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Feb 16 2018, 05:41 PM

Name/Aliases: Billie

Age: Nine years old

Gender/Pronouns: She/her

Physical: Billie has pale skin, long dark green hair and turquoise eyes, with her left eye covered by an eyepatch. She wears a simple blue dress with white highlights and black shoes. Whenever possible, she keeps her black backpack close, and it's a rare day she's seen without her teddy bear.

Mental: As a mute, Billie is very quiet, and naturally shy on top of that. She is incredibly wary of other people, especially adults, and will instinctually use her powers to make them go away. Should someone prove they are a friend, however, Billie will naturally cling on to them.

Billie can only talk using sign language or typing, as her handwriting is illegible. When she does speak, she speaks simply, and tries to avoid asking questions.

She likes books, especially fantasy books, and is an exceptionally quick reader. She hopes to one day be like the fantasy heroines and strike out into the world.

Supernatural: Billie has the power to 'turn' things. In other words, any sentence that can be constructed with the word 'turn' at the beginning can be put into action by her. Examples include, but are not limited to:

- Turn an attack back
- Turn someone upside down
- Turn someone into a frog
- Turn someone's clothes inside out
- Turn water into wine
- Turn a tent into a house

However, this power is limited by Billie's understanding. In other words, she cannot action a turn sentence that she doesn't understand. For example, if someone asked her to turn a pile of euros into pounds sterling, she wouldn't be able to do it, as she doesn't know what either of those things are.

In addition, she will try to avoid violent turnings, and especially avoid things that would scare her (such as turning someone inside out or turning someone's blood into air). She also can't turn herself, only other entities (so she can't turn herself invincible, for example).

Background: For all her life, Billie had known nothing but the green expanse of the French countryside. There was a mother figure for a while, but she...left. That just left Dad. Along with going to school, of course, he had her work on his farm, tending to goats and helping with the harvest. Sometimes she would mess up. Maybe she tipped something into the goat pen by mistake, or she couldn't deliver a kid properly.

That was when the belt came out. Over, and over, and over.

As time went on, even as Billie made less mistakes, Dad always found more. He started drinking, and yelling, and hitting. One time he damaged her eye, but whenever anyone asked, it was her fault.

Then, one day, as she nurses her newest bruises, a strange light filters under her doorway. Maybe someone from her books had come to take her away? She opens the door just a tad, and all she sees is more of this blue light. Without a second thought, she packs her favourite books, grabs her teddy, Edward, and launches herself through the portal.

Anything would be better than this.

Notes: N/A
Feb 10 2018, 09:01 AM
Lexa's feet hurt. She'd bought some actual shoes on her way out from the mall, since walking on pavement in socks wasn't her idea of a good time, but they just didn't fit right. She considered heading back to demand another pair, but at this point, she was fed up. It had been around ten minutes since she'd left Tyler behind, looking around for a protagonist, but there was nothing, just shops that stretched out into the horizon.

And magic assholes for days, she thought. Less than my world, but still, too many.

Eventually she came to a stop, exhausted. Sighing heavily, she fell forward onto a bench outside a fish and chip shop, groaning as her face collided with wood.

Couldn't she just go home already?
Feb 6 2018, 03:14 PM
Raize and Jacqueline 1 (canon)

Not for the first time, Raize finds a semi-conscious lady on the beach. Will his charm work its magic, or will he be struck down for his overconfidence?

Raize and Jacqueline 2 (canon)

Over a fine breakfast of delicious pancakes, Raize and Jacqueline discuss various matters, including Jacqueline's unique hunger. But just as their relationship seems to be coming along, something in the mirror puts Jacqueline on edge...

Raize and Jacqueline 3 (canon)

Nothing like a good old fashioned mall date. Will this be the perfect place for the lovebirds to progress their relationship, or will it all come crashing down?

Raize and Jacqueline 4 (canon)

When a trip to the magic shop reveals there may be a way back to Jacqueline's world after all, Raize has a revelation of his own. Why is he feeling this way...?

Raize and Jacqueline 5 (canon)

Raize investigates Springheel's supply, and when he returns, things with Jackie take an interesting turn. Is it already time to take the next step?

Raize and Jacqueline 6 (canon)

In the room of no reflections, Raize and Jacqueline make a plan to take down Red Jack, and after that, ponder a different property. But as they go about their business, it seems Red Jack isn't their only adversary...

Raize and Jacqueline 7 (canon)

When Raize is kidnapped out of the blue, Jacqueline must team up with Springheel to track down their adversaries. Only one thing is for sure: no one will escape unscathed.

Raize and Jacqueline 8 (canon)

With only copious amounts of alcohol and his wits, Springheel must uncover the truth behind this 'Stern'. Meanwhile, will Jacqueline pull through at the hospital, or be lead to her first death?

Raize and Jacqueline 9 (canon)

Oof, time for a break. How does dinner at an Italian restaurant sound?

Raize and Jacqueline 10 (canon)

Jesus Christ, guys, get a room. Oh, you already have a room? Hm. Carry on, then.

Raize and Jacqueline 11 (canon)

Suspicions and strategies and Sterns, oh my!

Raize and Jacqueline 12 (canon)

When Raize, Jacqueline and Springheel go to investigate the medical facility, they find that Stern is already dead. In an effort to find his killer, they find something o͖f҉̪͈f̮̜̼̻̱̕ͅ in the security footage...

Raize and Jacqueline 13 (canon)

Static's troublemaking means Raize and Jacqueline need to have a wee relationship chat. At the same time, apparently they have neighbours? That's news to me.

Raize and Jacqueline 14 (canon)

On their way back from drinking, the gang find there's something wrong with their reflections. Is Red Jack finally making his move?

Raize and Jacqueline 15 (canon)


Raize, Miyuki and Lupa 1 (semi-canon*)

When a chronic lady killer bumps into a killer lady, there's only one way things can go...or is there?

*Lupa, in true canon, was replaced by a similar Resident/someone strong since she literally couldn't be there. Alternatively, there just wasn't another lady there at all. Either way, the remaining Raize/Miyuki interactions remain untouched.
Jan 19 2018, 05:15 PM
It didn't take long to find Toytown—all the bright lights and fun toys made it difficult to miss. Around every corner, along every street, fantastic opportunities and amazing offers blared out in a confusing cacophony, enticing newcomers into the darkest depths of avarice and hedonism.

So Raize's kind of place, all in all.

"Step one: don't give off that we're newbies," Raize said to Miyuki, casually flipping his coin. "If we act like we belong and keep our ears to the ground, we're more likely to learn what we need for free. Hell, we might even make a nice profit."

Raize stopped at a particular street, nodding towards the King Midas Casino. True to its name, the place was golden as the morning sun, exuding class, or perhaps tackiness, for all the world to see. At the entrance, a bald man in a black suit stood watch, staring blankly into the night.

"Looks like a good mark—at least, if they'll let us in." Raize frowned, patting his pockets. "Come to think of it, what do they use for money around here? We might want to learn that first, possibly from the guard. I know I said we don't want to seem like newbies, but if we're revealing ourselves to anyone, it's probably that guy."

Raize turned to Miyuki. "That is, unless you've got other ideas. Thoughts?"
Jan 18 2018, 03:45 PM

Name/Aliases: Raize Solomon

Age: 28

Gender/Pronouns: Cis male, he/him

Physical: Raize has medium length dark red hair, dark-ish skin and brown eyes, though you'd never know the latter behind the douchey yellow shades. For clothes, her prefers the casual approach, going for a black leather jacket, a plain white shirt, blue jeans and a pair of black and white trainers.

Physique wise, he has exceptionally toned leg muscles and is generally very healthy, although his upper body strength is not quite as impressive.

Mental: Raize's personality is a mystery in-and-of itself - is the smooth, charismatic exterior his true self, or is it just a mask he wears for show? For those who've known him long enough, only one thing is clear: he will lie, cheat and steal when the situation calls for it, and in the majority of circumstances, feel little remorse. In essence, he is a cool, calculating mastermind who always tries to stay one step if you're looking to trip him up, out-planning him will leave him treading water.

Perhaps as a form of habit more than anything, Raize is a chronic flirt, taking any and all opportunities to proposition people of any gender, although he has a slight preference towards women. However, it's actually quite rare for him to enter into an 'official' relationship, probably because that would imply a degree of monogamy, which isn't exactly his jam.

Notably, underneath the friendliness he wears, the compliments and cheers, there is someone who cares for others, someone who will help the poorest, the weakest. But only them. If you're rich, and especially if your riches were gained by gouging the poor, you'll gain no sympathy from Raize. After all, you're just another target.

Finally, Raize is a gambling addict, and will occasionally go into less than favourable circumstances if it's phrased in the form of a bet. Of course, this cuts both ways - if you do this and then reveal the bet was 'just a joke' or a 'trick', Raize may decide to take what he's owed, regardless of you or anything else in his way.

Supernatural: Gambler's Wild - An extremely flexible ability, the exact effect of which depends entirely on the kind of gambling apparatus used. In essence, Raize flips a coin, rolls a die, anything like that, and when he does so, he calls a result. If he guesses correctly, he gains a blessing, the exact nature of which depending on his wants and the type of gambling apparatus in use. If he guesses incorrectly, the ability is put on a ten minute cooldown and no blessing is gained.

Raize can currently utilise Gambler's Wild with the following:

- Coins.
- Six-sided dice.

And the blessings associated with such apparatus are as follows:

Coins - Arms of Atlus gifts Raize enormous strength, equivalent to a world-class weightlifter. At its second level (from Double Down), the strength increase becomes practically Herculean, allowing him to collapse buildings with a fist, lift trains without breaking a sweat and cosplay as The Hulk. As a curse, Arms of Atlus leaves Raize unable to lift anything heavier than his dagger, and generally leaves him a weak little babby.

Run, Forest, Run gifts Raize astounding speed, equivalent to a top-level Olympic runner. At its second level, his speed and reaction time increases to a ludicrous degree, almost reaching the speed of sound as he zooms about, laughing away as he goes. As a curse, Run, Forest, Run leaves Raize slow and sluggish, unable to go beyond a fast walk and reacting at the speed of a fossilised mosquito.

The Wall gifts Raize brutal resilience, able to take a beating and ignore pain like a top-class soldier or wrestler. At its second level, Raize becomes a walking tank, his steel-like skin absorbing the majority of impacts and leaving even magical attacks at half effectiveness. As a curse, The Wall gives Raize the constitution of a wet paper towel, feeling pain twice as much and enhancing magical attacks against him.

Six-sided dice are more complex, and the effect depends on the probability called.

Calling three possible numbers (e.g one, two or three) will gift the blessing Silver-Tongued, which boosts Raize's lying capabilities and makes said lies impossible to detect without magic. At it's second level, Raize's lies leave even magic confused and only real, conclusive evidence will make them possible to see through. As a curse, Silver-Tongued makes Raize's lies absolutely laughable, with even the most gullible marks having trouble believing them.

Calling two possible numbers (e.g one or six) will gift the blessing One Step Ahead, which makes all attacks against Raize automatically miss as long as they're in his line of sight. At its second level, Raize will also dodge attacks that he can hear, as well as attacks that theoretically can't be dodged such as magical lock-ons or large AoEs. As a curse, One Step Ahead leaves Raize not only unable to dodge attacks coming his way, but will additionally force him to jump into attacks that aren't even aiming for him.

Calling one possible number (e.g one) will gift the blessing One With Shadow, rendering Raize completely invisible. He can still be detected by magical means or by senses other than sight, but is otherwise completely undetectable. At its second level, both magic and almost every other sense will be unable to find Raize, leaving touch as the only way of divining his location. As a curse, One With Shadow makes everyone in a fifty foot radius aware of Raize's location, and for people who wish to find him, this becomes an irritating itch that needs to be scratched, or destroyed.

Addendum I: Gambler's Wild is completely unaffected by anything that attempts luck manipulation. Even if Raize is 'destined' to roll a six on his die, Gambler's Wild will make sure it remains random.

Addendum II: Gambler's Wild may be used with tampered apparatus, such as a weighted die, but the weighting will have absolutely no impact on the outcome, similar to Addendum I.

Addendum III: All Gambler's Wild blessings last for ten minutes, the same as its cooldown. Ergo, you cannot stack more than one blessing at a time, including blessings from different apparatus; both dice and coins share the same cooldown, after all.

Double Down is an ability entirely dependant on Gambler's Wild, though it is technically a separate one. In essence, once Gambler's Wild has been used, Double Down resets its partner's cooldown and allows another roll/coin flip. However, rather than allowing ability stacking (which, as previously stated, does not work), Double Down boosts the Gambler's Wild effect, and whether it boosts a positive or a negative depends on the circumstances.

Let's use an example. Let's say Raize flips a coin, guesses heads, gets it right, then gains Arms of Atlus blessing. If Raize then uses Double Down, flips again and guesses correctly once more, the blessing will be further strengthened. However, if he guesses incorrectly, the blessing will be removed and Gambler's Wild will be put back on cooldown. For a full list of scenarios:

Correct + correct = strengthened blessing.

Correct + incorrect = no blessing.

Incorrect + correct = normal blessing.

Incorrect + incorrect = curse/inverse blessing.

Addendum: The cooldown of Double Down is tied to the cooldown of Gambler's Wild. If it is used straight after Gambler's Wild, then the cooldown is ten minutes, and if it is used four minutes into Gambler's Wild, then the cooldown is six minutes.

Addendum II: Removing both curses and blessings via outside sources (such as an anti-magical field) does not truly remove the blessing or curse, but merely puts it on hold. When the force trying to stop it relents, the blessing or curse will continue, lasting just as long as it had left before being interrupted.

Addendum III: Like Gambler's Wild, Double Down cannot be fooled with luck manipulation or poor gambling apparatus.

Background: 'Rags to riches' is one way to describe Raize's history. Born to a single London mother in a council flat, money had always been a problem, not matter how hard his mother had tried. When he discovered his general dexterity and talent for trickery, Raize became part of a pickpocketing street gang, which helped prop up his savings when times were rough. Eventually, however, the gang split, and Raize was forced to reconsider his source of income.

Enrolling in elocution and etiquette classes, Raize slowly wriggled his way into high society, step by step. His extraordinary luck and/or outrageous cheating in casinos made a name for himself in certain circles, and when those with more money than sense realised his talents, they often set him up to con their fellows for fun and profit. Once his reputation was sufficiently sullied, Raize merely moved on to a different group, a different casino, and started again with his silver-tongue.

But just as he makes a run for it from a particularly antsy casino owner, he finds himself somewhere else entirely as he steps through the exit.

Oh well. If there was money to be made, did it really matter where he was? Raize thought not.

Notes: - Along with his clothes and stunning charisma, Raize also possessed a switchblade, three six-sided dice and a wallet full of money (including coins).

- Raize has an awareness of his activities in the musebox, even if they were non-canon. He doesn't necessarily remember exactly what happened and definitely doesn't remember who was involved, but he remembers that it happened. For example, he remembers that he helped a young woman out who landed on the beach (Odette), but doesn't remember who that was or what they talked about.

- His blood type is AB Negative.

- His birthday is May 25th.
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