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Mar 23 2018, 06:09 AM
Rob is leaning against the outside of the address he texted Kantia, an apartment building, decent for loitering in front of. Easy to say he’s waiting for a friend to come down. The crowds bustling along the sidewalks. He’s rather spooked, glancing between the crowd and his phone constantly. He’s not expecting trouble, but after the mess with the War meeting he’s rather on edge. For now he just waits for Kantia to arrive, hoping she has better news about the hunt than he does. Also wishing they had some means of communication that was both secure and didn’t rely on being in the same place. Unfortunately neither of his worlds facilitated that, and he wasn’t even sure how he’d go about forming a new connection. A problem for another time, maybe he should try rooting through local magic shops, see if they had anything.

Going over the past day or so in his head, he realized he should probably see about getting Kantia to check Bubbles for signs of being a Torch, or one of the feeder tendril things he couldn’t recall the name of. That abandoned hospital was awfully sketchy, and while it seemed improbable, especially since a feeder would’ve likely made the same mistake as Kantia. But then he wasn’t sure how territorial disputes were settled, and if the kaijin would just be busy marveling at the Flame Haze not seeing it.

His attire is fairly normal for him, a polo shirt, some jeans, and a pair of sneakers. Luckily his last battle didn’t end up getting bloody, so they were clean, if a bit ruffled. His powers are inactive, leaving him fully human, if a bit tall and gangly.
Nov 4 2017, 04:44 AM
Looking for Golden Cup
I and six of my friends have misplaced a rather valuable cup. Would like it back, as it is of great religious significance to me. Last we saw it it had been dropped in some mud in a district that burned down shortly afterwards. Not certain if it’s possible to fully clean it up after being steeped in mud for so long but would like to give it a shot. Anyone with knowledge of this cup please come to the memorial park by the capital one week from today so we can settle things. If you have any questions please PM me. I’m sure that this fated meeting will be most interesting.
Robert looked at the screen, the post should be understandable by those who know what to look for while appearing as mildly insane ramblings to anyone else. Hopefully at least some of the Masters wouldn’t be complete stereotypical Magi with no clue how technology and the internet work.
Sep 24 2017, 03:35 PM
In the private apartment of one of the city’s major officials a flash of purple flame heralds the arrival of a new Resident. A tall but thin man, a single mote of the same purple flame rests in his right hand, providing illumination. After a couple seconds he looks around and starts cussing his lungs out. “Of fucking course they execute the weird Parahuman nobody knows about that just popped up at the home of some Cape. Guess it’s time to see if the god damn emergency responders are feeling more charitable this time around. Fuck Earth Bet.” With that he begins searching the apartment for a phone, probably tripping a few security alarms along the way. Wherever he treads the floor is briefly turned to black stone, reverting again shortly after he moves his feet again.

Though rather obviously angry he’s careful not to touch anything that doesn’t look vaguely like a phone. He continues to swear heartily under his breath, eventually culminating in him announcing “And you Cauldron jackasses, I know you’re listening, so shut up and door me so we can get all this bullshit over with.” Waiting a few seconds staring into the empty air in front of him he gets back to searching. “Well fuck you too.” The flame flares somewhat brighter, encasing a good chunk of his right arm, though not spreading to anything else, and the stone beneath his feet starts to take longer to revert.
Sep 23 2017, 01:43 PM
Name/Aliases: Robert Georgeson
Age: 20
Gender/Pronouns: Male
Long term illness has lead to a tendency to ignore pain and the condition of his body a lot of the time.
Mental: Rather lazy, tends to waste huge chunks of time procrastinating unless something is urgent. Currently still exploring his new abilities and having a grand time reaping the more mundane benefits, brutally practical, mildly paranoid. Asexual, usually fairly live and let live though gets very critical and harsh when angered, holds grudges for ages, but rarely acts on them.
Supernatural: Robert functions as a sort of channel for other worlds. Currently he has two connections he may call upon, referred to as the Flame and the Flesh for ease of reference. Actively using the powers granted by either slowly twists Robert's surroundings, the Flame turns them into a bleak dungeon of dark stone and traps, with the occasional strange shadowy monster that will attack anyone indiscriminately. The Flesh meanwhile is merely a carpet of bizarre red tissue that will slowly attempt to eat any organic matter it touches other than Robert. These changes go away once Robert leaves the area. While Robert is generally able to avoid the dangers of these worlds he has no control over them and lacks the ability to spare his allies their hazards.

The Flame is currently fairly straightforward. It takes the form of small embers of purple flame that warm the soul and mind in addition to the body. Robert can maintain up to nine at a time, and use them to shoot fire at enemies or enhance himself. He's fairly versatile with them, but truly grand displays or use of the self enhancement function will expend embers, requiring him to reignite them with an hour or so of meditation apiece. In the event of his death he and his possessions self immolate and reform whole at a nearby but probably inconvenient location. This saps some of his will semi-permanently and leaves him with a single ember. Eventually the sapping of will would reach such a state that he will end up in the Hospital anyway.

While the Flesh is active, his biology became really weird, gaining decent regeneration, requiring far less food (this carries over to his normal state as well), and having severed chunks continue to function for awhile. Meanwhile his nerves grow out of him looking like webs and function as each sensory organ at once. And his blood changes chemical properties on a whim (mostly acidity to poison) while being controllable so long as it's within contact with his body. He has since gained the ability to use his hands to draw in and eat various things, most notably he can “taste” or consume people’s memories, effectively allowing mind reading or the deletion of memories. Finally while using the previous ability on someone he may turn pieces of his body into tapeworms that can influence the host’s thoughts slightly in subtle directions, precise orders chosen at time of planting. He considers that ability creepy even by his standards, and endeavors not to use it.

Robert needs a few minutes of concentration to fully shut off either world. Though the twisting will slow greatly when not in active use an open connection will still visibly mark his appearance, be it with the embers surrounding him or the strange twisting Flesh. Reopening a connection is the matter of an instant's thought. With time he may acquire new connections or strengthen his current ones to gain new abilities.
Background: Grew up on a normal Earth, had severe stomach issues that while not life threatening were painful and annoying. Ended up as a borderline NEET. Then he got dropped into another world with strange abilities, that world wasn't particularly hospitable, so he ended up dying horribly after arriving in the base of a super villain, from there he awoke again in the house of one of the local heroes, while she wasn't home. After some further misunderstandings he was taken into police custody and then awoke in the City.
Notes: Using a slightly modified version of the Conduit CYOA, found here. namely Qlipoth and the Crucible thus far, also has generally terrible luck with where his power drops him after his death. Is from a previous RP that I enjoyed but seems to have died off.
<div><div class="titlemedium">Starting Conduit Build [Show]</div><div id="QUOTE" style="display:none;">General
Initial World: Qlippoth (free)
Secondary World: The Crucible (18)
Human Facade (16)
Buy Off Crucible Native Dangers (13)

The New Flesh (11)
Ichor (10)
Dendrite (9)

Azoth Ember (8)
Athanor (6)
Unquenchable Embers (3)
Azoth Blaze (2)
Azoth Conflargation (0)
+2 points over time (2)
Communion (0)</div></divstyle="display:none;"></div></div>
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