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May 22 2018, 10:24 AM
It was a reasonable morning hour when Shin'ichi decided to head out and explore the city a little bit.

Only a little bit, mind; with the knowledge of the moon's effects, he knew he couldn't stay out for very long, and he had yet to learn the local transport loops in order to time any longer-distance trips. Besides, he had a specific plan for today: research.

The local library was Shin'ichi's target. It seemed plausible that he might find

1) more mystery novels to study,

2) local records of some kind,

3) anything about anywhere else.

That last one seemed like the most unlikely thing, somehow, which was why he'd ranked it last. The local records, meanwhile, would be quite useful. At the very least he'd get access to maps and at the most he might be able to plot out some interesting local history. Figure out when this place was built, when it was, how many cracks there were in the construction.

(Because he wasn't expecting it to all be real.)

Finding the mystery novels was an imperative, of course. He wanted to survive for however long he'd be here and he'd only bought one book without any prior recommendations—which he'd read in one day. Not that Neon Shadows had been a particularly bad book—just kind of rote, beyond the outsider perspective. He needed something Shinmei-level, at least.

He found the building within the hour, after asking for directions. Multiple stories with a café and a roof garden, records room at the top, computer lab—just what he needed (though when he actually peaked into the computer lab, he noticed none of the computers available displayed more than eight colours). Ignoring a droid's directions for the children's section, he immediately headed to Adult Fiction: Mystery and began noting the names of the books, quietly realising he didn't recognise a single one of them.
Mar 25 2018, 04:19 PM
この街の名は、「The City」だ。

Feb 3 2018, 07:00 AM
Recently, the Sweet-as-Sugar Toytown Daycare received a very special guest in the form of Conan Edogawa!

[Conan — Age 6]

Conan is a very bright boy who likes reading and puzzles. He was recently found in an alleyway and has no known family or contacts within the City. As a result, we are looking for potential carers who have the room in both their home and their hearts to take care of him while he is here.

If you wish to find out more about Conan, please call Sweet-as-Sugar Daycare at 202-555-0164.

Dec 28 2017, 10:06 AM
The first thing that Shin'ichi noticed upon beginning to stir to consciousness was the light making the insides of his eyelids glow red. The second thing he noticed—upon opening them—was that said light was actually red, and he was lying in a dark alleyway in the dead of night.

He'd like for it to have been a completely unprecedented situation. Maybe then it would actually be less frightening. But it reminded him so much of that incident that he immediately dropped dead still, stopped breathing and closed his eyes, trying to concentrate on what he could hear.

Because this—the only way to make sense of this—was some kind of kidnapping. Because people didn't just wake up in dark alleyways in the dead of night with no memory of why they were there and no hangover…

…and certainly small children didn't, either.

And people who took small children who were willing to dump them in alleyways very rarely intended nice things for them.

Not that Shin'ichi was a small child, he hated considering himself a small child, it'd be the end of him if he called himself a small child, but he hadn't spent the last six months exactly being the big fish in the little pond. He hadn't spent the last six months deliberately socialising himself to be a small child. He hadn't lived just to be found out that easily.

So, small child, in an alley, underneath a literal red light, at the dead of night. Okay.

It smelt like blood out here.

Like the grass had smelt.

Like his mouth had tasted.

Come on, think. Shin'ichi tried to listen to himself. Get a hold of your surroundings.

Beyond the fog, he couldn't hear anything particularly unusual for this kind of place. Throbbing bass from the building behind him, masked between two or three walls; one open window, way up high, with some kind of radio chatter; the distant sound of footfalls and engines to his left. Engines above, too. Possibly a flight path.

As far as he could tell, there was nobody close by on the ground paying any attention to him, just the patter of rain on the concrete. And if they were ever coming back… it'd probably be better to get the heck outta here before they did. Figure out where he was from the buildings, maybe; at the very least, he might find a cop. He was clearly in public, after all.

A few seconds later, a six-year-old boy tore onto the main street, scanning the crowd for any sign of a familiar dark uniform, and failing to find one.
Dec 27 2017, 02:47 PM
Name/Aliases: 工藤 新一くどう しんいち Kudou Shin’ichi / 江戸川えどがわ コナン "Edogawa Conan”

Age: 17 / “6”

Gender/Pronouns: Male

Standing at more or less a metre tall, Kudou Shin’ichi looks to all the world like a precocious Japanese elementary schooler. He has light tan skin and a wiry build with a large head. His hair is dark brown and lies mostly flat against his scalp save a few cowlicks, and his eyes are large, inquisitive, and a dark blue.

As to be expected of somebody as small as a child, Shin’ichi also has the relative strength of one, making him fairly weak in comparison to his original self, although quite resilient for a child, having some experience with long falls, bomb blasts, head injuries and the like. He is not very capable at picking up heavy objects, and can only run a few streets before tiring out. He is also prone to developing colds.

Shin’ichi is a detective not just by trade, but by nature, being incredibly observant and intelligent, with a mental library of useful trivia on just about any topic, be it language quirks, Japanese and foreign political history, car facts, and so on. Not that he’s anti-social—he has a very typical teenage boy’s speaking pattern and behaviour besides—but he’s definitely on a bit of a different wavelength from any of his peers—at any age and rank. He’s fascinated with codes and riddles, and has long idolised the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, whose stories he has read ever since he was a child. Since then he’s poured both his passion and innate ability into his work, and is known for his cool head and focus on a case, something that has frequently led him into danger without his batting an eye (save one particular incident or two).

Not only does Shin’ichi do well, however, but he also knows he does well, which led to him developing quite a bit of an ego after his burgeoning consultant career began to take off. It’s between his pride and his determination that his stubbornness comes into play, the traits that originally drove him to seek as little help as possible in investigating his condition. It’s caused Shin’ichi a lot of regret, mostly in retrospect, but just enough to play right back into his flaws, prompting him to involve as few people as possible in order to to minimise the harm towards others.

While that sounds fairly dramatic, most of Shin’ichi’s days are actually rather relaxed, give or take a corpse or two, which he tends to take in relative stride (he’s been desensitised for long enough that it no longer leaves much of a mark on him). In general, he’s a mildly paranoid, snarky kind of person who definitely prefers the quiet life; he just doesn’t usually get the privilege of having one.

Shin’ichi’s unusual condition was created by a mysterious drug called APTX4869. Its name stands for “apotoxin”; it triggers apoptosis (spontaneous, automated cell death), the effect of which is generally fatal. Shin’ichi’s one-in-a-million reaction was, instead, to only lose about 50% of his body mass and revert to a childlike state. Supposedly it leaves no traces in the body detectable by modern science; however, it seemingly remains in Shin’ichi’s body in some fashion, as all antidotes—which rapidly accelerate his growth back to his adult size—are only temporary solutions, the shrunken state returning after fewer than 48 hours.

Provided by Doctor Agasa, Shin’ichi has a number of gadgets, largely designed to restore some of the physical ability he lost after being turned into a child, as well as augment it:

Time-Out Timepiece—a wristwatch that contains a miniature tranquilliser gun loaded with a sedative dart. Using the crosshair-patterned dial cover, Shin’ichi can put an opponent (or an ally) to sleep for a short amount of time. The gun contains only one shot. The dial can also light up as a torch.

Impressionista Bow-Tie—a red clip-on bow-tie that has a lightweight but incredibly versatile voice modulator sewn into the back. The two setting dials allow Shin’ichi to imitate most if not all voices he hears, while muting his own in the process.

Eye Spy Glasses—glasses with tracker and receiver functions. A radar HUD can be projected onto the left lens, and live audio via bone conduction. The corresponding transmitters are a tracking sticker and a miniature microphone that attaches to the arm of the glasses.

Power Kicks—a pair of red sneakers that can be activated to pump an electric current through Shin’ichi’s feet, causing the muscles to tense and allowing Shin’ichi to kick with the force of a small cannon without breaking any bones.

Soccer Ball Sicker Belt—a large belt-buckle that contains up to two deflated soccer balls. When activated, a ball is simultaneously inflated and dispensed, providing a source of ammunition for the Power Kicks. The ball only stays inflated for ten seconds due to the material used.

Thrill Shock Suspenders—a set of trouser braces made of an incredibly elasticated material. A button turns the suspenders into a pulley system, which can be used to hook around and pick up heavy objects.

Kudou Shin’ichi had always been obsessed with Sherlock Holmes. Growing up in a mansion with a large library, owned by an actress mother and mystery-writing father, Shin’ichi was surrounded by mystery books from the very beginning, and became especially fond of the English detective, whose advice he instantly took to heart. When he discovered the wondrous reactions he could cause with the simple act of deduction, he vowed to become a detective in his own right, and from that point on, his fate was sealed.

Aided by the connections of his father, who acted as an occasional consultant for the Tokyo Met and had a number of professional contacts at his fingertips, Shin’ichi poured his efforts into his dream, training his mind and body in order to replicate Holmes as best he could. Though he gained a bit of a reputation amongst his age group for being a detective nut, his work eventually came to fruition when he singlehandedly directed a murder investigation aboard an international flight. Quickly he shot to fame across Japan, with such nicknames as “the Detective of the East”, “the Saviour of the Japanese Police Force” and even—much to his joy—“the Heisei Holmes”. He enjoyed fame and fortune… perhaps a little too much.

Roughly a year into his burgeoning career, Shin’ichi took his best friend (and romantic interest) Mouri Ran to a local theme park in order to reward her for winning a national karate tournament. The trip, which Shin’ichi had hoped to use to confess his affections to her, turned foul when a man was beheaded on the roller coaster they were riding. As Ran berated him for his easy-going nature around bodies, Shin’ichi spotted a dark-suited man, one of two whom he’d earlier cleared of suspicion of murder, walking into a secluded area of the park, and immediately ran after him, leaving Ran behind.

To his great interest, he’d stumbled upon the case of a CEO being blackmailed out of several million yen. However, when preparing to take pictures for evidence, he had forgotten about the man’s partner, who knocked him out. The two men, codenamed Gin and Vodka, considered shooting and killing him— however, Gin had an idea. Reaching into his jacket, he bragged about the new prototype poison created by their organisation, and how the boy’s death would never be traced to them; he then slipped it into Shin’ichi’s mouth and walked away, leaving him to die.

An hour and some excruciating pain later, park security found him in the grass—a barely-conscious boy with a head injury. The only thing was, they’d found a six-year-old.

Upon realising what had happened to him, Shin’ichi ran home, and sought the aid of his neighbour, Professor Agasa. Though they disagreed on whether or not Shin’ichi should investigate, they both recognised that Kudou Shin’ichi was now officially dead or disappeared, and the once-again child needed a new identity. During their discussion, Ran entered looking for Shin’ichi, who hadn’t answered her phone calls all evening. Shin’ichi quickly grabbed a pair of glasses and, when asked for his name, concocted the pseudonym ‘Edogawa Conan’ based on the mystery books around him.

Ran, oblivious to the truth, agreed to Agasa’s suggestion that she and her private detective father Mouri Kogorou take the boy in, and walked home with him that night to their apartment over the Mouri Detective Agency. Using this venue, Shin’ichi had the opportunity to turn around the failing agency. He began to use Mouri Kogorou to solve cases, creating a character known as the “Sleeping Kogorou” and building the man’s reputation in the investigative community. By doing this, not only was he able to make up for some of the grief his own career had caused the Mouris, but also chase up new cases and information that Shin’ichi hoped would further his revenge plot against the Black Organisation who had tried to kill him.

Though he never carries, both out of Japanese law and principle, Shin’ichi is an excellent shot with a handgun.
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