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Dec 23 2017, 06:28 AM
This was a much nicer neighborhood than she had encountered last night. Raelyn smiled lightly as she walked away from the police station, her hands in her hoodie pocket. The cat girl's tail wagging behind her as she walked. The young girl seemed quite happy at the moment. Raelyn's ears twitched as she listened to the sounds of the City. It was a nice place.

... Though that didn't mean her mind hadn't wandered suddenly... Ah... Her sister.. Where oh where could she be... Millie was probably worried sick... At times like this, she wished she had a cellphone or something. You'll find her eventually.... She hoped. Of course, this was a big city... It could take a long time without the help of police, and even then... It wasn't like her description of her sister would help find her.

Lost in thought, Raelyn ran into a pole that jut out from the ground. "Uuwa... Ow..." Raelyn crouched down and held her head from the dull pain.
Dec 13 2017, 01:37 PM
"Nnng..." Her hands twitched as the darkness slowly faded away. The feeling of floating in the air becoming a feeling of a burning pain. Her eyes fluttered open as she began to move her head. "Ugh... Fuck..." She turned her head slowly, groggy and making a small groan of pain.

An alleyway... Was she blown out of the arena? How the hell did she end up not dead? She slowly got to her feet, even as her body protested from the pain. Her head had a massive gash along her forehead. Smaller ones on her arms and legs... This is gonna be a bitch. Her legs gave out for a moment. "S-shit... Regime... Wake up..." She commanded... Looking towards the humanoid beast. "Hey... Buddy..."

The robotic beast slowly rose to life. His eyes took on a light red glow.

She smiled... "Ah, good, you still have power..." The short girl stumbled backwards. She leaned on the wall of the alleyway.

She didn't have to say anything before the robotic man was picking her up and placed her on his shoulder. She put her arm on his head and sighed quietly.

"Alright... Let's get someplace at least a little more... Friendly. Alleyways aren't my sort of thing."
Dec 13 2017, 10:06 AM
Name/Aliases: Xia Ronzo
Age: 24
Gender/Pronouns: Female

Appearance: Xia is five feet tall and weighs 100 pounds. She has a small body with slender arms and legs, though she has a bit of muscle on her arms due to her work as a mechanic. She has a somewhat soft face, violet tired looking eyes. Xia has waist length blond hair. Small but present breast. Her hands stained slightly black from oil. Her skin is tan and smooth.

Condition: She has no real strength or athletic ability, but she is a quick one on her feet.

Clothing: Xia wears a grey tank top and a pair of blue denim jeans along with a black hoodie tied around her waist by the sleeves.

Mental: Your character’s personality and mental state. This could include likes and dislikes, fears, etc.

Personality: Xia is a woman who cares for her work and not much else. Though she is rather nice to talk to but will mostly listen instead of talk. She tends to try and figure out problems as she comes across them, if she can’t, she’ll simply come back to it at a later time. She’s got a curiosity about her and a willingness to learn just about anything involving electronics or robotics.

When people first meet her, they might notice that she seems to have a cold shoulder. Though nice, she won’t want to talk and would rather continue working.

For some reasons she constantly has a tablet on her. She’s generally looking at the screen.

Condition: Mentally stable.

Likes, dislikes, and other things: Xia does not like being called short and will likely hit someone who calls her such. As such, she’ll sit on Regime’s shoulders to look taller.

She tends to eat sweets and things of that nature.


Mechanical Expert: Because Xia has studied robotics and Cyberdolls for such a long time she has become an expert in her field, going so far as to be a mechanic on her own Doll and other robotics.

Background: Your character’s history.

Xia was born to a rather average family in terms of wealth. They were able to afford a few luxuries and things but not much.

Around the age of ten the young girl had become enraptured by robotics and robot fighting, most noticeably, the Cyberdolls. These robots mimic the human form and were modable to a certain degree depending on Doll type. Xia had begun making small robots in school and even joined clubs at school centered around Cyberdolls and robots in general. Her parents didn’t like it but wanted their daughter to be happy so they let her.

The girl spent hours every day studying each Cyberdoll type. Even the older model, Valkyrie that had been discontinued due to an incident in the past.

All through middle school she would study and save up money so that she could buy a Cyberdoll of her own. Of course, she didn’t have a job so it would take her quite some time.

Once Xia reached high school, her optioned opened up and she took classes on how to repair and modify Cyberdolls. She jumped at the chance, even staying after with the teacher so she could help modify his own Cyberdoll with him that he had brought to class everyday. Her study before classes benefited her in these classes, allowing her to advance quickly in the class.

It wasn’t long before she graduated at the top of her class at the cost of having very few friends.

Her first job was as cashier in a long running fast food establishment that basically just served the means to an end. After a couple years of saving up, she’d buy herself a Beast Cyberdoll that she dubbed Final Regime. She’d begin entering him in fights immediately, but this was just to get more mods and money.

Eventually she would apply to become a mechanic at a local arena.

She was allowed to participate in matches and stay there for free. Even using the arena when it was closed so she could train herself. Of course the main benefit was of course the ability to use the cameras while others were fighting to take notes on what injuries disabled what parts of the body so she could better repair them in the future.

Of course even when everything was going so well for her, during a fight she was participating against one of the younger fighters… an explosion rang out through the arena. It knocked her out.

Xia woke up in an alleyway, still suffering from her injuries… Final Regime sitting beside her, seemingly off.

Notes: Any extra information not covered by previous fields can go here.

Cyberdolls are robots that have many different model types. They’re all modable to an extent. They are mostly used in battle tournaments.

Male models:
Beast: the most modable and generally the biggest.
Knight: Defensive and regal manner, pretty large.
Gunner: specializes in long range and quick movements.

Female models:
Valkyrie: Discontinued.
Angel: replacement for Valkyrie.

The setting was created by Auragongal.

Name/Alias: Final Regime
Age: 3
Gender: Male

Appearance: Regime has the appearance of a large bestial man. He stands at ten feet tall. He has long black hair and (currently) a pair of claws on his hands. He stands straight most the time.

Condition: Operational.

Clothing: A basic black muscle shirt and a pair of denim jeans.


Personality: He’s the quiet sort and generally obeys Xia’s orders to the T. His personality was tweaked to Xia’s specifications during the creation process. He’d let her sit on his shoulder and look intimidating for all to see.

Of course, he is not programmed to harm humans… And will refuse to do so, even if Xia commands it.

Condition: This is a robot.


Moddable: All Cyberdolls are Moddable to a degree, but beast models are the most Moddable, able to have wings attached and use an assortment of weapons. Of course Beast models cannot equip female only mods.
Dec 4 2017, 06:07 AM
Timestamp: Mechanical Flame

Kantia: Hey, I think I found someone who can help us.
Kantia: Uh. With the thing that could prevent us from getting signal.
Kantia: Yeah... That...
Nov 29 2017, 02:02 PM
Kantia marched along through the City, looking about as it drew closer to night. She didn't know the dangers of the night here. Her eyes watched people and other things, trying to find anything useful for her hunt for the Crimson Denizen. Her whole life had been dedicated to this hunt for the past five years.

That and she needed to find out a few things about this place that she had forgotten to ask Robert. So... Maybe someone else who wasn't from here could help? Granted it wasn't easy to tell.
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