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Jun 23 2018, 08:39 PM
Once More Into the Breach
You can tell this was an early one because I wasn’t doing flame puns yet, and the fact that I had multiple misconceptions on the composition of the City. Awkwardness aside, Rob arrives, briefly gets in trouble with the police, meets a friend who’s maybe involved in a Grail War, and gets completely trashed sparring with Lancer. Served to create the actually fake Holy Grail War plotline for him.

Crimson Haze
Rob meets Kantia, after getting stabbed due to a misunderstanding he agrees to help out with trying to track down a foe of hers that she followed to the City.

Rob helps another new Resident find his footing. Not much in the way of long term implications. Does serve nicely to show how Rob functions in a relatively calm, non combat scenario.

Arena Thread
Didn’t really work out, but he may be back there later.

War of the City
Someone finally responds to Rob’s inquiries about the Grail War. Unfortunately Anima manages to rub him very much the wrong way and it ends as the first fight in the Actually Fake Holy Grail War. AMBR was also there, but largely got dismissed as a hostage bot due to the circumstances. His powers also develop slightly, gaining some mind reading and a few other tricks.

Burning Questions
A follow up to War of the City. Rob gets into contact with Kantia about Anima, Kantia comes by to check that he’s intact existence wise, and then they find a Rinne. The Rinne quickly renders him unintact existence wise because he was being stupid and inexperienced with combat. Which means that the two whole characters he’s interacted with who aren’t inactive or Kantia no longer remember him.

Rob wakes up, and gets to have to do all his bureaucratic filing all over again. He meets Cosmo, and the two have a grand old time discussing random minutiae as they progress through getting IDs and such. The Big Lake theory is raised, debunked, and then amended. Also Rob ends up staying with Cosmo for now because he’s been a hobo for most of his stay in the City, having briefly holed up with Lancer’s Master before they disappeared.

Crimson Fires
And Rob gets caught up with by another huge group of Rinne. Serves as the bringer of exposition as the guy with half a clue what’s going on. Which is half a clue more than anyone else. Also serves as a projectile, meatshield, and bleeds all over people.
May 21 2018, 05:34 PM
Rob woke with a start on a slab in the morgue. After some disorientation he rooted through his pockets, finding a blank ID card in his wallet, and his phone demanding that he insert a valid SIM Card. Well, looks like Rinne hunting was a good deal more risky than he’d been assuming. A few wrong moves and he was dead and without an identity here again. At least it also meant no police record from his initial arrival to this world, but that was a relatively minor benefit in exchange for a lot of trouble. At least now he was a new entrant to the War and his leaking of Zepir’s secrets to the telepath would be erased.

After a couple minutes of self recriminations and checking what he still had on him he heads out again, Embers blazing above his head and ground briefly turning to black marble wherever he set foot. Job hunting and paperwork would be a pain, and he needed the extra willpower from having the Azoth Fire burning to keep himself on track. He’d fucked up badly, in retrospect he made a complete fool of himself and died for nothing. At least death didn’t cost him in particular anything, but he felt bad about abandoning Kantia to fight alone for now. He’d have to get a new phone soon, and write her number down so he didn’t forget it.
Mar 23 2018, 06:09 AM
Rob is leaning against the outside of the address he texted Kantia, an apartment building, decent for loitering in front of. Easy to say he’s waiting for a friend to come down. The crowds bustling along the sidewalks. He’s rather spooked, glancing between the crowd and his phone constantly. He’s not expecting trouble, but after the mess with the War meeting he’s rather on edge. For now he just waits for Kantia to arrive, hoping she has better news about the hunt than he does. Also wishing they had some means of communication that was both secure and didn’t rely on being in the same place. Unfortunately neither of his worlds facilitated that, and he wasn’t even sure how he’d go about forming a new connection. A problem for another time, maybe he should try rooting through local magic shops, see if they had anything.

Going over the past day or so in his head, he realized he should probably see about getting Kantia to check Bubbles for signs of being a Torch, or one of the feeder tendril things he couldn’t recall the name of. That abandoned hospital was awfully sketchy, and while it seemed improbable, especially since a feeder would’ve likely made the same mistake as Kantia. But then he wasn’t sure how territorial disputes were settled, and if the kaijin would just be busy marveling at the Flame Haze not seeing it.

His attire is fairly normal for him, a polo shirt, some jeans, and a pair of sneakers. Luckily his last battle didn’t end up getting bloody, so they were clean, if a bit ruffled. His powers are inactive, leaving him fully human, if a bit tall and gangly.
Nov 4 2017, 04:44 AM
Looking for Golden Cup
I and six of my friends have misplaced a rather valuable cup. Would like it back, as it is of great religious significance to me. Last we saw it it had been dropped in some mud in a district that burned down shortly afterwards. Not certain if it’s possible to fully clean it up after being steeped in mud for so long but would like to give it a shot. Anyone with knowledge of this cup please come to the memorial park by the capital one week from today so we can settle things. If you have any questions please PM me. I’m sure that this fated meeting will be most interesting.
Robert looked at the screen, the post should be understandable by those who know what to look for while appearing as mildly insane ramblings to anyone else. Hopefully at least some of the Masters wouldn’t be complete stereotypical Magi with no clue how technology and the internet work.
Sep 24 2017, 03:35 PM
In the private apartment of one of the city’s major officials a flash of purple flame heralds the arrival of a new Resident. A tall but thin man, a single mote of the same purple flame rests in his right hand, providing illumination. After a couple seconds he looks around and starts cussing his lungs out. “Of fucking course they execute the weird Parahuman nobody knows about that just popped up at the home of some Cape. Guess it’s time to see if the god damn emergency responders are feeling more charitable this time around. Fuck Earth Bet.” With that he begins searching the apartment for a phone, probably tripping a few security alarms along the way. Wherever he treads the floor is briefly turned to black stone, reverting again shortly after he moves his feet again.

Though rather obviously angry he’s careful not to touch anything that doesn’t look vaguely like a phone. He continues to swear heartily under his breath, eventually culminating in him announcing “And you Cauldron jackasses, I know you’re listening, so shut up and door me so we can get all this bullshit over with.” Waiting a few seconds staring into the empty air in front of him he gets back to searching. “Well fuck you too.” The flame flares somewhat brighter, encasing a good chunk of his right arm, though not spreading to anything else, and the stone beneath his feet starts to take longer to revert.
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