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> The Moonlit Road - Liminal Rifts
 Posted: Dec 3 2017, 04:29 PM
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The wind blows strong on the night of the full moon, ripping apart the clouds like cotton wool. The moon leers through the open tears, shedding its pale light on the streets of the city once more. Tonight, it shines larger than ever, and the moonlight runs like water, flowing and pooling in streets and alleys.

The light changes people - this the people of the City know. But tonight, something else changes. In those dark, forgotten spaces between one place and another, in those empty lots and forgotten warehouses where the moonlight pools, the world goes... "soft". Strange things happen on nights like this. Strange creatures stalk the silver-lit streets. People disappear, only to reappear with the rising of the sun. Many speak of seeing worlds beyond the City, of bright paradises and dark kingdoms beyond imagining.

On nights like these, one can almost see the pinpricks of stars shining in the sky.

Urban legends abound on how to find these rifts in reality, but those who seek the rifts know there is only one true way to find them.

Follow the moonlight, Resident. See where it takes you.


The liminal rifts have opened.

Liminal rifts are temporary doorways into other worlds, real or imagined. The places on the other side of a rift may be a fantastic kingdom, a dark battlefield, or a world plucked from the dreams and memories of the Resident who finds the rift.

More information may be found in the thread on Liminal Rifts, located here.

If you have any questions or comments, let us know!
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