Become that sexy beast you leave chained up!"
The music starts to play...

All he had to do was wait for the proper time...and he'd get what he want. He always does, one way or another.
Jun 12 2018, 07:01 PM
They say that the chaotic mass of the City is such that even the loss of hundreds, even tragedies that twist time and space, even people being devoured and erased from existence and the hearts of their loved ones are all forgotten in a single night.

Pax Urbe is made up of the ones who remember. This organization is considered a criminal paramilitary force by the police, and to some extent it acts like it. It attacks corporations for resources, deals on the black market, and fights lethal battles without a license. What differs is their goals. Pax Urbe and its people exist as a shield for the people of the City Streets against what the Police can not and will not fight - including the wolves in sheep's clothing such as Xander-Rose and the Unicorn Foundation, or even the Police itself if its members are shown to be corrupt.

The Pax Urbe has two main components, The Sword and the Shield. The Shield is composed of a number of militia members gathered from activists across the City,they're often capable of a number of functions from medical emergencies to special combat ops to clearing rubble. They have a diverse roster of ordinary people armed and equipped to swoop in when things get tough.

The Sword is a bit more interesting. The Sword is made up of a number of "special" individuals who have great potential and power. They're a vanguard unit that can be expected to be called in when special circumstances require their might. No list has been made of them, but they can be seen by a golden "Peace" sign badge they wear to signify their loyalty to the City's Peace - Pax Urbe.

Jun 12 2018, 04:40 PM
Diana Vaugn - the police expert who presides over magic - considers The Thelemites her worst headaches to deal with for one reason. In her section of the department she holds two rules over all. "Don't call up what you can't put down" and "Magic is not a toy." The Thelemites flagrantly go against these with style and finesse, proud of their reckless and youthful use of the most volatile of the magics for their own use.

The Thelemites are a gang that has access to what's nicknamed the Anarchist's Spellbook, a guerilla document of the roughest and readiest rituals and hexes known to mystic studies - formally it's called the Hermetica Esoterica. The gang utilizes these rituals for a number of reasons, but one of the number one reasons is that simply put - they're bored and horny. The Thelemites make most of their money and get a lot of pull simply by utilizing the Hermetica to summon demons for fun and pleasure. They're fiercely protective of the entirety of the Hermetica and other than the current boss - Mr. Crowley as he's called by his admirers - most of the lieutenants only know certain workhorse rituals that summon imps as brute muscle and foocubi for when the Thelemites decide to party.

Partying is in fact one of the chief concerns of the Thelemites, as many of their rituals are to incite revelry and naked hedonism...even hosting massive celebrations of excess, supernaturally charged sexuality, and manic dancing called "Sabbaths." Their more violent crimes are either their brash members taking out their energy and aggression or "Smash and grabs" set up to get more quick cash to burn on booze and sex workers or host more Sabbaths.

Despite their "Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll" approach to life they aren't to be dismissed as just horny teenagers and obsessive adults. The higher ups in the Thelemites are aware Mr. Crowley has some plans for the City - and his lieutenants tend to be able to summon scary, terrifying things that could swallow up entire city blocks and perhaps a district if they're fully moved to action. Though as mentioned...they rarely can put down what they call up. But it's still a deterrent to the Police to fully crack down, or for their rivals to pick them apart for whatever they like.

Plus, the Sabbaths do seem to have some purpose - some members of the Thelemites become much stronger, gaining the traits of a demon if they attend and survive enough Sabbaths, though there are others who fully "evolve" into demons and have to be reigned in by their fellows. However, even when splattered with the blood of the innocent, those who attend the night a brother or sister of Thelema awakens tend to see it as a joyous moment.
Jun 12 2018, 03:48 PM
A bioterrorist organization that sees the form of fantasy dragons as the ultimate life form, and that all of the City should bend to their altered transhuman abilities. They wreak havoc across the city in coordinated attacks to weaken infrastructure, steal resources and money as well as administer Dragon Tooth gas attacks. This gas has an effect on people that seems to vary based on some factors. Natural aggression, intelligence, ambition, and strength of character seems to change what the Dragon Tooth gas transforms the victims into.

Those who are meek, timid, or weak of spirit become Draconians - reptilian humanoids with increased strength and toughness as well as scales and claws, but no other abilities. They're incredibly subservient to those affected by Dragon Tooth who are higher on the "Food chain", with Draconians living at the bottom. They're foot soldiers and used as cannon fodder, considered wastes of Dragon Tooth.

Further up are Wyverns, those who are born from brash idiots who aren't as timid as the Draconians, but also aren't clever enough to be considered brave. Is it really courage if you're just too stupid to understand the consequences? Wyverns, fittingly, are large hulking beasts with dog-like behavior that could tear apart and chew up cars like eggshells. They're attack dogs of the higher ups of the Red Serpent Society and used for when brute force is called for as they are good for little else.

Finally hitting the level where sentience and free will is kept, those who are not courageous or ambitious but possess a cunning and cruelty become Linnworms - serpentine dragons the size of humans, lacking legs but having a powerful body that can constrict with the force to bend steel and crush bones. They also have a strong bite, and they are able to command Wyverns and Draconians as flunkies. They tend to be used as taskmasters and as disposable "commanders" for when someone needs to keep tabs on a group of the grunts without being missed if they're defeated.

Those with some measure of ambition, guts, and a keen mind become Drakes, who are at a perfect level of power for lieutenants. They each possess a strong elemental magic and are as strong as Wyverns - being at the size of a Draconian and able to transform between a "Human" form as well as returning to their fully powered Drake form. They are not quite at the Executive level as the higher ups, but they can be trusted to carry out vital operations and oversee Linnworms to ensure they're acting in concert.

Those who've fully expressed the nature of the Dragon Tooth gas are known as True Dragons, who are to Wyverns what Wyverns are to Draconians in terms of brute strength. Every single True Dragon is capable of flattening small buildings with a few blows and have mastery over their Elemental Magic enough to qualify as a threat to an entire city block. They are the executive level of the Red Serpent Society, making decisions as a collective to direct their lessers and initiate new projects - including "Vat grown" Dragons and bio-armors/weapons to be quietly released to the black market - secretly parasites to transform their users into brainwashed "Pseudodragons" for further operations.

Finally, the eldest of dragons and the most promising of people in terms of potential may evolve into Wyrms. Wyrms are at the top of the food chain, being capable of crushing a city block in a few swipes of their claws and tail, and their magic qualifying as a natural disaster. However, they are few in number and rare even among the rare True Dragons - if hundreds of thousands of people die to slay a Wyrm, the Red Serpent Society has suffered a crushing loss. Less than 30 wyrms are known to exist, and they stay in the shadows until a time comes they have weakened the forces of the City and of all non-dragons within it.

The Red Serpent Society is willing to contract out non-dragons and use their labor, though very few businesses will willingly deal with them if they know who they are helping. Still, front companies and identities on the part of the Wyrms and True Dragons allow them to utilize the services of the City incognito. They do tend to leave their mercenary forces to die, or leave them in the line of fire of the Dragon Tooth attacks for future members of the Society.

It's said that the Wyrm who founded the Society got their formula from a rejected and re-purposed Unicorn Foundation recipe, which would prove that the Foundation indeed has a stake in human experimentation and alteration. However, the location and even existence of "Giorgio Bahama" is unknown, even by the inner circle of Wyrms.

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