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Dec 8 2017, 07:37 AM
As Neku began to wake up, he noticed that his head felt a bit fuzzy, and he couldn’t remember falling asleep or being knocked unconscious. That was already a bad sign in his book, considering what happened to him last time he was in such a situation.

As he pushed himself up and looked around, Neku discovered that, yes, he was indeed in an entirely different location then where he remembered being before he apparently fell unconscious. Neku's eyes widened a bit as he realized something else due to his observations. "Wait a second. This park...I'm pretty sure there isn't a park like this in Shibuya." Neku put a hand to his chin in thought. "Does that mean I'm in another part of Tokyo, then?" Neku looks around, trying to get a better idea of where he was. He seemed to've woken up in a gazebo, and there was rain falling from an overcast sky. From what little he could tell with the sky being as overcast as it was, it still seemed to be daytime, though he couldn't tell when in the daytime. "Weird. Last I checked, the news didn't say anything about rain today."

As Neku looked around, he slid his hands into his pockets and noticed something. He grabbed this something and pulled it out of his pocket, and when he opened his hand to look at it, his eyes widened at what he saw. "A Player Pin!?" He took another quick look around, then turned his gaze back to the Pin. "Does this mean I'm dead again? But that doesn't make any sense. I was in Shibuya last I remember, so if I really was in the Reapers' Game again, I should've woken up at the Scramble Crossing, not a random park outside of Shibuya."

As Neku looked around, he noticed someone with an umbrella and a hooded red rain jacket coming towards the gazebo. He slipped the Player Pin back into his pocket, and once the person was under the roof of the gazebo, they closed their umbrella and slipped their jacket’s hood down, revealing themselves to be a woman with tied back, frizzy brown hair. She finally noticed Neku after she took off her hood and said, “Oh, hi. Didn’t notice you there.” She took a moment to study him, then said, “I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen you around here before, and I cut through the park every day on my way home. You new or something?”

Neku’s eyes widened a bit when she said that. “You can tell?” To himself, he thought, “She can see me, and considering the fact that she’s not asking me to make a Pact or anything, I think I can safely assume I’m not in the Reapers’ Game.”

The woman nodded at that. “Yeah, it’s pretty easy. You’ve just got this...vibe, really. So, you’re a Resident, then?”

Neku raised an eyebrow at that. “Uh, wouldn’t that be you? Don’t you live around here? Also, where is here? I’m still in Tokyo, right?”

The woman slaps her forehead at that. “Right, I forgot. You’re new, so of course you wouldn’t know anything. Look, it’s complicated, and I’ve gotta book it back home, so we’re gonna have to make this quick. Long story short, Resident is a term for people who come here from...other places, or something along those lines. That’s the simple explanation. You’ll have to get the details from someone else. As for where we are, this is the City. No other name. Sorry, kid, but wherever you’re from, you’re a long way from there, to say the very least.” She then took out what Neku recognized as some kind of phone and looked at it. “Damn, gotta hurry.” She then puts her hood back up and opens her umbrella, continuing, “Sorry, kid, but I don’t have any more time to answer questions. One quick bit of advice, though: find a place either indoors or with a lot of light to stay before nightfall. Trust me, you do not wanna be out at night if you can help it.”

Neku tried to stop her, exclaiming, “Hey, wait a second!” but it was too late. The woman had already left and was making her way out of the park, and while Neku did attempt to follow her, he quickly lost sight of her due to her rushing along. “Damn it. Well, there goes the first person I’ve met here.” Neku took a moment to ponder what she’d told him. “She sounded like she was in a hurry. More than that, she sounded pretty serious when she said I should find a place to stay before nightfall. Hmmm...well, that probably is the best idea right now. I guess I’d better get moving.” With that, Neku started looking around. “Now, how do I get out of this park…?”
Dec 7 2017, 09:36 PM
Name/Aliases: Neku Sakuraba
Age: 15
Gender/Pronouns: Male


Neku's physical capabilities are about average for his age when he isn't utilizing Psychs.

Mental: Neku used to be introverted and unsociable, but due to his experiences in the Reapers' Game, he has recently become much more open, compassionate, selfless, and caring, though he still maintains a degree of roughness and a sarcastic edge at times. He is also clever, imaginative, and insightful.

Supernatural: While Neku was a Player in the Reapers' Game, he was capable of using a wide variety of abilities known as Psychs with the aid of Pins, as well as the ability to form Pacts with other Players, granting several advantages to both himself and whoever he formed a Pact with. While he lost these abilities when he came back to life, being brought to the City seems to have given him access to them once more.

Player Pin: When Neku woke up in the City, he discovered that he once more had a Player Pin. This Pin allows him to perform a scan which allows him to glimpse into people's minds and see things that can't be seen with the naked eye. It also allows him to Imprint thoughts into people's minds, allowing him to influence their decisions to a limited degree. However, just as he was incapable of using these abilities on Reapers and other Players in the Reapers' Game, he is incapable of doing these things to other Residents in the city.

Psychs: Neku is capable of wielding a wide array of abilities known as Psychs, which are the result of an energy known as Soul being directed in specific ways through the user's Imagination. Psychs can be accessed through the use of Pins, with Neku only being capable of utilizing six of these Pins at any time, not counting the potentially powerful Harmonizer Pin, with switching which Pins he can utilize taking at least several seconds, if not longer. Examples of Psychs include, but are not limited to: pyrokinesis, telekinesis, energy blasts, close range shockwaves, lightning bolts, and healing energy.

Psychs can only be used so often before needing time to "cooldown," with stronger Psychs requiring longer cooldown periods, and some Psychs only being usable a certain number of times in a single battle before being rendered completely inaccessible until the battle ends and some time has passed. Psychs which passively boost Neku's capabilities or passively decrease an enemy's capabilities are an exception to these rules, however. Also, while the Reapers' Game limited Neku's usage of Psychs severely by making it to where he not only needed a Partner to utilize them, but that most Psychs could only be used in battle, the first restriction has been completely removed, and Neku can also use far more Psychs out of battle now than he could before.

Pact: In the Reapers' Game, Neku was capable of forming Pacts with other Players. Now, due to his arrival in the City, he can form Pacts with other Residents, allowing a few benefits to both parties. By forming a pact, Neku and his partner share life energy in combat, allowing them to take more damage than before. However, this comes with the drawback that, since their life energy is connected, should one of the Partners die, they both die. Neku can also utilize an ability known as the Light Puck with the aid of his Partner, which is an aura of green light that strengthens whoever has it, can be passed between Partners when one makes a successful series of attacks on an enemy, and grants a greater strength boost the more it's passed, and the faster it's passed.

Finally, if Neku and his Partner synchronize to a great enough degree, they can utilize the powerful Harmonizer Pin, allowing them to utilize a unique and powerful Fusion Attack. Fusion Attacks both deal heavy damage to all enemies present at the time they are used, and heal their users, restoring their life energy. Fusion Attacks come in three "levels," which represent the level of synchronization between Neku and his Partner when they're activated. The higher the level of synchronization, the more powerful the Fusion Attack is.

Background: Neku's early life was pretty normal, aside from one detail: his best friend tragically died in an accident while coming to meet Neku at a mural. Neku blamed himself for his friend's death, and in an attempt to cope with his mourning and guilt, resolved not to let friends "drag him down" again. A few years later, Neku ended up dying and being entered into Shibuya's Reapers' Game as the proxy of the Game's Composer, in a Game that would decide the fate of Shibuya itself.

Over the course of the next three weeks, Neku would be forced to compete in the Reapers' Game three times in a row so as to try and come back to life, fighting for his life against both Noise (beings that straddled the boundary between the RealGround, where the living resided, and the UnderGround, where the Reapers' Game took place) and the Reapers who oversaw the Game. During these three weeks, he began to grow and open up to others with the help of the friends he made: Shiki, who reached out to him in spite of his rough attitude and prickly nature. Rhyme, a calm girl, wise beyond her years, who always had words of wisdom to share. Beat, who's love for his sister Rhyme drove him to incredible lengths. Joshua, a mysterious and, in many cases, difficult boy who understood Neku's introverted views and nature. And finally, Sanae Hanekoma, who constantly encouraged Neku to open up to others and trust his Partners.

Eventually, at the end of the third week, it was revealed that Joshua was the Composer, the person in charge of not only the Reapers' Game, but the entirety of Shibuya's UnderGround. It was revealed that he was the one who killed Neku so that Neku would be forced to compete in the Game, acting as Joshua's proxy for a Game between him and his subordinate, Megumi Kitaniji. This Game was to decide the fate of Shibuya itself: if Kitaniji won, Shibuya would continue to exist. If Joshua won through Neku, however, Joshua would erase Shibuya due to the fact that he saw it as a hindrance to the world. Neku had already won the Game when he discovered this fact, but Joshua gave him one last chance to save Shibuya: if Neku shot Joshua, Shibuya would be saved. Neku, however, couldn't bring himself to do this, still seeing Joshua as a friend despite this betrayal. This, along with the time they'd spent together before, actually touched Joshua, and he not only brought Neku, Shiki, Beat, and Rhyme back to life, he also rescinded his decision to erase Shibuya, allowing it to continue existing.

This entire experience changed Neku. He'd grown from simply being a selfish, unthoughtful loner into a compassionate, selfless, and caring young man. He kept in close contact with the friends he'd made in the Game, aside from Joshua, who watched from afar. Even then, though, he held hope to see Joshua again, saying himself that, while he couldn't forgive Joshua, he did still trust him.

Neku's entry into the City hasn't changed any of this. He's determined to find a way back to Shibuya, so that he can once again reunite with his friends. However, he's also cautious as to the nature of the City, as well as the reason he's here. Considering the last time something like this happened to him, though, could you really blame him?
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