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> I walk around the heart of it, Martin seeks answers (and food)
 Posted: Feb 12 2018, 10:57 AM
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Martin hears Nora's voice. She shouldn't be here right now. She should be in bed, recovering.

Still, her sudden appearance made for an interesting opportunity to talk his way out of this, if possible. Well, not him, but her. The fact that he hadn't tried anything when Nora was easily within reach for so long was proof he could control himself. And he had decided that before he learned she was armed.

"Hey...Nora. Suppose you..could.. could settle a bet between me and my friend here? She seems to thin--" he is interrupted by coughing up blood.

"She seems to.. to think I'm some kind of monster, and plans to kill me. So, could you tell her if I tried anything funny when you carried me.. here earlier?"

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