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Feb 17 2018, 01:06 PM
[7:00 PM] Raelyn, Neet Princess: She stared off into the distance, the moon shining brightly above. She barely gave off any amount of a 'presence'. If someone actually noticed her, it would be considered a miracle. Her eyes looked dead. Her gaze was unfocused. The waves were softly lapping at her feet.

[7:38 PM] Pink: Jeez.

Bubbles was eager to get away from his crazy neighbors. The mindreader made him very uncomfortable, and the other one had little respect for his agency. He sighed, walking towards the shore as he'd heard that the ocean was a calming influence. He'd never been able to test it, despite living fairly close, due to his wage slave lifestyle. Now? He needed a place to think.

However, as he approached the water, he saw he was not alone. Fearing the reprecussions of startling her due to past experience with the women of this world, he'd put on his best, customer service demeanor and give a cheerful, "Hello." to her, in hopes it wouldn't end badly for him.

[7:41 PM] Raelyn, Neet Princess: She barely turned her head. Then turned her attention back to the ocean infront of her. A small meek wave. She'd barely be paying attention to the man that had walked towards her. There had been a small movement to glance at the man but nothing else.

[7:46 PM] Pink: He'd walk up, feeling like it'd be more uncomfortable to pretend she wasn't there, until he was close enough that onlookers might think they knew one another. He didn't break her silence, finding that generally quiet people did not wish to be badgered. Instead he'd plop down in the sand where his bottom would be dry, but his feet could sink into the wet sand. He'd stare out into the ocean, and achieve some comfort from the stranger's presence. In truth, he always seemed to find a sort of kinship with the people around him, so long as they didn't leave him uncomfortable. The stranger was almost soothing.

[7:51 PM] Raelyn, Neet Princess: Her hands fidgeted lightly. A glance downward as she heard the man plop down on the ground. "Hello." It was nearly silent in comparison to everything else that was going on. Her voice was soft. Her eyes stared up at the moon.

No one would seem to notice her, but they took note of the man sitting on the ground. The water rose up and washed away the sand at her feet.

[7:52 PM] Pink: Her voice surprised him, and for a moment he thought he only dreampt it, but out of the corner of his eye he noticed the movement of her head, and was assured she'd spoken to him. He'd look up to see her stare at the moon. He'd give a friendly smile, "I hope I'm not bothering you, miss."

[7:55 PM] Raelyn, Neet Princess: She shook her head lightly and turned her head back out to the ocean. It was surprising to her that someone actually took notice of her. She slowly sat down next to him. This was a pretty serene moment, and it seemed as though the woman could disappear at any moment. Her emerald eyes held no expression.

[7:59 PM] Pink: He'd give a sigh, "I understand why people say what they do about the ocean. It's like the crashing of the waves keeps you from getting too deep in your thoughts, and as the waters recede, so too do your thoughts." He'd smile, "Somehow, I feel like you might have been here too long. Not to be rude, but your eyes look pretty empty, like someone who's brain's been fried from too many sensies." His voice would convey his concern, "Are you alright?"

[8:06 PM] Raelyn, Neet Princess: She blinks a couple times. She went to say something but no words came out. She turned to look at the ocean again. She tilted her head. "I'm fine..." It was so soft. "Empty... Eyes?"

[8:12 PM] Pink: He nodded, "Yeah. It's kind of like there's nobody home upstairs. I know that's a very rude thing to say. You seem perfectly lucid. They just remind me of a burnout's eyes." He'd look away, "- but what would I know? I'm not even from here. Maybe eyes like that are just normal here."

His voice would soften, "Maybe I'm the weird one."

[8:13 PM] Raelyn, Neet Princess: A couple more blinks as she shook her head. "Wait..." She looked around a little. "Oh shit." She stood up, dusting sand off her shorts. "How long was I sat here? What time is it?"

[8:15 PM] Pink: Bubbles shrugged, "No idea. I have no idea who you even are." He looked up at her, "Welcome back. Seems I wasn't as far off the mark as I'd thought." He raised a hand towards her in greeting, "Name's Bobby, but please call me 'Bubbles'."

[8:21 PM] Raelyn, Neet Princess: "Uh, Odette." She responds. Her eyes seemed to have returned to normal. "Um... Sorry, did I bother you in any way?" Her hands went behind her back as she stood uneasily.

[8:23 PM] Pink: Bubbles laughed at that, accepting she wouldn't be shaking his hand, "Nah. In fact, you were rather calming, but it appears I've startled you. I'm sorry."

He considered standing, but didn't want to unnerve her further, so he remained seated. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Odette."

[8:24 PM] Raelyn, Neet Princess: "Um... Likewise..." She looked at the moon for a moment, nearly tripping back into that trance-like state. She shook her head. "Hey... Is... Is the moon weird to you?"

[8:28 PM] Pink: He'd look up at it for the first time, and was assaulted with the memory of his mother. He abandoned her, and worse he felt relief at the fact he no longer had to care for her. He felt ashamed, and disgusted him himself.

He'd stand, eyes transfixed upon the moon, and begin to take a step towards the ocean.

[8:29 PM] Raelyn, Neet Princess: She blinked. Her hands reached out for the guy. "Hey, wait. Stop. Don't just go into the ocean when its dark!" She shouts.

[8:33 PM] Pink: He was startled, and he'd look back at her. He didn't remember getting up, but her hands were now on him, and she was shouting. He'd blush. She was actually quite stunning in this light. He'd look anywhere but at her eyes, "Ahem. Um... sorry about that. I don't know what came over me."

[8:36 PM] Raelyn, Neet Princess: She tilts her head lightly, her hair falling over her eyes for a moment. "Uh, yeah... The moon is kinda weird..." She lets go of his hand. She took a small step back.

[8:41 PM] Pink: He nods and resists the urge to look back up at it. "I guess it's kinda late? Do you live far? If it isn't too forward of me to offer, I'd be willing to walk you home. I'm not too familiar with this place, but I already nearly got mugged, and I've not been here a day yet, so I wouldn't want you walking alone, Miss Odette."

He'd grow anxious, "Not that I'm saying you can't handle yourself. I just don't want you to get hurt. You seem nice, and that's not too common in this... in where I'm from."

He felt like everything he said made it sound worse, so he went silent, embarrassed.

[8:46 PM] Raelyn, Neet Princess: "I... Don't have a place." She admits after a few moments. She looked down and tried to get rid of the little feeling in the back of her mind. This was different.

[8:49 PM] Pink: This unnerved him, "Well, you could go through the long process of getting one, but it's late, and I'm sure you're getting tired. I realize this is a very suspicious offer, but you could stay with me for the night. I'd let you have the bedroom, and if my place is anything like my neighbors the door will lock. I can sleep on the couch. I just..." He stopped. He had no idea what he was doing or why. Maybe he just felt like he needed to care for someone, and she was there. The thought upset him, and he'd look down, "I'm just trying to help," he said more to himself than her.

[8:57 PM] Raelyn, Neet Princess: She gulped quietly. "I uh... I don't know if I can accept that offer. I-I mean, I barely remember much other than the day I woke up here." She tilted her head back and stared up at the starless sky. That felt wrong. That looked wrong to her.

[8:59 PM] Pink: Bubbles raised an eyebrow and crossed his arms, "That's hardly a good reason, to be honest. I don't mind not wanting to sleep in the home of a man you don't know, but talk like that just makes me feel like I need to do something, ya know?" He wasn't trying to be pushy, but he wasn't the kind to be dissuaded without a good reason when he felt comfortable either.

[9:01 PM] Raelyn, Neet Princess: "Um... Yeah, I understand... Um... Crap... How many days have I even been here?" She asks herself. She was much more expressive now. She nods a couple times. "Alright... I think... I think I'll accept. I mean, you don't seem that malicious."

[9:07 PM] Pink: He nodded and felt relieved, "Alright then. Um..." he felt the urge to offer her his arm, but decided against it. It was too much and too formal for a girl he'd just met. Instead he'd give an awkward smile and say, "Follow me?" He'd walk back the way he came, grabbing his shoes and socks where he'd placed them earlier. His feet were too coated in wet sand for him to bother putting them on, and hoped the hard asphault wasn't too hard on his feet. It'd been many, many years since he'd been a young child in the big city streets. He was sure his feet had grown soft in the many years since those days.

He'd look back to make sure she followed, and then try to ease any discomfort she might have with conversation, "So tell me about yourself, Odette. You don't seem to be from around here, much like me. What was it like where you came from?"

[9:10 PM] Raelyn, Neet Princess: She blinks a couple times as the question bounced around in her head. She would follow quite easily. This was normal. Following someone. Her head tilted slightly and her arms extender to either side of her as if she walked a balance beam. "I dunno. I don't have any memory of before I woke up, I don't even know how long I've actually been here."

[9:14 PM] Pink: This made him uncomfortable, and he began to wonder: Was it because of the moon? How long had she been staring? What would have happened had she not been there?

He sighed. Either way, he bet this was a difficult topic of conversation, so he changed it, "Well, then I bet you're tired. I don't know how comfortable the bed is where I live, but I'm sure it beats sleeping outside or in the sand."

[9:17 PM] Raelyn, Neet Princess: "I can sleep on the couch." She states, though she wasn't actually sure if the guy had said anything about the couch. Oddete frowned. Her own memory was spotty at best, but she was remembering some things. "Oh. I remember I was an orphan in a small town, at one point I had been in a traveling sideshow act, that was fun." Oddete nods with a bit of confidence.

[9:22 PM] Pink: Hearing her remember things put him at ease. "No. I insist. My father may have left when I was fairly young, but before he did, and when my mom... well they raised me right, and I know better than to let a guest sleep on the couch, especially one I'm trying to help." He felt a little bad. He didn't want her to think he was suggesting she was helpless. He just had some values that came from his upbringing, and was trying his best to live up to them. He realized he lived in a world that often misunderstood, and he hoped he wasn't making her uncomfortable.

[9:25 PM] Raelyn, Neet Princess: Odette tiles her head lightly to the side. A shrug. "If you insist. I mean, don't be surprised if you find me on the couch in the morning. I tend not to sleep well on soft comfy surfaces."

[9:35 PM] Pink: His eyebrow would raise, "Um... that'd be kind of hard considering I'm pretty sure I only have one room, and I'd be on the couch." He didn't dare think of the implications of that further. He was trying his best to be a gentleman.

[9:37 PM] Raelyn, Neet Princess: "I might is ply end up on the floor. Or lazily on top of you." She nods a few times. She didn't seem to get the implications of this.

[9:40 PM] Pink: He'd clear his throat loudly, and decided not to comment on that, "Um... how about this? You can lie on both and decide where you'll be most comfortable. Sound good?"

[9:42 PM] Raelyn, Neet Princess: She tilts her head to the side. "Hum... Alright." She begins walking backwards now. She seemed rather comfortable about the situation even though she was a forgetful one and was going to a stranger's house.(edited)

[9:44 PM] Pink: He'd sigh. He was grateful his place wasn't too far from the shore. He wouldn't have bothered such a late night trip if it had been, and soon he'd begin climbing the steps to his apartment, making sure to look back and see if she insisted on climbing the stairs backwards as well.

[9:47 PM] Raelyn, Neet Princess: She didn't, instead, she was walking up the stairs sideways now. Rather odd... A blink... And then she corrected herself. She was going up the right way now. Her want on the railing. "Ohm..."

[9:53 PM] Pink: This is a strange place. He thought as they reached the top of the stairs. He'd met three women so far, and all of them were perplexing. For a second, he mourned the moments when Odette had been a quiet, peaceful girl. He shook his head to cast such thoughts from his mind. People were people. Judging them for not being what he wanted was wrong. He had to accept them for what they were. He trembled. - even the mind-reader.

He'd pass his neighbor's apartment half afraid Selena would jump out at him unexpectedly. Barring that, he'd make his way to his door and open it to see his apartment for the first time: a mirror copy of theirs, sans the extra rooms.

[9:56 PM] Raelyn, Neet Princess: Odette paused for a moment in front of the door that housed Selina and Animus... Tilting her head for a moment. Nothing could be heard behind it. They were possibly sleeping. She continued walking with Bubbles a few moments later and peaked into the room slowly.

[10:01 PM] Pink: He'd walk in cautiously. He knew this was supposed to be his home, but he'd never been here, and this place had been one unpleasant surprise after another. He was on guard, and ready for anything to just jump out at him and destroy any sense of peace this place could provide.

[10:03 PM] Raelyn, Neet Princess: Odette gently Bubbles in the back. "You okay?" She asked quietly.

[10:14 PM] Pink: He jumped, startled. Once he realized what had happened and composed himself, he'd turn on the lights and feebly answer, "Yeah." His face made it clear he'd been startled though, and he tried to hide it by boldly making his way towards the building's bedroom. Caution wasn't going to keep whatever might be in there from being there, and Odette was likely to kill him if he stayed this high-strung.

[10:22 PM] Raelyn, Neet Princess: Odette jumped back from the startle. A sigh... She looked around the room in confusion, not sure what to think of the living room as she began following to the bedroom.

[10:32 PM] Pink: The room was plain, and thankfully not hiding any surprises. He'd had enough surprises today to last him a week. "Welp. It looks like today can end without any more surprises." He'd clutch his chest as if nervous that the very words would taunt the universe to prove him wrong. "Go ahead and find where you'll be comfortable."

[10:37 PM] Raelyn, Neet Princess: "Ah, alright." She nods and sits down on the couch, laying down lightly... Her hair falling over her face. She yawned lightly... And it seemed as though she would pass out in seconds.

[10:38 PM] Pink: He gave a serene smile. Yes. Sleep. A good idea.

He'd shut and lock his new bedroom door behind him, and was quick to do the same.

Feb 17 2018, 01:00 PM
"You dastards!" They'd activate the fire tome in their hands and an explosion would ignite at their feet. As they soared through the air, they readied their spear in hand, seeking to bring it to bear on these mysterious foes. Alas, their foes were too evasive for such an obvious and reckless approach, and both their spear and their feet found naught but air until they landed upon the ground. Their foes, like dark shapes that their eyes questioned were real, moved to flank them.

One more use.

They'd fire themself straight up into the air before grabbing a tome of thunder from the bag at their hip and, rather than making the concentrated blasts of their parents, would create a web of electricity in the space between them, causing the flankers to pull back, giving them space. A quick switch of tomes in practiced motion, and a tome of wind would send them higher into the air.

They looked upon the roofs they now found themselves level with to see more of the shadowy figures running to leap from the roof and catch them midair. They waited. They watched as the attackers ran without hesitation, jumped with precision, and would surely catch them as the momentum of their lift was expended and they prepared their descent.

Another gust of air and they'd be sailing backwards. The attackers met where they'd once been, seemingly embraced one another, and landed with unnatural grace, despite their circumstances. There were four now, and their instincts told them to expect more.

It was no use. They were too fast, too skilled, and they weren't able to land a good hit on them. They'd switch back out to thunder, and sent bolts of crackling energy down the dark alley, causing it to come alight in blinding light. Still, their foes seemed to evade their attempts effortlessly, and they were afraid.

Perhaps my parents were right to leave me behind...

Terror began to rise, as their eyes frantically searched for some solution with no avail. There was only a couple things left to do.


They'd cry desperately into the darkness of these foreign streets. They hoped someone would hear their plea for aid; that someone might be able to save them.

Their hand reached into their satchel for their least comfortable tome. If no one came, they'd have no choice to but to seek salvation through darkness.
Feb 17 2018, 12:11 PM
Name/Aliases: Ashley, Child of Heroes
Age: 19
Gender/Pronouns: ??? (they/them)

Physical: Ashley has fiery red hair, piercing green eyes, and a seemingly permanent cocky grin. They grew tall and healthy, despite their diminuitive parents, standing a tall 6'2. They had a lean, athletic build, long fingers, and a boyish figure. They were pretty like their dad, but had strong features like their father, yet they were not the sort of person for whom it was easy to tell if they were a man or woman.

Mental: Ashley's father had them reading at very young age, and constantly challenged them to develop their intellectual prowess in games of skill. Both of their parents encouraged artistic expression, though their talent for it undoubtedly came from their dad. They have a mind for magic, an eye for art, and a voice for music. That being said, uncharacteristic of both, they had a wild streak and spent a great deal of time outdoors, playing and generally enjoying the joys only an active life could have.

Unlike their more neurotic and intellectual parents, they lived present in the world and moment, and their body carried many scrapes and scratches of their life, as well as dark a tone of skin as one of their birth could have.

Supernatural: As a reader of the Paragon tome, which detailed how best to live one's life in a fruitful and virtous manner, Ashley has a good basis of living and thought from which to use as a foundation for their life. They learn quickly, and utilize the lessons they've learned effectively.

Meanwhile, their diverse education and experiences gave them Aptitude in a great deal of circumstances and situations. They had a tendency to adapt to excel at whatever it was they chose to pursue.

Finally, their parents both struggled with the demons of their own minds. Their dad, in particular passed down a Shadowgift, and while they were not prone to their parent's melancholy, they had their own demons to commune with, if they ever needed more than their out bright disposition could grant them.

Ashley is a fledgling mage, more inclined towards physical pursuits, despite their upbringing. Alas they never had a teacher to better hone their natural, physical talents.

Background: Ashley was raised in a relatively secluded place in the woods with their father and dad. At an early age, their parents made sure not to pressure them into choosing a gender, despite their physical attributes. Their father would tell them, "Life is a spiritual journey. It would be wrong of us to decide who, or what you are. All we can do is love you, and do our best to prepare you for the world out there."

Their father was an awkward intellectual with a great deal of passion and an obsessive nature. Their dad, meanwhile was full of emotion and created art and life wherever he was. Sometimes their dad's emotions grew turbulent, and their father's patience would shine through. Sometimes their father's patience wasn't enough, and the day would hang heavy, and their dad's forgiveness would shine through and break the gloom of the spell that effected the house.

Sometimes they went to town. It seemed like their parents knew everyone. They got to meet the young lords and ladies of the land, and it was strange that they acted like it was an honor to meet them. They asked their parents about their past, and they'd laugh and tell stories of the times they shared back when they served in the army.

They never did get the answer to the question "How was I born?" They were definitely the byproduct of their parents, but they had a father and a dad. Their parents had never answered the question of their birth. When they'd remembered to ask, they'd been too young, and they'd been far too busy to remember once they were older.

Indeed, as they grew older, they felt even more was missing from the stories. However, their parents no longer seemed as interested in telling stories. Their father insisted they read specific books to better themself, while their dad's mood grew ever increasingly darker.

Despite their parents, however, they tended towards a more cheerful and confident disposition. They'd been raised without want, and generally nurtured in their pursuits, yet tempered with discipline and lessons of patience and understanding. That didn't always keep them from their more brash nature, but they did their best to act in their parent's example.

Then one day their parents left. War had returned to their home, and the old heroes of the land had been called upon to defender her. Many of the their peers joined them, but they had been left behind.

Their parents hadn't thought they were ready.

Notes: Ashley uses their magic in an unorthodox manner, typically using the elements to enchance their more physical tendencies, rather than in the more typical manner of evocation their parents attempted to impart upon them. Still, Ashley was taught the benefits of range, and mostly tries to take advantage of the situation, though is prone to meeting melee combatants in close quarters, rather than attempting to stay at range.
Jan 18 2018, 09:01 AM
When the man at the desk tried to stop her entourage, she put him to sleep without so much as a change of facial expression. It was almost dawn, so people were already starting to wake. They stared at her procession, but she kept the same noble bearing as she had the whole way. She did not care what they thought. Lions do not concern themselves with the opinions of sheep.

A portion of her entourage would use the contraption with her, while the rest took the stairs. Her procession intimidated others and made them wary of her. She liked that. It reminded her of her younger days,when she first became head of the Crow estate. The people challenged her. She never hurt any of them, but slowly gained their trust, subverted her opposition, and eventually was no longer challenged as Lady of High Moor. This would be different, but she wanted this area to be safe for Prince Colquitt. She already had plans on how she'd accomplish this, and she would let nothing stop her now.

The contraption doors would open, and the servants waiting at the door would join with her entourage as they proceeded towards their lodgings. Hopefully, he had remembered to keep the door unlocked. Otherwise, she would simply "knock" it open, as she had the caskets of her servants, though their uniforms insured that it should never be obvious this is the case.

They'd proceed in. The morning light was beginning to shine through the open window. Unless something unnatural was occurring, the presence of dawn would have forced Prince Colquitt to retreat to his room, so she'd immediately gesture with orders to her servants, rather than inform him of her arrival. Two would guard the front door, two would the door to his room. A couple took seats in sight of the front door, so they could assist in any confrontations that occurred. One, with bones that suggested the person was heavier set, would stand in the kitchen. The rest she split into pairs and would send to patrol the area, seeking to stop any thuggery that occurred, armed with concealed kitchen knives.

Finally, the last remaining pair would be given her cred' stick. She'd speak openly to Lachdanan, for the clever bird could mimic her voice. She'd given him instructions on what to buy to stock the house with food. While he could not speak, he could mimic the sound of hers, which was enough to control the two servants once she had instructed them of such. She hadn't eaten in over a day now, and the discomfort was unpleasant and distracting. It was moments like these she longed for the ability to sleep.

She'd seen others dining down below, but despite her posturing she was aware she was currently a squatter. That would change eventually, but for now she would have to wait for her servant's return.

In the mean time, she set the two idle servants to the task of cleaning their home, and shutting the open window, while she began the task of studying the book he had given her. The spells were of varying levels of complexity, but she was not reading the spells, per say. Instead, she was paying greater attention to how they were crafted. She'd had proper arcane training, and while she specialized in the study of Necromancy, gaining knowledge to better vanquish undead in the name of the Raven Queen, she knew enough not just to cast a spell, but to understand what each line and symbol meant to the construction of a spell, so as to identify its purpose.

In this case, many of these spells were vastly different than the ones she knew, and many would be abominable to Aunt Raven. For now, she would not concern herself with the details of ideology and ethics. Instead, this allowed her to gleam into the way the world worked, at least in the context of those who created this book. More interesting still was the existence of a primordial curse, and the fact it caused effects comparable to the vampirism of her native plane. She wondered at the sort of legends Prince Colquitt's people had, if such a curse was applicable to all its people.

Eventually, the discomfort of her hunger would grow too great to concentrate, and when the servants arrived with food she'd quickly cook toast in the oven, once she figured out the dials upon it (having no concept of a toaster) as her "chef" prepared a proper meal. Once the bread was crisp, she'd apply a thin layer of butter before slathering it with pomegranate jelly and consume it ravenously.

She longed for a second, but it would not do to give into gluttony while supper was being prepared. Instead she'd find a place to sit and rest. While she did not sleep, much had happened the past couple of days, and she needed time to process and reflect upon it. Since she could no longer rely on her subconscious doing so in her sleep, she had to instead occasionally take pause and think through her experiences in order to process them properly. She wasn't completely absent from the world as she did so, and would order the cleaning servants to act as kitchenhands as dinner was being prepared. The smell of it cooking would whet her hunger, and she'd eaten very little despite the treat she'd made to break her fast.

It was a hearty stew of potatoes, herbs, fresh greens, Queen Anne's Lace, tomato, and cooked poultry. It was given strong helpings of cheese, and, after realizing her cook was inept at doing so, Lady Crow would season the boiling meal herself, irritated to have stopped her rest prematurely, and do a servant's labor. It appeared she'd underestimated this one's talents, despite its figure. It appeared to be more likely it was a fat merchant than chef in its previous life. Shame.

She'd have to make a book of recipes to ensure her servants would make proper meals, until she'd procured a talented chef. She feared it would grow tedious having the same meals every day, but better to have consistently good meals than be surprised by bad ones.

It would not take long before some of her servants were already returning with tears in their uniforms, or more significant structural damage. She'd mend the ones who needed it, and have them replace the kitchenhands as they began to patrol. The boots and gloves they wore were unfitted. She could tailor the gloves to their hands, once she had time, but she'd have to measure their feet and send both the boots and their dimensions to a cobbler to get the boots fitted. Their coats were small on some, and large on others. Their pants were barely adequate, or large enough that the provided belts were all that kept their secrets from being exposed. The trademark masks, with beaks to signify they belonged to House Crow, gave them the appearance of being at a masquerade. Considering the secrets they kept, she supposed they were.

Either way, it appeared the streets were rough, and she'd have a lot of work to do to bring order. However, both she and her servants were tireless. It would be done.

As supper neared completion, and the sun began to set, Carolyn would set the candles upon the dining room table after adorning it with a table cloth. She'd sit at the end of the table furthest from his room, and wait with more than a little giddiness at the proposition of it opening. There was till much to discuss, and the night's talk would mostly be business, but perhaps now he trusted her enough that she could finally trust him in return: a proposition that made her heart flutter with butterflies.
Jan 15 2018, 05:56 PM
Robert hadn't been kidding. The questioning had taken a while. He'd maintained his excellent customer service demeanor the whole time, and hadn't taken his advice to blame it on "wizards". While he was pretty sure he hadn't been kidding, the idea still seemed silly to the young man that came from a world without magic.

He had a credit stick in his pocket, and had been given this place's equivalent of a PAD, which he was using to navigate to his new home. The glow it produced was in stark contrast to the darker streets of this area. He had no idea why there were so few lights.

"Hey, new blood."

His blood ran cold, and his hair began to stand on end. The tone of his voice was all too familiar. Things were going south quickly.

"Looks like you're trying to find your new home, huh? Mind if I take a look?"

A large arm reached over him towards his PAD. He'd pull it to his chest, and quickly turn away from the arm.

"Come now, don't be like that." The other hand began feeling up his pants, quickly feeling his cred' stick. He began to try and reach his hand into the pocket, "I'm just trying to help a guy out."

He'd shove an elbow into the guy's gut, and attempt to sprint before another arm appeared from a dark alley to the right of where he attempted to escape. He fell to the ground, hitting it hard. He was dazed, but could faintly make out the figures of two large men looming over him.

"Shoulda done this the easy way." He saw a menacingly large boot rise above his head. He closed his eyes and flinched as it began to fall towards his demise.
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