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Sep 29 2017, 02:35 AM
It's worth mentioning that this is an E-Diary in Zepir's smartphone, right in notes. They can enclose pictures and drawings, which may or may not be included. They won't be very good.
Also the phone is protected by a million magical sigils.


Dear Diary, it's bumfuck AM, only a couple of days into living here, and I'm already stressed to shit. Or maybe it's BECAUSE I'm up this late. Whatever. I have no idea what's happening and it's setting me ill at ease.

Anyway, I'm going to keep writing my notes and observations so I can come back and look at them and devote my brainspace to important things. I have no idea what happened here or if I'm in a Holy Grail war or what. I apparantly summoned Diarmuid here, probably because I was rolling for him in my game of Fate/Grand Order (Which is mysteriously still working) I don't sense any weird Nasu magic in this general city, but maybe the other mages are that good at hiding their stuff.

I need to make some kind of magical sensing kit like Waver used in Fate/Zero. That should be child's play. Anyway, I met a man named Robert and a girl named Ariel. Robert has these weird fire powers and he also has metaknowlege. I allied with him for ease of mind for that reason.

I'm gonna sleep and fill in the rest of the details either. I'm dropping off to sleep now. Good night.
Sep 24 2017, 07:53 PM
Zepir is...morose and depressed, and prone to being rather spiteful and on edge when Diarmuid isn’t around.

Name/Aliases: Zepir Gudrun Voight

Age: 24

Gender/Pronouns: Yes. They/Them

Physical: Very stocky looking, but with clear muscles. Zepir is somewhat of a snappy dresser given how they manifested with clothes to their tastes. They also like to wear casual booty shorts with thigh highs and a short sleeve top with sandals on hot days.

Mental: (ADHD and Autism, Anxiety and Depressive Disorder.)

Zepir is a paranoid, angry person who is prone to anxiety attacks if pushed. Their first impulse, however, is to always be nice as long as they don’t feel threatened, so this part of them typically doesn’t show itself at first. They do what they want to do, and usually it’s to help people as long as they don’t get yelled at for it. They don’t like the idea of being selfish.

Their defining trait, however, is that they’re obsessed with technology and they dream of spreading it. Technology fascinates them to no end. They dream of a rosey future where people flourish, where no one has to suffer through pain, poverty, or any other bigotry. Zepir had given up on this dream a long time ago, but now that they’re here with abilities they could have only dreamed of, they feel it’s in their grasp.

Perhaps it was because of the spirit of Tesla inside them that reawakened these dead embers inside them.

Supernatural: Zepir is a “demiservant”, in laymen terms, where a Heroic Spirit inhabits the vessel of a human but the human is in control. Usually it just manifests in keeping their powers, but it could be possible for them to be awake and to talk to them. Zepir is Tesla’s vessel. If the Tesla inhabiting Zepir is awake or asleep seems to be a mystery--at best, however, Zepir shares his impulses to a degree.

While Tesla is usually summoned as an Archer class (Which doesn’t ONLY include Archers, but rather heroic spirits who rely on ranged attacks--evidently the Death Laser Tesla sought to make while alive is why this is the case), his spirit can also be summoned as a Caster of Magic. He is not all that different from his Archer incarnation, but much less suited to a direct battle than his Archer counterpart, hence why no one really summons the Caster version of him. Plus it’s inefficient to summon a Caster as they’ll burn through their master’s mana reserves. But that isn’t a problem here--A demiservant does not need mana to exist (But they can make a pact with someone to be a servant).

Along with powerful lightning manipulation, Zepir has these skills. Zepir may sound like a huge threat given how big their ranks are, but as this incarnation of Tesla is less suited to a direct battle, hence if you jumped Zepir unprepared with a knife and a healthy resistance to lightning you’d probably be able to kill them if Diarmuid wasn’t around.

EX Rank Item Creation -- Archer Tesla lacks this (As heroic spirits are not the complete package--it would take far too much mana to summon a “complete” heroic spirit), but Caster Tesla kept this. Zepir is capable of creating mostly anything. Notably Zepir is able to create Noble Phantasm like weapons and technology in the range of A Rank and below. (Zepir is actively seeking a way to mass produce them, but they’re well aware Nasu Magic won’t allow that, hence why they’re seeking to find a way around that via magitech study.) To start with, they have created a weaker version of The Alchemist Parcelusus’s Noble Phantasm. A gem that is capable to removing magical properties from things and other Noble Phantasms, but lacking any manipulation over True Ether, a noble phantasm that would be A+ rank but brought down to rank B in this state.

C Rank Territory Creation -- Construction of a magical workshop that exceeds the ones modern magi use is possible with this skill.

A Rank Galvanism -- Is capable of turning lightning into mana. Theoretically Zepir could just carry around a huge bag of batteries and would be completely set.

EX Rank Pioneer Of The Stars -- Makes the impossible possible, allowing Zepir to achieve impossible goals through great journeys. Tesla’s gave technology capable of wonders only the Magi of The Age Of Gods could accomplish to humanity through lightning. Doesn’t do anything in combat, however.

A Rank Natural Born Genius -- Goes without saying, but Zepir is a smart cookie. Like. Really smart. What’s noted is that Zepir is capable of using the skills of other Heroic Spirits. It seems like they’ve forgotten that last part and simply think it’s just them being really smart, so they can’t consciously abuse this skill, plus it burns through energy. But they could probably cast a similar spell to Diarmuid’s love spot, for example, if they were aware of this ability.

System Keraunos - EX Rank Noble Phantasm
This is what gives Zepir their lightning powers. The crystallization of Tesla’s lightning powers. It burns through a lot of energy, however.

This manifests in great lightning storm, capable of wiping out an entire metropolis with it’s force. Currently, Zepir is getting used to Tesla’s great power and would probably pass out if they ever used such a power at it’s usual strength, let alone releasing it’s True Name and unleashing it’s true power, which is a huge space-time rip that rends their surroundings to shreds. Plus, their maximum mana capacity, while very large (Thanks to Caster Tesla’s presence), generates at a below average rate.

Background: Zepir’s dead name is not important--all you need to know is that they didn’t like the name their parents gave them, hence they chose their own. “Zepir” was the name they chose. That is why their name is so cool and uncommon sounding.

Anyway, Zepir used to dream of inventing cool things and making the world a better place, but as time passed, they grew despondent. They thought their dreams weren’t possible, so they locked them away and gave up completely on making the world a better place because it felt like the people in power just didn’t care about the environment or big issues that affected people who were not them. Along with a generally shitty life. Now with no drive to do anything, they dropped out of college being a general deadbeat. Their general brain wasn’t super nice in general--having serotonin issues is bad news!

They also felt very self conscious about talking about their hopes or dreams or liking stuff commonly seen as ‘corny’, they love 90s sparkle synth. There’s nothing wrong in liking it, but they are obsessed with coming off as respectable and impressive and cool they’ve developed a complex about it.

They started playing Fate/Grand Order, and loved Nasu stuff. Something about the setting enraptured Zepir, and they wanted to walk with Heroic Spirits. They fell for one character in particular--Diarmuid Ua Duibhne. He was a three star, but was in an anime called Fate/Zero. Maybe Zepir fell for him because he represented the dreams they had about being a hero and wanting to do good. But he kept refusing to come, despite how he was a relatively common character. Zepir disliked paying money to the game, so they turned to using a ‘catalyst’, perhaps, out of desperation. So they decided to imitate a statue of Diarmuid and Grainne, sitting on a high up tree branch and rolling.

Diarmuid came. Overjoyed, Zepir rolled again. The summoning circle sparked yellow--and then rainbow! A five star? Wow! The five star turned to a gold archer.

Zepir didn’t get much time to see their new five star. The branch snapped under them, and they fell through the air. The gold archer was Tesla.

Then everything turned black.

When Zepir came too, they were on the ground of a kitchen. A red lighting bolt like mark sat on their right hand. A red summoning circle in front of them, and recognizable boots in front of them. Their Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, Lancer class, gazed down at them. Zepir could feel the pressure of his love spot. He was real.

“Are you my master?” He asked.

Notes: Heroic Spirits are the reflection of the dreams that great historical and mythological figures have inspired in humanity, being summoned by humanity’s hope to save them in times of need. To manually summon one, however, takes a LOT of power and effort. The details are unimportant to know in terms of relevance to Zepir and Diarmuid--All you need to know is that there one ritual where this is possible is called the Holy Grail war, a big fight where Heroic Spirits are summoned to fight for their Masters for a wish-granting device called The Holy Grail (It’s not the actual Holy Grail). A Heroic Spirit is called a Servant because they act as familiars to the magi that participate in the war, relying on them to supply mana to keep their existence alive, however they eat up quite a lot of energy in the process. There seems to be no Holy Grail war taking place, however, and no apparent Greater Grail system as far as Zepir knows of. (They’re always on the lookout, however. Something seems fishy about all this.). Heroic Spirits can also make pacts with people other than their summoner if their master/summoner has perished.

Heroic Spirits also have a crystallization of their legend (Sometimes multiple), called a Noble Phantasm and skills that reflect their deeds in life. They can range from an item (Diarmuid’s Spears are his NPs, as they reflect the spears he fought with as a Lancer, and there is also Excalibur, a powerful sword which turns the user’s mana into heat energy and inspires a feeling of glory in people, wielded by Arturia also known as King Arthur), the imposition of someone’s inner world onto the world itself (Called a Reality Marble. Ozymandias's Reality Marble is a huge temple that, among other things, can suppress other people’s NPs and poison invaders so they can die instantly. It’s pretty strong, EX Rank.), or many other things, like Gilgamesh’s classic Gate Of Babylon that reflects his status as the first heroic spirit and the King of Heroes in that he’s got everyone’s Item NPs and enables him to fire them off from his massive treasury.

The master has something called a command seal, a unique red mark on the hand. These are Grand Order command seals, which naturally regenerate over time at the rate of once every 24 hours, athough Zepir can have only a maximum of three. The mark will lose chunks of itself every time Zepir uses a command seal. Command seals were created for magi to keep heroic spirits under control, as some heroic spirits don’t like the arrangement for good reasons. When Zep burns through all three command seals or breaks the contract with him, they will cease to be able to provide him with mana through their bond.

These command seals can be used to command Diarmuid to do whatever Zepir wants, but the more specific it is the better he can do it. Zepir abhors this part of the command seals and is very unwilling to command him to do something he doesn’t want to do. It can also be used to command a servant to exceed their limits, like empowering their Noble Phantasm, with no harm to the Servant. It also lets the user call their servant to their side, like if Zepir is in danger and needs to summon Diarmuid.

Name/Aliases: Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, Lancer, Dia or Diar (Zep)

Age: His apparent age was mid-twenties

Gender/Pronouns: Man, He/Him


He appears in his casual wear quite often, where it's just button up shirt with rolled up sleeves and jeans with a belt and sneakers.

Mental: Diarmuid is a genuinely nice man with a heart of gold. Diarmuid is a caring pal who only wants the best for his friends, even if he’s somewhat of a harried mother hen about it at times. He also really loves fighting, and genuinely finds it thrilling. The very picture of an honorable fairytale knight in attitude, and he has a lot of pride within himself over his own status as a knight. He is also very flirtatious, but knows a lot about love (As his adoptive father was a god of love and creativity) and isn’t just some playboy. If he hits on someone, he genuinely likes them and at least wants to be their friend. Diarmuid is also willing to snap his beloved spears in half if it means saving an entire city.

But he struggles with emotions that he deems “negative.” He says he has no anger towards Fionn and no regrets in how he lived, but this is a blatant lie. His Noble Phantasms should be B+, but because he refuses to acknowledge his negative feelings, they are only B Rank. Should he die in a really terrible way, such as Zepir betraying him and forcing him to commit suicide via a command seal, he will violently curse everyone and everything, and his appearance will also twist to reflect this, as his eyes will turn red and bleed as his suppressed anger boils to his face.

(Which is absolutely unthinkable for Zepir to do, as they know exactly what happened to him in his past and wants nothing but happiness for him.)

However, because Diarmuid is so intent on serving his lord faithfully, he would rather die than betray Zepir. He wants a lord to serve until his death, the one thing he was ultimately not allowed to do when he was alive because of what happened to him with Grainne. He does not even desire the Grail, only wishing to fight and give his lord the Grail. (Zepir does not desire the grail in any way, but will let Diarmuid fight because he deeply loves having honorable fights.) Zepir is his “lord” in this case.

However, he is not all honor all the time. Should he be convinced about the true nature of the Grail or his opponent, and should he not run into an honorable opponent, Diarmuid would gladly resort to hit and run tactics if it meant victory for Zep.

Supernatural: Because of Diarmuid’s nature as a familiar, he is tied to Zepir’s mana levels. He may turn incorporeal even to other heroic spirits and follow Zepir around as he wishes. He also gives off an aura like a Heroic Spirit and beckon others to come fight him without needing to speak to them, but it’s more like a suggestion and not outright mind control. More like a “hey, I’m here if you want to fight” kind of deal.

B Rank Eye Of Mind (True) -- So long as there is a 1% chance of pulling the battle in his favor, Diarmuid can still win despite the impossible odds and there is a good chance he can succeed. A reflection of his accumulated experience from a lifetime of fighting for the Fianna. He was Fianna’s First Spear for a reason, and it wasn’t because of his friendship with Fionn.

C Rank Love Spot -- Any woman who sees his love spot fall in love with him. It’s a spot he acquired when he was born, and it manifests as a beauty mark under his right eye. He usually covers it up with a bandaid or a sticker, but viewing it with sunglasses is enough to cover it. Anyone who sees it will sense that it is magic even if they themselves cannot be affected by it. It does not affect lesbians.

B Rank Knightly Tactics -- Diarmuid is a man of many tactics, able to outwit his opponents and trick them into failure. Unlike with Eye of Mind, this is not a result of accumulated experience. He has very good observational skills for reading the flow of battle, able to make his opponent fail even if they’re stronger than him. Do not think of this as a skill to help him win even if it can help him--more like a skill to trick his opponents into losing. A reflection of this skill is hiding one spear on the ground while he holds the other in his hand, making his foe think that he only has one spear only for him to kick up the other spear when the time is right.

B Rank Magic Resistence -- Modern Magi are unable to touch Diarmuid without powerful spells that involve long chants. The spell in question must have more than three verses to even touch him, and even then it will struggle to hurt him. Ritual magic itself will also struggle to hurt him. He can allow people to cast magic on him, however.

B Rank - Gae Dearg
The crimson rose of exorcism. A red spear that was a gift to Diarmuid from his adoptive father. A potent antimagic weapon, it is capable of piercing through magic weapons and armor alike. While it is called a Noble Phantasm killer, it cannot directly shatter Noble Phantasms. But it can heavily damage them, which is a very useful ability to have when Servants themselves are magical.

B Rank - Gae Buidhe
The yellow rose of mortality, gifted to him by the King of the Fairies. Gae Buidhe’s wounds are unable to be healed unless he breaks the spear or some other method is able to overcome it. It works in that every wound it makes actually seems to ding on someone’s total health bar, so the wound is treated as a natural feature as far as healing goes. (This is the official explanation given I’m sorry) He typically keeps both spears wrapped up and cannot unleash their powers unless he unwraps the weapon, but he doesn’t need to unleash their true name for them to display their power.

Background: Diarmuid was born out of wedlock, adopted by the Celtic god of love and creativity, Aengus Óg, and was taught much from him. He was born with his love spot, a mystery granted on him by the Root Of All Things.

His death was the result of two curses--the curse of his dead half brother’s father that his brother would be reborn as a wild boar to kill him, and the curse of his love spot. He was a great and peerless warrior, having single handedly killed 3,400 men in a battle. An act which saved the Fianna, a band of warriors led by Fionn Mac Cumhail. A great and famous warrior. The two became close friends, and Diarmuid became Fianna’s First Spear.

Fionn was to marry Grainne, the High King of Ireland’s daughter. Grainne thought Fionn was too old and her gaze fell upon Diarmuid’s love spot. She imposed a geis on him to run away with her, and he obeyed it. The two were pursued for five years, until Fionn allowed the two to marry. While he forgave Diarmuid officially, he never did so in his heart.

They were to have a feast one day, and they went to go hunt for a boar. Diarmuid did not take his strongest weapons to the hunt, which doomed him. His younger brother was reborn as a powerful wild boar, true to the curse. His ferocity was so great that hee had killed many warriors before. The boar fatally injured Diarmuid, and he lay dying by some water. Water drunk from Fionn’s hands could heal people, and Fionn pretended to let the water fall from his hands when he went to get water. Diarmuid died.

(Also Fionn married Grainne, what a fucking shit)

His life and deeds were recorded in the Throne of Heroes, where all heroic spirits are summoned from.

He also had an unfortunate repeat of this affair in the Fourth War--that he remembers well, for some reason. Replace Grianne with his master’s fiance, and Fionn with his master, known as Kayneth (who was not his best friend--a horribly shitty one. Zepir is determined not to act like him). Diarmuid tried hard not to let his happen again, but Sola, his master’s wife, sought to get an extra command seal to make him fall in love with her. She never did, as extenuating factors made her lose her command seals. But things happened, and Kayneth gained the command seals once more. Under heavy threat of his life and his fiancee, Kayneth used his command seals on Diarmuid to make him kill himself.


That was. Not good.

Thankfully, Diarmuid seems to have finally gained a kind master in Zepir. Only time will tell if this arrangement will end well, however.

Notes: He can also be summoned as a Saber or Rider--he just gets summoned as a Lancer typically. Wild Boars are also more likely to kill him, as he was killed by a wild boar.
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