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> I walk around the heart of it, Martin seeks answers (and food)
 Posted: Jan 11 2018, 06:04 PM
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Martin started his egress at a wonderfully brisk pace, but now staggered along, away from Toytown. He was, more or less, right back where he started. The pounding in his head, the feverishness, the haunting visions, and the continual nagging of his thirst, all of it was back, with a vengeance.

And on top of it all, his plans for the evening had changed. First order of business: put as much distance between himself, and his would-be assassin as possible.

While that girl-- what was her name again? Susan?

No, it had more of a long I sound to it.

Was it Irene? Or, maybe Eileen? That felt right, but maybe it was just that song he had stuck in his head. No.. that probably wasn't it.

Eiko! That was her name. While Eiko was still around Toytown, he couldn't risk going back to his room, in case she found him again. Not only could he not detect her, which was troubling enough in its own right, she also had abilities that made a straight fight a rather dubious prospect, at best.

Sure, he could probably deal with it, if he understood how it worked. But that would take time, and he highly doubted that she would be gracious enough to let him study her. And besides, that little scrap they had (if you could call it that) cost him the use of his arm, at least for the moment, and a worrying amount of blood, so he wasn't really in any shape to make a run for it again if she managed to corner him.

He looks at the bloody tire iron in his hand, the one the pissed-off cabby had struck her with, and a rather strange thought occurs to him.

He licks it, just a little bit, and makes a note of the taste (bittersweet, almost like dark chocolate, and slightly metallic), and consistency (unremarkable)-- but most particularly, the smell. The scent, he commits to memory. Maybe he couldn't counter her abilities just yet, but at least now he knew what to look out for.

He smirks. "Good luck getting the drop on me again, Eiko."

But still, he felt bad about just taking off. He really didn't feel right leaving that poor woman he was feeding on in an alleyway like he did-- though he wondered if Eiko didn't find it more practical to just cut her down when he compelled her to throw herself at Eiko.

And, jeez, why did he torture himself like that? He felt bad enough as is, no need to fill his own head with the worst-case scenario! He was sure she was (probably) fine, and would wake up a little groggy, a little wet and cold, and a tiny bit worse for wear, but otherwise perfectly alive, and-- and, Oh God, who was he kidding? When hadn't compelling someone gotten them killed? Damn it all!

He had wandered straight into Capital Hill now, and in his navel-gazing, had completely ignored it all. Until, suddenly, his is pulled from his thoughts by the sound of a loud siren.

He turns to see an ambulance racing by, lights flashing brightly. Another thought occurs to him-- and he's kicking himself for not thinking of it earlier. It was so simple!

"I should go to the hospital."

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