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Nov 29 2017, 01:29 PM
Name/Aliases:Nöez, pronounced in a similar way to Noise.

Age:Looks like a young adult, although she's technically much younger.

Gender/Pronouns:She/Her, but a more accurate pronoun would be It/That, given the background. She doesn't mind being called either of those things.

Physical: Long black hair, pale skin, violet eyes. Uses a black surgical mask, but not even she knows exactly why. Has a black hooded coat with fur trimmings, and the back of the hoodie contains a white diamond symbol. Has black, semi-baggy pants that are fused with her shoes, forming a single piece of hybrid clothing.

Mental: Focused beyond any reasonable measure, once she sets her mind on something she's unwilling to back down. She's unsettling calm, no matter the situation, often coming across as cold, although the coldness isn't intentional or ill-meaning. Seems to be pretty fond of machinery and technology.

Supernatural: She was born with the power to mess with machines and technology , being able to do things like making them go haywire, or display hidden information. She can also "talk" with them in order to know what's wrong with them. It's way sillier in action than in paper.

Background: Nöez, or how she actually refers to herself,̔̓͋͂̽̚ *̴̈́́̚_̧ͯ+͆̓=̧̈́ͩ§̛̑̍̂ͥ , is not an actual human being, despite looking like one. She was born as a "glitch" of sorts, a bug caused by all the conflicting universes and canons on the City.
It could be said that instead of being born, she instead "popped" into existence. She initally appears to have amnesia, but that's not true due to the fact that there wasn't any previous memories before her "birth" that could be lost, nor she wants to "know her past", since she doesn't have any.
She knows how to speak, think, act, and several trivial things like car brands and the periodic table, but she doesn't know more precise stuff like specific people's names or family trees. It can be said that she doesn't know anything that you can't learn on books or internet articles.

Notes: For some unexplained reason, she really likes specific foods, like bananas, mushrooms, lollipops and marshmellows. Her name Nöez was given to her when she was asked about her actual name, and the person replied with "Ugh, that's just a bunch of noise". She then decided to stick with it.
Oct 7 2017, 02:07 PM
Name/Aliases:Magnus Duodecim, or Mag for short.



Physical: Mag has light-orange messy hair that reaches his neck, stands at 165 centimeters tall, being considered rather short. Has straps covering his right eye and stitches on both corners of his mouth. His right eye isn't damaged, and in fact it works perfectly, he just prefers it that way. Likes to wear white-and-blue striped shirts and pants.

Mental: Likes seeing the good parts of life, and has a tendency to see the best in people even when he shouldn't. He is quick to realize when he can't negotiate with people, however. Probably is too happy-go-lucky for his own sake at times.

Likes: Candies, sweets, and anything that contains high amounts of sugar.

Hates: Goats, and anything that involves or even mentions goats. Apparently he has a crippling fear of goats, although he never tells anyone why.

Supernatural: Mag is a Stand user, and his Stand was named by himself Panda Hero.
Panda Hero is a support close-ranged Stand, which it's main power consists of putting panda-styled stickers on anything it touches. These stickers can heal wounds and shield people from harm. He also has a secondary ability called Overhealing, where he heals someone up to the point where their body works at 4 times their usual potential, meaning they can see, run, and even attack faster than usual. That does have a drawback, however, as Overhealing someone means they also feel four times more pain from all sources.
Aside from that, Panda Hero can also throw rapid-fire punches like any other Stand, albeit it isn't much powerful. Panda Hero also can't use any of his abilities on the user itself.

Background: Mag was a normal kid, living his life like any other. He has a sister called Trinity, but everyone shortens it to Trinny. Mag always looked up to Trinny, wanting to be as cool as she was, since she was the oldest sibling and was allowed to do everything he could not.
However, his life suffered quite the shock when one day, Trinny was struck by a mysterious golden arrow, which awakened on her a Stand, a manifestation of a person's soul on her world. Trinny refuses to this day to talk about how and when she was struck, but what Mag knows is that when a Stand is awakened on someone, blood relatives also gain a Stand, and in Mag's case, it was Panda Hero.
That only served to further increase Mag's jealously of Trinny, as he felt like Panda Hero was the bottom of the barrel of Stand powers, while Trinny's Stand, named Harder Better Faster Stronger, was more powerful than he could ever imagine. One day, in order to prove to himself that he wasn't a weakling in Trinny's eyes, he went on and tried to fight a whole biker gang all by himself. That obviously backfired horribly. He still keeps the bandages on his head from that day, to remind himself to never do such stupidities.

Notes: After the biker gang incident, and learning that Panda Hero wasn't exactly a combat-designed Stand, he always try to carry with himself a metal baseball bat, just to be safe.
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