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> A Chuuni's Job, Canon story of the little Chuuni.
Chanlye Alexina
 Posted: Sep 30 2017, 05:05 AM
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*This story is canon for Kyanna’s timeline, taking place right after the events of “Neon Wings” thread.




The girl stared at the ‘hiring’ sign that was on the window of an establishment called “Bun Bun Café”, though she never had an actual job aside from helping her parents before, she didn’t have any choice. At that moment Kyanna didn’t have any money and her stomach was beginning to reject the cheap candies that she bought with the little coins that were in her pocket.

“Not only I have no food, but I have nowhere to sleep either. I will need to think on a solution.” She turned to the door and began to open it, getting into the place. Surprisingly she was neither scared or nervous, probably because her brain didn’t register the gravity of her problems at that moment. Stepping in, Kyanna analyzed the not so small place that had a rustic design and a very warming and comfortable feeling on it’s ambient. As for workers, there were a waiter and a waitress taking the orders. The waiter uniform was a light yellow button shirt with a brown bow tie and pants, as for the waitress she wore an english-like maid dress that used the same color pattern as the waiter. What a cute uniform! But… the name was Bun Bun Cafe, right? This look like a family restaurant. Kyanna thought, a little confused.

Her thoughts were interrupted, after she noticed that suddenly a plump that looked middle-aged was walking toward her, wearing a different uniform from the rest of the workers. When that happened, finally Kyanna felt a bit nervous, what does she need to say? How to you apply for a job? She never have done it before.

And the woman, with a big smile, asked right way. “Welcome young lady, I’m Melissa the owner and chef of this restaurant, how may I help you?”

“Ah!” The girl was a little surprised. I’m not sure if getting welcomed directly by the owner is a huge luck or bad luck. She thought as she tried to gather the right words, Kyanna didn’t even have the time to think what she was going to ask to the owner. “Y-You see. I’m here for… For…” She looked around until the hiring sign catched her attention again. “F-For that!” Kyanna pointed at the sign, wishing the owner would understand what she meant.

Melissa’s eyes widened for a second. “Really?!” She asked surprised, making the girl close her eyes even more nervous. “It’s not every time a cute girl like you come here to apply for a job, you are hired then! Come with me to get your uniform!” The owner began walking toward the staff room.

“Uwaah! I’m sorry! I’m not very good at working but- Wait, huh? I’m hired?” Kyanna blinked in surprise, applying for a job was actually very easy and she was hired instantly. I remember daddy complaining he couldn’t find a job anywhere last year, but that was very easy. Weird, I think my father was just too dummy to get a job? Misleading thoughts ran through her mind as she followed Melissa.

They walked through the staff room, which had a table with about six chairs, a couch, a wall watch, a coffee machine, and two doors that led to the locker rooms. Kyanna looked around while following her, until they got into the female locker room and Melissa turned toward the girl. “You will look great on it, I already can see it!” An unexpected excitement coming from the woman made Kyanna frown with suspicion, but it was too late to step away so she just waited. After a few seconds of unintelligible mumbling and sighs, a victorious squeak came. “I found it, the perfect size.” Melissa turned to the girl again and showed the small uniform. “Go on, test it out!” She gave it to Kyanna showing great expectations.

Kyanna grabbed the clothing and waited to Melissa step out of the room and began to wear it, and then looked at the mirror. That dress looked cute on her, the size was perfect and it felt very comfortable to wear it. A smile came across the girl’s face while she released her twin tails to turn it into a ponytail and stepped out of the locker room to show it to the woman.

Melissa looked at her from top to toe with a satisfied smile. “You look great! With your pretty face and a bit of training, you will be one of the cutest waitress I ever worked with!” She said, making Kyanna blush a little while she pulled a small brooch that was written ‘In training’ and gave it to the girl. “You will keep that until I think your training is complete. Do you have any question?”

Kyanna looked at her new boss, slightly embarrassed about the request she’s just about to do. “U-uh, I actually have something to ask.” She scratched her head. “You see… I don’t have anywhere to sleep, so could I… Y-You know, sleep here or something?” Her cheeks got even redder than before, specially when she noticed the surprise of Melissa, though she was quite shameless on doing her chuuni’s actions, Kyanna still felt uncomfortable when asking something that she felt it was asking too much.

“Hmm, sleep here?” The woman asked rhetorically while thinking on a solution for the girl’s problem. After a few seconds of thought, she snapped her fingers. “How about this: You sleep in the restaurant attic and work not only as waitress, but as nightwatcher?”

After seeing how lightly Melissa took her request, Kyanna’s embarrassment slowly disappeared. “Well.” I mean, I would love to protect your restaurant from evil demons that only pop up at the darkness of the night! Is what she thought and wanted to say, but instead she just nodded with a bright smile. “Sure, I will make sure to keep your restaurant safe!”

Smiling back, Melissa patted Kyanna’s head. “Good girl, that’s the spirit! By the way, you can start working riiiight now!” She said, making the girl surprised and instantly run out of the staff room, only to go back again to the staff room after a few minutes.

“Uh-” She stared with a troubled expression. “What exactly I have to do?” Kyanna asked. And Melissa, giving a small giggle, walked toward the girl and began explaining what she had to do.

Her eyes slowly opened for a new day, a stretch and a yawning followed her movement of sitting down on the old mattress that she has been using as a bed. It was her second week working on Bun Bun Café, a family restaurant located on Toytown. Kyanna stood up and got out of the attic that was being used as bedroom by her, and finally began her day. Since she obviously was always the first person to get in the restaurant and the last one to leave, her main task were to make the preparations for the day, like checking if all the equipments were working or if there was lacking supplies. Even though Melissa would double check it, since it was something too important for a newbie take care alone.

After finishing checking everything, Kyanna walked to the locker room and changed her pajamas for the uniform. Her locker was mostly being used as a wardrobe, because she bought all those clothings for daily use and she didn’t have anywhere to put them. After changing the clothes, she walked to the restaurant hall, where she began to organize the tables, and it didn’t take too much time before the door opened: It was Melissa, and her two coworkers: Simon and Martha.

“Good morning!” Kyanna greeted radiantly while she placed the last chair on the floor, finishing the hall organizing duty.

“Mornin’ Kya!” Martha said carelessly. “You should have let some of the work for us!” She completed with a laugh.

“Let her be, unlike you she like to actually do some work here.” Simon interrupted Martha coldly, making her pout and mumble something while pretending being angry.

And finally Melissa stepped in. “You two sure are energetic, it’s 8 am and you are already fighting for silly reasons.” She said walking toward Kyanna. “But Martha is right, you don’t need to rush in the morning to get everything ready by yourself. Try to get a little more rest next time, I don’t want to have someone exhausted here.”

The girl nodded. “Alright, I won’t rush anymore!” She said, sitting down on the chair and resting her head on the table for emphasis.

“Good!” Melissa said smiling and patting Kyanna. “Now, you two go grab your uniforms. Bun Bun Café will open in a few minutes!” She spoke, making Simon and Martha hurry to get their uniforms.

It’s almost lunch break. Kyanna thought as she took the last order. “Large fries with soda, is that right?” She confirmed with the customer, walking to the kitchen counter and placing a note with the order there. “Boss! Large fries and soda for the table 3!”

“Alright Kyanna!” Melissa answered. “Just do me a last favor before having your lunch break, can you clean the forks and knives that are on the sink?”

“Sure!” The girl accepted, walking to the kitchen sink and beginning to clean them. At the same time as she slowly became distracted. I’ve been here has been two weeks already, and I still have no idea how I got here. She thought, letting out a sigh. My instincts are saying this was my Goddess’s work. But if it really was, what she want from me? What is my purpose here? And also… How my family is, I wonder if they are worried, they are probably missing me, specially… Kyanna suddenly frowned, feeling a small headache and bumping her elbow on a pan lid that made a huge noise, startling the girl and making her cut her hand with one of the knives she was cleaning.

Her eyes widened as she flinched in pain. “Oww!” Kyanna held her hand and looked at it, it was a long and deep wound.

“What happened?” Melissa asked far away, not noticing what just happened.

“Uh, nothing!” The girl lied, not wanting to worry the boss and getting scolded for being careless. And she ran to the locker room, grabbing a piece of cloth that was in her locker and pressing it against the wound. “Ouch.” Her eyes became teary, that was too painful for her, though she slowly became more used to that pain. But this didn’t make her any less desperate, the wound didn’t look like it was going to stop bleeding anytime soon.

A silent sob, she could feel her hand becoming weaker because of the loss of blood. Her eyes closed with a tear running down her cheek, as she began to wish for that pain to disappear already. Please my Goddess, get rid of this pain.

Then, suddenly a small purple light appeared, making Kyanna open her eyes again. That purple light turned into several purple light threads that flew toward her hand, hastily sewing the wound and closing it along with the pain.

The girl was astonished, her hand was perfectly fine and there was no signal of that wound at all, not even a scratch or scar. She closed and opened her hand several times, testing to see if it would hurt. But it didn’t, only an itching feeling remained there.

“Wh-What was that?” She asked to herself, until something called her attention. Surrounding her there were several colorful and glowing mushrooms from all shapes and textures. “Mushrooms…?” Kyanna blinked, with her mouth half-open. “Could this mean… Fungaria?!” A flame of hope suddenly lit her heart. She stood up instantly, and after finally noticing it was the ‘power from her Goddess’, she began to feel an energy inside her.

The girl held her chest feeling a warm energy inside her, and after a few seconds she opened her hands and looked at them. Her left hand had a purple light, similar to those threads that healed her hand. That light felt soft, comfortable and warm. And on her right hand had a golden light that felt dense, heavy and very hot.

And she just stayed there, for long ten minutes before blasting off to the attic and searching for her notebook. Where as soon as she got it on her hands, she wrote her new experience and how the power of Fungaria finally reached her. It was one of the most happy moments of her life.

“Good night Kyanna, make sure to lock everything.” Melissa said, yawning because of the tireful day of work.

“Don’t worry boss! I won’t forget!” Kyanna said smiling even brighter than she was smiling on the morning. Making Melissa smile back and stepping out of the restaurant, leaving the girl to take care of the establishment.

After knowing she was completely alone in the restaurant, she hurried and locked everything and finally ran back to the attic, where she fell on her knees and opened her notebook with a smile. “Time to train these powers.” The girl said, with her eyes filled with determination.

And for the first time in weeks, she struck her best chuuni pose, and chanted on the way she most liked before turning the attic into a magical light fest.

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