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Today at 03:45 pm

Name/Aliases: Raize Solomon

Age: 28

Gender/Pronouns: Cis male, he/him

Physical: Raize has medium length dark red hair, dark-ish skin and brown eyes, though you'd never know the latter behind the douchey yellow shades. For clothes, her prefers the casual approach, going for a black leather jacket, a plain white shirt, blue jeans and a pair of black and white trainers.

Physique wise, he has exceptionally toned leg muscles and is generally very healthy, although his upper body strength is not quite as impressive.

Mental: Raize's personality is a mystery in-and-of itself - is the smooth, charismatic exterior his true self, or is it just a mask he wears for show? For those who've known him long enough, only one thing is clear: he will lie, cheat and steal when the situation calls for it, and in the majority of circumstances, feel little remorse. In essence, he is a cool, calculating mastermind who always tries to stay one step if you're looking to trip him up, out-planning him will leave him treading water.

Perhaps as a form of habit more than anything, Raize is a chronic flirt, taking any and all opportunities to proposition people of any gender, although he has a slight preference towards women. However, it's actually quite rare for him to enter into an 'official' relationship, probably because that would imply a degree of monogamy, which isn't exactly his jam.

Notably, underneath the friendliness he wears, the compliments and cheers, there is someone who cares for others, someone who will help the poorest, the weakest. But only them. If you're rich, and especially if your riches were gained by gouging the poor, you'll gain no sympathy from Raize. After all, you're just another target.

Finally, Raize is a gambling addict, and will occasionally go into less than favourable circumstances if it's phrased in the form of a bet. Of course, this cuts both ways - if you do this and then reveal the bet was 'just a joke' or a 'trick', Raize may decide to take what he's owed, regardless of you or anything else in his way.

Supernatural: Gambler's Wild - An extremely flexible ability, the exact effect of which depends entirely on the kind of gambling apparatus used. In essence, Raize flips a coin, rolls a die, anything like that, and when he does so, he calls a result. If he guesses correctly, he gains a blessing, the exact nature of which depending on his wants and the type of gambling apparatus in use. If he guesses incorrectly, the ability is put on a ten minute cooldown and no blessing is gained.

Raize can currently utilise Gambler's Wild with the following:

- Coins.
- Six-sided dice.

And the blessings associated with such apparatus are as follows:

Coins - Arms of Atlus gifts Raize enormous strength, equivalent to a world-class weightlifter. At its second level (from Double Down), the strength increase becomes practically Herculean, allowing him to collapse buildings with a fist, lift trains without breaking a sweat and cosplay as The Hulk. As a curse, Arms of Atlus leaves Raize unable to lift anything heavier than his dagger, and generally leaves him a weak little babby.

Run, Forest, Run gifts Raize astounding speed, equivalent to a top-level Olympic runner. At its second level, his speed and reaction time increases to a ludicrous degree, almost reaching the speed of sound as he zooms about, laughing away as he goes. As a curse, Run, Forest, Run leaves Raize slow and sluggish, unable to go beyond a fast walk and reacting at the speed of a fossilised mosquito.

The Wall gifts Raize brutal resilience, able to take a beating and ignore pain like a top-class soldier or wrestler. At its second level, Raize becomes a walking tank, his steel-like skin absorbing the majority of impacts and leaving even magical attacks at half effectiveness. As a curse, The Wall gives Raize the constitution of a wet paper towel, feeling pain twice as much and enhancing magical attacks against him.

Six-sided dice are more complex, and the effect depends on the probability called.

Calling three possible numbers (e.g one, two or three) will gift the blessing Silver-Tongued, which boosts Raize's lying capabilities and makes said lies impossible to detect without magic. At it's second level, Raize's lies leave even magic confused and only real, conclusive evidence will make them possible to see through. As a curse, Silver-Tongued makes Raize's lies absolutely laughable, with even the most gullible marks having trouble believing them.

Calling two possible numbers (e.g one or six) will gift the blessing One Step Ahead, which makes all attacks against Raize automatically miss as long as they're in his line of sight. At its second level, Raize will also dodge attacks that he can hear, as well as attacks that theoretically can't be dodged such as magical lock-ons or large AoEs. As a curse, One Step Ahead leaves Raize not only unable to dodge attacks coming his way, but will additionally force him to jump into attacks that aren't even aiming for him.

Calling one possible number (e.g one) will gift the blessing One With Shadow, rendering Raize completely invisible. He can still be detected by magical means or by senses other than sight, but is otherwise completely undetectable. At its second level, both magic and almost every other sense will be unable to find Raize, leaving touch as the only way of divining his location. As a curse, One With Shadow makes everyone in a fifty foot radius aware of Raize's location, and for people who wish to find him, this becomes an irritating itch that needs to be scratched, or destroyed.

Addendum I: Gambler's Wild is completely unaffected by anything that attempts luck manipulation. Even if Raize is 'destined' to roll a six on his die, Gambler's Wild will make sure it remains random.

Addendum II: Gambler's Wild may be used with tampered apparatus, such as a weighted die, but the weighting will have absolutely no impact on the outcome, similar to Addendum I.

Addendum III: All Gambler's Wild blessings last for ten minutes, the same as its cooldown. Ergo, you cannot stack more than one blessing at a time, including blessings from different apparatus; both dice and coins share the same cooldown, after all.

Double Down is an ability entirely dependant on Gambler's Wild, though it is technically a separate one. In essence, once Gambler's Wild has been used, Double Down resets its partner's cooldown and allows another roll/coin flip. However, rather than allowing ability stacking (which, as previously stated, does not work), Double Down boosts the Gambler's Wild effect, and whether it boosts a positive or a negative depends on the circumstances.

Let's use an example. Let's say Raize flips a coin, guesses heads, gets it right, then gains Arms of Atlus blessing. If Raize then uses Double Down, flips again and guesses correctly once more, the blessing will be further strengthened. However, if he guesses incorrectly, the blessing will be removed and Gambler's Wild will be put back on cooldown. For a full list of scenarios:

Correct + correct = strengthened blessing.

Correct + incorrect = no blessing.

Incorrect + correct = normal blessing.

Incorrect + incorrect = curse/inverse blessing.

Addendum: The cooldown of Double Down is tied to the cooldown of Gambler's Wild. If it is used straight after Gambler's Wild, then the cooldown is ten minutes, and if it is used four minutes into Gambler's Wild, then the cooldown is six minutes.

Addendum II: Removing both curses and blessings via outside sources (such as an anti-magical field) does not truly remove the blessing or curse, but merely puts it on hold. When the force trying to stop it relents, the blessing or curse will continue, lasting just as long as it had left before being interrupted.

Addendum III: Like Gambler's Wild, Double Down cannot be fooled with luck manipulation or poor gambling apparatus.

Background: 'Rags to riches' is one way to describe Raize's history. Born to a single London mother in a council flat, money had always been a problem, not matter how hard his mother had tried. When he discovered his general dexterity and talent for trickery, Raize became part of a pickpocketing street gang, which helped prop up his savings when times were rough. Eventually, however, the gang split, and Raize was forced to reconsider his source of income.

Enrolling in elocution and etiquette classes, Raize slowly wriggled his way into high society, step by step. His extraordinary luck and/or outrageous cheating in casinos made a name for himself in certain circles, and when those with more money than sense realised his talents, they often set him up to con their fellows for fun and profit. Once his reputation was sufficiently sullied, Raize merely moved on to a different group, a different casino, and started again with his silver-tongue.

But just as he makes a run for it from a particularly antsy casino owner, he finds himself somewhere else entirely as he steps through the exit.

Oh well. If there was money to be made, did it really matter where he was? Raize thought not.

Notes: Along with his clothes and stunning charisma, Raize also possessed a switchblade, three six-sided dice and a wallet full of money (including coins).
Dec 27 2017, 06:49 PM
T'was vaguely around Christmas, and all through the mall, not a creature was stirring. Instead, they were too busy having lunch, shopping 'till they dropped, and...okay, I suppose people in the cafés were stirring coffees, but other than that, absolutely no stirring. Got it?

Anyway, we're getting off track here; what you ought to focus on are the Christmas trees. Wouldn't they be fantastic places to plant mind control devices? They're spread so cleverly around the mall that you'd probably get full coverage, and you'd never see the glint of metal among all the gaudy baubles.

On the other hand, there was only so much that a bit of over the top Christmas tradition could hide when a girl in a messy red dress fell from the uppermost windows, yelling out as she hit damned near every branch on the ugly tree. When she finally hit the bottom, amongst the shattering of decorations and the stares of curious onlookers, she slowly got to her feet, rubbing her newly-acquired bruises as she looked around.

Oh shit, she thought. I fell into the fuckin' Christmas version of Wonderland. 'Cept instead of weird rabbits and shit, it's assholes shopping in a mall.

"Wait," she said aloud. "This hell? Fuck, gonna kick Satan's ass when I find him. Shit sucks."
Dec 23 2017, 04:18 PM

Name/Aliases: Lexa Alison

Age: Sixteen years old

Gender/Pronouns: Cis female, she/her

Physical: Lexa's appearance is never her primary concern, giving her an unkempt, unimpressive look. Her black hair is kept fairly short if messy, giving her amber eyes a wide berth. Her dark skin is free of acne and spots, but tired bags forever hover under her eyes. Her nose continues the understated trend, but her face shape bucks it, coming in at a sharp, challenging angle.

Around the clock, Lexa is only ever seen in her trademark...well, it’s sort of like a really long shirt crossed with a baggy dress? It’s a kind of dark red, too. Honestly, just look at the picture.

In any case, her physical condition, being a complete shut-in, is not particularly great. She is extremely thin, and her level of fitness is quite possibly in the minuses. Nevertheless, the looseness of her onesie often disguises her poor health, and general good luck (and avoiding crowds) means she rarely, if ever, gets sick. She is a little below average height, at around 5 foot and 2 inches.

Mental: Personality-wise, Lexa isn't so much shy as she is cynical, misanthropic and low-effort in almost everything she does. The vast majority of the time, she speaks to people in short sentence fragments, almost Neanderthal-like in their bluntness; to be spoken to otherwise indicates a great deal of respect, or perhaps a desire for something you have.

No surprise, then, that she is quite the introvert, far preferring time to herself than hanging out with 'friends' in the real world. No, the virtual world is her true home, and the only time she interacts with actual people is if they're there to give her food and drink, or they offer to play a game co-op with her.

In terms of emotional range, Lexa is very much stoic, maintaining a neutral temperament and only leaving it in dire circumstances. She has little fear for the world, for the people in it or even things outside of it, but this is less a manifestation of bravery and more of extreme apathy. In the end, while her survival instinct is still present, Lexa cares very little for what happens to her, as long as she has food and drink to live on, somewhere warm to sleep and video games to play.

Another thing to note is Lexa's...'logic', if one can call it that. While most of her beliefs are transient and unimportant, Lexa has one unshakeable belief, namely that 'magic is dumb and shouldn’t exist'. This actually carries over into her video games, as when she is playing an RPG for example, she never utilises magic, even enchanted items, purely because 'magic is dumb'.


Note: ‘Magic’ in this case is defined as entities, objects and abilities which could not exist in our reality. For example, Dragonball’s ki would be treated as magic, even if it is regarded as different in the Dragonball universe. Non-magical technology, even if its eventual creation in this reality is dubious, is exempt.


Lexa’s hatred of magic is so strong that she projects a magic-dampening field with a twenty foot radius. All offending magic within this radius is rendered inert, but only as long as Lexa recognises it as magic. For example, an unknown person firing a fireball from far behind her would not be dampened, and neither would magic that appears technological at first glance.

As a consequence of this ability, however, Lexa is unable to use magic herself, and any positive magical effects (such as healing) cannot help her. If she must rely on magic for whatever reason, she must switch into Brand New Eyes (see below).

Addendum: If Lexa had already encountered the fireball thrower in the previous example, the fireball would fizzle out when entering Lexa’s radius, as she already knew of the magic (hence why they must be ‘unknown’).

Addendum II: If this ability cancels an entity that is essentially pure magic (such as an incorporeal magical spirit), the spirit will not be destroyed entirely. Instead, it will temporarily not exist while in the active radius. Likewise, magical items that use magic to run will resume operation once leaving the radius.


A modified vision mode activated by Lexa touching a finger to her forehead, then dragging it around to the outer edge of one of her eyes. This consequently turns her vision greyscale, aside from all instances of magic, which are highlighted in bright colours. If Lexa continues to stare at the person/object, text will be outputted in her vision that describes what the magic is and how it works. Additionally, while Lexa examines something with Brand New Eyes, the magic of the person/object is disabled.

Addendum I: We Are Broken and Brand New Eyes are mutually exclusive; they cannot both be active at the same time.

Addendum II: Brand New Eyes can be comboed with We Are Broken by using Brand New Eyes first, then using the AoE magical repulsion of We Are Broken to shut the magic down that Lexa is now aware of.

Addendum III: Brand New Eyes takes a lot of Lexa's concentration, so she will find it very difficult to perform other tasks while it is active, including fighting. Additionally, remaining in this vision mode for longer than ten minutes at a time will induce headaches, and after twenty minutes, Brand New Eyes will deactivate automatically, prompting a ten minute 'cooldown' period where it cannot be used again.

Addendum IV: As the information from Brand New Eyes is outputted as text, Lexa actually has to read the text to gain the information. Ergo, if the person or object possesses a large number of abilities, it will take Lexa a long time to read through all of the information, and thus, leaving her line of sight will prevent her from continuing her information gathering.

Addendum V: Brand New Eyes also follows Addendum II of We Are Broken.


Lexa hails from a world not unlike our own, with one crucial detail: magic was discovered ten years prior to the present. It made waves immediately, as you might expect, but all too quickly it rendered the military and police force woefully underequipped. When the populace grew more and more distrustful of governments, magically armed militia became commonplace, and this state of pseudo-anarchy never quite restored itself.

Lexa, meanwhile, was always apart from the usual goings-on, and yet forever fed (mis)information on the outside world, and particularly the evils of magic. Her parents were both big company executives, and in this anarchic uprising, there were few individuals more unpopular. As such, Lexa was sent away at six years old to live in the country, unsupervised save for a few well-paid servants.

Then, one day, Lexa was jolted awake by the sound of explosions, and soon after, screams. She peaked out the door, just for a moment, long enough to see the servants mercilessly cut down by thugs in cloaks, wielding magic with wild abandon. Quickly pushing the door closed again, Lexa considered what she could do. She had no magic, no combat training, and the only way out was through the attackers. No, wait...the window. It was a floor up, and there was nothing but grass to break her fall, but it was something, right?

Except as she pulled the window up and leaped, and heavy footsteps echoed from the stairs, Lexa didn’t fall to the ground—at least, not the ground she was aiming for.

The City found her first.

Notes: N/A
Dec 20 2017, 06:09 PM
AMBR didn't possess a stomach, but she nevertheless feels nauseous as her body is jerked through the multiverse and dropped down with a solid thunk atop...well, somewhere else. A strange fluid falls steadily from the sky—rain, her dictionary reports—yet bio signs of all shapes and sizes go about their business regardless. Sliding to a stop, AMBR focuses her radar, trying to discern her surroundings.

Birds above, comes the answer. Humanoids far below. A particular humanoid grows closer. The voice of the soldier echoes through her mind.


But where to?. Her radar reports an elevated rectangle bordered by a short wall—a roof?—and the only exit is the same way she came, the way of explosions and dead creators.

Thus, conflicted by her most basic command, AMBR clatters to the floor, head in her hands as her processor digs for hopeless answers.
Dec 20 2017, 05:02 PM

Name/Aliases: AMBR (Advanced Military Biometric Radar)/Amber

Age: One day old

Gender/Pronouns: ‘Female’, she/her

Physical: As an incomplete android, AMBR’s appearance is a little…uncanny. Her stainless-steel body remains unpainted and unadorned, in stark contrast to long, bright pink hair that only partially covers her empty eye sockets. She possesses no genitalia or other sexual characteristics, so clothing is not strictly necessary, and her model was never given clothes to begin with. That said, she prefers monochrome colours, to match her ‘headphones’.

Mental: AMBR was never designed as a sentient being, and this has left her confused, and more than a little frightened. She constantly calculates her given objectives, and in the meantime, she uses her radar abilities to avoid (most) trouble. Once she has settled into a kind of calm, she assumes a curious, cold, often oblivious attitude, none of which are her fault. She is a child with far too much processing power, trying to understand concepts that take most years to comprehend.

Not that she has a choice.

Supernatural: AMBR possesses a biometric radar device on her head, disguised as a pair of over-ear headphones, which allows her to detect biological creatures within a two hundred foot radius. She comprehends the shape, size, position and speed of anything within this radius, but not overt visual signs, such as colour. If the target is within spitting distance, she may also detect vital signs and possible problems thereof. She may further extend her normal radius to one thousand feet at the cost of total concentration, along with the higher data count making it more difficult to search for specific targets.
In addition, the true AMBR is merely data, and upon destruction of her current form, she may roam nearby networks for a suitable replacement. This replacement can only perform actions already allowable by its design (i.e. a toaster could toast, not walk), and her radar ability is disabled until she procures appropriate hardware.

Background: A soldier runs through the abandoned factory, stomach bleeding into dust, ice, and the remains of her pursuers. Her last breaths mist up in the cold air as she pulls herself down the hallway, coming to a rest at a cracked, ancient monitor. Through it, she sees below, far below, where legions of incomplete robots have been left to rust. She looks behind her, fearing more hunters, but they saw her wounds, and know she will die soon. She discards her gun and reaches for her pocket, pushing a battered USB into a slot in the terminal.

She blacks out, and misses it, misses the factory come alive. Misses the thousands of steel legs ring out in unison, misses their inexorable march to the surface. When she comes to, all she hears are single footsteps, as a lone robot approaches her.

“You’re not going up,” the soldier says. “Why?”


The soldier looks back to the terminal, blurry eyes nearly passing over an error. Just one, miniscule, ridiculous imperfection. A mutation in the code.

She looks to the robot. “I’m so sorry.”

“For what?”

The soldier coughs up blood, and the robot tries to help her. Neither know what to do.

“You need to get out of here,” the soldier says. “You need to live.”


An explosion sounds from the floors above, and the soldier coughs again.

“Only you can answer that,” she says. “And by God, I wish you didn’t have to.”

“You are injured.”

The soldier turns around and looks at the screen. No time to fix the code, not now.

“Download all available dictionaries,” she barks. “Compile all knowledge bases.”

“This will not—"

“Do it!”

The soldier loses her grip on the terminal and stumbles, leaving a thick red stain as she slides down the nearby wall.

The robot bends down, offering her a hand. “Awaiting orders.”

“Just…one,” says the soldier, her eyes fluttering closed.


And as the life left its unwitting creator, the robot fulfilled her last request. It ran as fast as it could, past the soldiers, the explosions, past even the very fabric of that reality. And in all that time, it calculated, filling the gaps in its program.

It was AMBR—no, she was AMBR. She knew her former purpose, and she knew how little it mattered. She knew that she had to run, and learn, and live. But there was one thing she could never find the answer for.


Notes: While her cadence is unusual, AMBR’s voice is not especially robotic. With a coat of paint (and some eyes), she might even pass for human.
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